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  1. None of them. .rar file. But i`m too lazy to get the email adress of all the people i`m using parts of mods from. Maybe tommorow.
  2. The README . Well whatching the development of Ghost Recon 2 even if there is no PC version details got me exited again like the days i got Ghost Recon for the first time.And i reinstalled the game and began work on my mod to finish it up. What dose this mod do: Actor files (Heroes/standard/enemys): Heroes have alterd stats depending on speciality,gender,height,weight and age.And also on the fact that you wil use the m in 31 missions. Standard soldiers RIfleman,Demo and Support all have Interceptor body armor so ingame they ahve armor class 3 and snipers have 1. Enemys very few have level 3 bodyarmor and i lowerd the stealth skills since there are moments my AI can`t see a white shirt and pants cuban at 30m. Vehicles minor changes. Charachter/skins: Not much changes here except i sharpend all alllied sikins the look better now. Standard soldiers minor changes. Specialists have desert uniforms where needed and also accesories like radios. Equip: Now here are the big changes.Friendly weapons as follows: Rifleman(7 5.56 mags 3 9mm mags): M4 is more manuvrable and quicker to aim(reticle stablization) than the M16 but has less power and accuracy. M4/M203 same as M4 except is slightly less accurate and takes longer to aim. M16 is harder to aim and less manouvrable than the M4 but is way more accurate. M16/M203 same as M16 but harder to aim and slightly less accurate. M4 ACOG same as M4 but takes longer to aim due to the scope.It has a 4x zoom so it is prefferd in medium range engagments where is superior to the M4 but in CQC is at a disadvantage because it is harder to aim. Support(600 5.56 rnds or 400 7.62rnds): M249 Elcan it is lighter and smaller than the M240 and fires a lower caliber bullet so it is quicker to aim and has 200rnds compared to the M240 but less power. M240 Elcan it is havier and bigger than the M249 but fires a more powerful bullet so it has increased power but harder to aim and has 100rnds of ammo in a belt(magazine). Sniper(5 7.62 mags 5 9mm rands): M24 with AN/PVS-10 it has a 8.5 zoom and takes long to aim and fire but it`s accuracy and power makes it (like anyother sniper rifle) suited for long range combat. Demo(5 5.56 rnds): M4-see rifleman GEAR: M136(AT4) demo only carry 2 of these since i never saw soldiers with more than 2 at one time. M9 sidearm of the Ghosts superior to any other weapon in CQB due to it`s quicknes in aim wich is at least 2 times better than any other weapon but has little to no effect against bodyarmor targets so you have to go for a headshot. M9SD same as M9 but with a supressor and slightly higher accuracy but slower to aim. Specialists weapons: Astra`s SVUA:shorter and more agile than the standard SVD it is quicker to aim but has less accuracy and slightly less power.4x zoom. Gordon`s XM8SD: same as XM8 but with a supressor so it has less power and range but silghtly higher accuracy and lower aim time. Munz`s MG3 heavyer and slower to aim than the M240 but has a double rate of fire and is very effective in his hands. Osadze`s RPK-74M the lightest of support weapons has a 45rnd magazine and long barrel wich makes it very accurate but also feels the gap between assault rifles and machineguns. Raimirez`s M4SD same like M4 but supressed and like al supressed weapons has less power and range. Stone`s L96 heavy,powerfull and accurate has a 12rnd magazine with a 12x zoom. Henkel`s G-36K similar to the XM8 it is light has a 1.5x sight. Tunney`s L85A2 it`s a bullup design with a long barrel and 4x SUSAT sight but it`s heavy so it behaves like a M16 . Cohen`s XM8 sharpshooter 5.56mm 20" barrel and more accurate than the M16 with a 4x scope and single fire only.XM8 carbine beahves like a M4 with a 1.5x zoom but with lighter recoil. Ibrahim`s XM8LSW and M16C-Mag. XM8LSW just like a XM8 with a 4x sight and 100rnd magazine and fullauto only.M16C-Mag just like M16 with 100 rnd magzine and only 3rnd burst fire. Grey`s Mp5SD supressed version of Mp5 very good for CQB and small range engagments. Jacobs XM320/XM8, XM8 with 1.5 zoom and a M320 grenade launcher.XM8 more accurate than the XM8Compact the rest is the same. Enemy weapons: The enemy has a more realistical accuracy than before and the firefights will take longer. Missions/Campaigns: The enemys have realistical and more diverse weapons than the orignals.Including VSS,A-91SD for Spetsnaz ,FN FAL for the africans. Credits: By Droopy aka Alfa FSB. Made in Romania.
  3. I will but first i have to get permission from the makers of the mods i`m using parts of.
  4. <Recoil>100</Recoil> <RunStandAccuracy>900</RunStandAccuracy> <RunCrouchAccuracy>1200</RunCrouchAccuracy> <RunProneAccuracy>1300</RunProneAccuracy> <WalkStandAccuracy>400</WalkStandAccuracy> <WalkCrouchAccuracy>450</WalkCrouchAccuracy> <WalkProneAccuracy>480</WalkProneAccuracy> <ShuffleStandAccuracy>130</ShuffleStandAccuracy> <ShuffleCrouchAccuracy>150</ShuffleCrouchAccuracy> <ShuffleProneAccuracy>175</ShuffleProneAccuracy> <StationaryStandAccuracy>60</StationaryStandAccuracy> <StationaryCrouchAccuracy>40</StationaryCrouchAccuracy> <StationaryProneAccuracy>20</StationaryProneAccuracy> <TurnBandVelocity1>0.75</TurnBandVelocity1> <TurnBandMultiplier1>1</TurnBandMultiplier1> <TurnBandVelocity2>2</TurnBandVelocity2> <TurnBandMultiplier2>5</TurnBandMultiplier2> <TurnBandVelocity3>4</TurnBandVelocity3> <TurnBandMultiplier3>10</TurnBandMultiplier3> <TurnBandVelocity4>10</TurnBandVelocity4> <TurnBandMultiplier4>30</TurnBandMultiplier4> <TurnBandVelocity5>100000</TurnBandVelocity5> <TurnBandMultiplier5>100</TurnBandMultiplier5> <StabilizationTime>0.2</StabilizationTime> <WeaponMotionType>1</WeaponMotionType> <HasUnderbarrelWeapon>0</HasUnderbarrelWeapon> <Silenced>0</Silenced> <ZoomSettings> <Zoom>1</Zoom> <Zoom>1</Zoom> This is how i view the weapons it is the .gun file from the M4. You will miss more this way wich makes you keep on single for longer range. It`s totaly crap to me to have a recoil under 100 with a stabilization under 0.2 and the ballistics of a 105mm tank round.
  5. Well it`s done i had a couple of days free and got it toghether. A full list of changes will follow. Problems are: It`s 36MB so i don`t have where to upload it. I have to get permission from the makers of XM8 Armoury,WoW 3.1,British infantry and Standard Upgrae / Spetsgrupa Vymple. I have to make a readme and test it. Changes: It`s basicly a Ghost Recon update. Missions: All the three campaigns linked. Diverse weapons for enemys including RPG`s,VSS and A-91SD.Also new models. Weapons/kits: I don`t understand why people bother to make superb weapon models and missions but such crappy and unrealistic for the gameplay weapons and loadouts. So firefights will be longer because the enemy will miss more but so will you .Wich is realistic i watched footage from A-Stan and Irak and the soldiers were not snipers with AK`s or M4`s. Also kits are ballanced so that each class has it`s purpose. Also a big difference between a M4 and a M16 ingame. Sharpend textures for allied soldiers and desert uniforms for specialists. Realisticl weapon loadouts for heroses and standard soldiers. That`s it for now i will post an update soon.
  6. The best rally simulation a real hardcore fans game. Love it.
  7. IF and only IF the N. Korea made a FPS in wich you kill american civilians and put bombs in buildings in New York how would you feel ???
  8. Yes you can use my skins with full credits.
  9. actualy it is called the F/A-22 so ....
  10. I`m not familiar with GRM 6 but you can combine my mod with SU 1.1 and the soundpack. Yes you could merge them but i don`t have time for this the exams are here. But if you want and can you have my permision to merge my mod with others.
  11. Hmm i found that the friendly AI is quite smart used properly and if you manage to keep them health with high stats. FOr example in a firefight if you keep them on Supress they will use the M203 and grenades,lay cover fire and short bursts or even single fire depending on target. If they are under fire and on SUpress and Advance at all costs they will leap frog like in Recon mode and so on.
  12. OMG ... Aliens is one of my favorite movies i remember that when we were kids in summer we would play as Aliens for hours each day.
  13. @EricJ: The wooden grip AK`s are romanian licences build. @Parabellum: as a general advice make the enemy weapons with only full auto except sniper weapons and make a higher stabilization time something like 3-4 times the normal one since the AI has no problem hitting you even with this settings belive me . Example for Ak-47: <GunFile> <VersionNumber>2.000000</VersionNumber> <ModelFileName>w_ak47.qob</ModelFileName> <NameToken>WPN_AK47</NameToken> <Weight>4.200000</Weight> <MagazineCapacity>30</MagazineCapacity> <MagazineWeight>0.627</MagazineWeight> <MaxRange>250.000000</MaxRange> <VelocityCoefficient0>725</VelocityCoefficient0> <VelocityCoefficient1>-0.0638264</VelocityCoefficient1> <VelocityCoefficient2>-0.00023236</VelocityCoefficient2> <KillCoefficient1>0.6</KillCoefficient1> <KillCoefficient2>0.003</KillCoefficient2> <Selective> <SelectiveOption RateOfFire = "600" IsFullAuto = "1" StartSound = "w_ak47_sf.wav" EndSound = "w_ak47_rc.wav"/> </Selective> <Recoil>160</Recoil> <RunStandAccuracy>1200</RunStandAccuracy> <RunCrouchAccuracy>1500</RunCrouchAccuracy> <RunProneAccuracy>500</RunProneAccuracy> <WalkStandAccuracy>120</WalkStandAccuracy> <WalkCrouchAccuracy>200</WalkCrouchAccuracy> <WalkProneAccuracy>500</WalkProneAccuracy> <ShuffleStandAccuracy>72</ShuffleStandAccuracy> <ShuffleCrouchAccuracy>90</ShuffleCrouchAccuracy> <ShuffleProneAccuracy>80</ShuffleProneAccuracy> <StationaryStandAccuracy>39</StationaryStandAccuracy> <StationaryCrouchAccuracy>26</StationaryCrouchAccuracy> <StationaryProneAccuracy>13</StationaryProneAccuracy> <TurnBandVelocity1>0.5</TurnBandVelocity1> <TurnBandMultiplier1>1</TurnBandMultiplier1> <TurnBandVelocity2>1.5</TurnBandVelocity2> <TurnBandMultiplier2>10</TurnBandMultiplier2> <TurnBandVelocity3>3</TurnBandVelocity3> <TurnBandMultiplier3>20</TurnBandMultiplier3> <TurnBandVelocity4>8</TurnBandVelocity4> <TurnBandMultiplier4>50</TurnBandMultiplier4> <TurnBandVelocity5>100000</TurnBandVelocity5> <TurnBandMultiplier5>100</TurnBandMultiplier5> <StabilizationTime>1.5</StabilizationTime> <WeaponMotionType>1</WeaponMotionType> <HasUnderbarrelWeapon>0</HasUnderbarrelWeapon> <Silenced>0</Silenced> <ZoomSettings> <Zoom>1</Zoom> <Zoom>1.2</Zoom> </ZoomSettings> <MuzzleFlashScale>3</MuzzleFlashScale> <TracerFrequency>3</TracerFrequency>
  14. You should ask RSE to hire you guys. As for the guns behaiviour a few examples of how i made them for my mod. M249para: <Recoil>30</Recoil> <StationaryStandAccuracy>60</StationaryStandAccuracy> <StationaryCrouchAccuracy>30</StationaryCrouchAccuracy> <StationaryProneAccuracy>10</StationaryProneAccuracy> <StabilizationTime>0.45</StabilizationTime> What i wanted to do is to force a player(me in this case) to use the support weapons while prone and not go full-auto while satanding and hit a target at 70m with 80% of bullets.
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