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  1. Thanks for the reply. I like how you say "supposedly". We played on the easy level and they were hard. We have been playing FPS games for over 5 years, so we're not new to the genre. We were getting sniped with one shot while running (usually never hearing the shot in the first place). We then put it on the highest difficulty level and we couldn't tell a difference. But when I play SP, the bots actualy are harder to beat at a higher AI level.
  2. My friends and I just started to play GRAW 2. We want to be able to play the campaign in coop mode. All 3 of us have created a server an online coop server, but it doesn't show up on the list. I don't see a way to filter anything. We can create a standard Coop game though, so it's not a router issue. Anybody have any ideas what's stopping us? Instead of making a new thread... It seems like the AI difficulty settings in Coop games have really no noticeable effects. Is this my imagination or does the settings just add more bots?
  3. To Ubisoft I was a fan of Rainbow Six: Raven Shield and made a few maps which helped nurture the community. But after the 1.60 patch and the limitations you put on the modding community, I lost a lot of respect (i.e. willingness to buy your games). That respect continued to decline with the releases of Lockdown and R6: Vegas (which could have been a great game for the PC if you wanted it to be). After following the GR series (since I played RvS), I became interested in it when I played the GRAW 2 demo and when I came here to GR.net and saw some interaction with the community and the developer, I was essentially sold on buying the game. I will buy the game because of what GRIN did with the community before the gag order. Your community interaction and communication over the years is really pathetic. I say this based on experience and history. GRIN's involvement in these forums started to turn that around, but I guess you want to alienate your customers and force them to buy other games. I am huge fan of Epic for their great games and their ability to give their customer what they want. This among other things had made them successful and I will always support their games. When a corporation loses sight on how to appeal to their customers, their customers will lose sight of you. To GRIN Your game will provide me hours of enjoyment and I give you praise for you involvement with the community and adapting the game based on our feedback. I hope your publisher realizes that gamers are not the same type of customer who purchase gasoline and mundane consumer products. This is a luxury pastime and most of us are passionate about the time we spend playing games. But with that passion will come either loyalty or resentment to companies that just don't "get it". I believe you as a developer "get it", but your publisher doesn't, which is a shame. Best of luck to you in your future games, which I hope to buy with a publisher who cares to make great games.
  4. I think it helps if you put the soldier in "attack" mode so he goes crazy with that gun.
  5. If people have the time and what ever it takes, I think a YouTube and a downloadable version would be nice. If the video is good, 200 MB is not a problem for most people with broadband (including myself). I enjoyed watching Bahger's video and am downloading Rocky's right now.
  6. After playing the SP demo for GRAW 1 and reading what so-called features it was going to have, I decided not to waste my money. But after playing both of the GRAW 2 demos, I am ready to spend some cash. Over all, I like the feel of the game and I give my compliments to GRIN for developing what seems to be a solid game. That being said, I have some gripes/suggestions that I didn't see listed. 1. I don't mind the cheer leading from time to time, but I would like a team member to only confirm that I got the kill if he is ahead of me (this is presuming I don't have the best view of the tango). 2. When in "Recon" mode, a Ghost should only fire if being fired upon (and they usually don't do that). In "Assault" mode, they should fire if they should see a tango. There needs to be an option in Assault mode to give cover fire (where they fire in a general direction). I am tired of my team mates wasting bullets! 3. Show hand animations when detonating the C4. In addition, you should be able to tell a squad mate to detonate the artillery just like you can tell them to use the emplacement gun. 4. I am getting to the point that the next Ghost member that asks me "Sir?" is going to be punished by death from my gun. This is so annoying, like dripping water from a faucet. If they are so bored, they need to go play a video game or something. 5. Improve AI following your "move" orders. Also, I don't need to hear a confirmation every time they get to one. You multiply that by 3 guys and there's way to much chatter. Don't these elite soldiers have any noise discipline? 6. The rebels should fire at the drone from time to time or run to a spot where they can't be seen.. If they hit it enough times, it gets destroyed. I just find it odd that they don't react to it at all. 7. Why is there never an artillery in the left cave? 8. Make the circles when issuing a move order in FPV to be smaller. They are bit too arcadish looking. 9. There needs to be a Lone Wolf mode so you can play with out your AI back up and not get a lower score. I know, I know, it's a team game as it should be, but some times you just want to test your skills as a player in SP and not be worried about a bunch of talkative AI saying "Sir?" every minute. 10. I think the damage model in the rebels need to be changed. It should take 1 head shot, 2-3 body shots to take them down. Why wear a protective vest if it still takes one shot in the chest to take you out. This would put more emphasis on getting the 1-shot kills. 11. There needs to be an option to throw a grenade when you release your button (maybe add that feature to the "zoom" key). 12. Make the Drone controllable from the Camera view just like your team mates. It might be nice to have a command for the droid to be stationary, but point in the same direction you are looking. 13. The little cross-cam window is a nice feature, but one that is poorly implemented. The wire frame view is ok, but not ideal. There needs to be an option that shows exactly what the buddy cam would show, the current wire frame view, or none at all. I know performance is an issue (I have played SWAT 4 with this feature), but that's why we have options. 14. There needs to be 2 modes in which you can play the SP or Coop modes. The first would be the GR mode in which you don't have any red or blue diamonds in FPV, sound to designate you have a target, big box on the top of your screen giving you hints, and floating squares showing you possible locations of the artillery (like it's hard to figure out). This would be a more challenging form of the game. Currently I choose not to see the red diamonds because I don't want to be lazy and shoot at geometric shapes. The other would be the AW mode in which the game plays as it is in it's current form. This mode could be for people who are into the hi-tech aspect, beginners who need the extra help. or for those who like to command the AI in a RTS mode. There have been many other suggestion that I would add to this game. I understand that GRIN has real world limitations (i.e. a budget) they have to work with. The least we can ask for is a solid game that runs well (i.e. little to no bugs). The most we will ask for is the greatest of games, that is depending on who you ask of course. p.s. I find it odd that the games of today are lacking what I would call standard features. It seems like developers don't want to use ideas from other developers. We as players find this odd because there is a yo-yo effect on features in todays game. Example: In team based games (I will use BF 2), they don't have a buddy list and the functionality of that server browsers should be attached to DOOM. Why can't we scroll through the servers with the wheel mouse, is it that hard to program? Don't be afraid to take what works, add to your game, and then add a little bit more to make it unique.
  7. BF 2 implemented the best form of in-game voice chat that I have used. Most of the time you had a nice quality voice transmission (controlled by the server) that lowered your game volume when some one spoke (it also showed their name). This was more of an issue with the many and some times loud vehicles in the game. I have a small TS channel and we are always connected to it so we can talk to each other. But this game needs something for people who want to work as a team to enable them to do that. First it needs the option to create a squad (people will have green names). Add some useful in-game voice commands. Top it off with a way for them to speak to each other (built in VOIP). I am sure "clans" may not use it, but this can't be a real team game if you don't have the tools or means for players to play as a team. Sure, there will allways be the lone wolves, but I bet enough would want to use some of these tools to have a better game experience.
  8. In this picture (just as my screen shows), is this the correct image for your team mates cross cam view (top left hand corner)? If so, I wonder why the put that in. In SWAT 4, it's exactly what the "player" sees as it should be. If anything, there should be an option for a basic or detailed view depending on your computer.
  9. I played a lot of Rainbow Six: Ravenshield which was a no respawn game. There is a place for this type of game and at times, it was fun to play. The maps were much smaller and the average round was 4 minutes. But there are also problems with this type of game, especially with the open map in the demo. There are many times when I will die for no apparent reason (I was probably killed with a "headshooooot"). I have also done this to other people. There can be too many angles of attack to protect yourself. The other problem is that is slows down gameplay too much. I am not a run n' gunner, nor do I like to play similulators. I find the current gameplay in the demo a nice balance between the two. You can run around, if you want or you take it slow or camp. The choice is yours! Many people don't want to watch a game, they want to play. That is why TDM with unlimited respawns is a good option. There just needs to be a reasonable chance for you to fight when you spawn in. If the invincibility was higher, this would help out a lot. As for working as a team, how is the average person suppose to do that in this game. There is no built in VOIP. There is no prerecorded messages (for example: "Clear", "Tango Spotted", "I got your back"), and you can't spot enemies for your team mates (I suggest a static dot on the minimap, not a diamond like in RvA). I will normally play this game with freinds on TS, but I would also like to opportunity to play with random people (like I can in BF 2) with some level of team work, but the game doesn't offer that.
  10. I hate spawn camping/killing as it removes the whole idea of it being a game (where both sides participate). I thought that automatically killing the spawn killer would be the best idea, until this post. I think this would be very balanced for both sides. I also think it should be a server option. But if the spawn invincibility time is increased and admins do a good job at running their servers, it should be less of a problem. I actually have no problem with a server having this rule (if it's clearly stated), but in a demo, we should be trying out the game.
  11. It was mention by someone from GRIN that you can't change it while in a game. You can set it to 0 and play on any MP server. I have it set to 0 (mainly for performance reasons) and can play just fine.
  12. Hello All, I have never played any of the GR games (tried the GRAW 1 demo), but did spend some time playing RS: Raven Shield. This demo reminds me of the fun times we had, but in a military setting. While I wasn't impressed with GRAW 1 for many reason, I am really interested into this game for myself and friends. Here are my thoughts on the demo. Good 1. The game looks good in almost every aspect (map, weapons, and player models). 2. The sounds are great, but sometimes don't work well together (could be lag in some servers and glitches). 3. Movement option are nice overall, but need a bit of fine tuning. 4. Weapons choices and kits are nice and balanced. I don't think a player should choose the "ultimate gun", but have to have pros and cons. 5. Hit indicator. I know some [GR] fans might night like it, but it has it's place in an online game (with lag issues). If I know I at least got a hit on someone, I can feel better about dying some times. 6. Double kils (2 players killing each other). This happens more in close combat, but it's nice to have. 7. I like the option in movement and shooting styles. If a player wants to run around and spray and pray, he can but won't be succesful at it. A player that moves slower and uses single shot usually will do better. It's important not to limit the player to only one style of game play. Bad 1. The hit indicator needs to be adjustable by either making the circle smaller and/or a differnt symbol (x or +). 2. The lack of official servers in other parts of the world and no SADS files results in games with many players with high pings. This really reduces the quality of games and might discourage people from buying the game? 3. The death experience is off. To many times, I don't even know that I got shot and I see this red screen instantly appear. I think you should hear the shot (assuming it wasn't silenced) and have the player fall down for a second, then fade to black. 4. The browser is really simple and non-functional and seems like Quake 3 has a better browser. We need to sort the information by the header. We need a server favorites/history, buddy list. The ability to enter an IP, to see who is playing the game, etc. While graphics are improving, something as simple as a server browser is regressing. 5. The who killed who section needs to be incorporated with the chat and the silloutes need to be replaced by the gun name. The chat/kill list needs to move up, not down. 6. In RvA, the scout and scrambler kits need to be easily recognized by their team mates. The scrambler should be able to detag friendlies through walls. 7. In MP, you should be able to add people to your "buddy list". When you play with them, you see see them as a different color (green or purple?) so it's easier to find them (especially in populate servers). 8. In TDM, if you spot an enemy a red dot should be located on your mini map (similar to RvA, but there shouldn't be a marker on the actual player). Unfortunately, there is no way to be a "team" unless you are all on the same VOIP server. This game needs to add the ability to be a team. Battlefield 2 does the best job imho of allowing people who want to work as a team accomplish that in game. 9. This game has the potential to satisfy those who want a purely "tactical" game and those who want an "tactical-action" game (as it currently stands imho). For the "tactical gamers, you need to get rid of the name tags and diamonds and add the ability to identify them with your cross hairs (look before you shoot mentality). Their locations should remain on the map though. If you get shot in the leg, you are gimped and walk slower with more noise. If your shot in the arm, you can move fine, but it's harder to aim with more crosshair spread. The rounds should have no respawn or limited number set by the server. This game mode shouldn't be TDM, but it's own so it attracts that type of player. TDM would essentially remain the same as it works well for a "tactical-action" game. 10. Spawn killing will ruin this game before people buy it. It takes very little skill to do and really ruins it for both sides. Unfortunately, the spawn protection time isn't adequate enough on the servers I have played in. There should be a server option that kills the person who is spawn camping. They would get the kill, but also the death. Community is very important to any MP game and spawn camping is not a good start in building one. Buggy 1. Many have been listed, but one that I haven't seen involves the grenade launcher. If you find one on the ground, shoot all of your grenades, pick up the GL on the ground and BOOM! you have another one loaded and ready to go. Shoot that one, pick up the other gun and repeat. Sorry for the long post, but I would rather voice my opinions in the hopes that they will be heard. I have been reading these posts for the past week and like the overall attitude I also like the fact that there is a presence from GRIN on the forum as this goes a long way in my book. I am not a fan of UBIsoft for many reason, but I am a fan of developers who make a good solid game and respond to their customers. It seems like GRIN is that type of developer and I would like to support them by buying this game.
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