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  1. Thanks everyone! Yes, I'm still around...kind of a lurker...sort of...I guess.
  2. Phased plasma rifle in the 40-watt range. Sorry...couldn't resist...and surprised nobody said that yet...some may recognize the movie quote...
  3. "In the February 2008 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly, Editor-in-Chief Dan “Shoe” Hsu asserted that Ubisoft had ceased to provide all Ubisoft titles to the EGM for any coverage purposes as a result of prior critical previews and negative reviews."
  4. Myspace and Facebook... I use Twitteriffic to access Twitter. Amazon Kindle for iPhone is pretty cool. Bing is good. Dragon lets you talk in the phone...and then send it to a text or to the clipboard which is very handy. Gamefly's app provides daily gaming news which is cool. Rocky is currently kicking my butt on the free chess game. (Rocky...I think I have Knocking...)
  5. ...because the media is biased and evil...I thought you knew that. You get to see what they want you to see...not what's important or true.
  6. OMG...that was amazing!!! Red vs Blue...eat your heart out...
  7. Doesn't this come out like the 29th of March...I think this is the game my son wants for his birthday... I'm a Rock Band junkie...I can't lie... Guitar Hero...meh...it's okay I guess.
  8. Saint

    Halo Wars

    I like Halo but I hate RTS games...so I was very skeptical about playing it on a console...but surprisingly...it's pretty decent. It's no Wii Fitness...but it's okay. If you're not a Halo fan or RTS fan...I'd pass.
  9. Yeah...I agree with those points... I just think the game would've been more fun without the fancy suits and sci-fi theme...the few places where you encounter the regular KPA soldiers were always my favorite... Still a great game...(that I really need to finish).
  10. Thanks for the clarification. I ran into 3 or 4 regular Army folks recently that had the Ranger tab and never quite understood why they were wearing it. One of them was a COL so I never got to talk to him about it...but one was a MAJ and he almost seemed embarrassed by it and didn't really say much. Now I know... ...and knowing is half the battle.
  11. The audio/visual effects of this game have to be the very best I've ever seen... I'm currently playing thru it and Far Cry 2 (I rotate) at the same time...both are stunning but I think Warhead gets the final nod. I especially liked the sequence where all the Navy ships were frozen. That was pretty neat. Now if only it were more of a realistic tac-sim...
  12. All of my personal items made it home...including the laptop. Surprisingly...it still works.
  13. As long as you don't see this guy in line...you should be okay...
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