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  1. This is the right spot for a bug report, correct? 1) I think most people know this one--the demo does not work with Vista or some feature of many Vista computers. Buildings are shown as black and nothing else appears onscreen except for names and a bright backround. No textures, can't see the ground, can't see other players, etc. 2) I redownloaded the demo on XP and it seemed to be going fine. Unfortunately, it crashed during the patching process and every time I try to load the game I get an error message. It says the following: "Crash in application version: 29520.2404 Attempt to grow archive bundles\quick.bundle beyond limits Renderer: normal Physics : threaded" My system meets the minimum requirements (barely) except for one. It claims my graphic driver is not a high enough version, but it gave me that on my uber Vista computer, too. For the XP machine, the message said I have 6600 and need 7.100 or higher. My other computer has a GTS8800 and was found wanting, so I don't think that message has much significance. Edit: I ran the detection again and now it reports that I don't even have the Ageia driver installed, despite the fac thtat I installed it when prompted! Is this a side effect of the failed patching? Any work-arounds?
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