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  1. Looks like patch 1.04 fixed that issue. I've been able to get to the hardware selection screen of mission 10 (the briefing screen) in coop campaign mode without getting the "cannot establish connection" error message. Didn't try the mission yet as my buddy isn't available right now but I'm pretty sure it will work just fine.
  2. Yes, it looks like it has been fixed. Since 1.03, I wasn't able to host coop campaign (mission 10) and always getting the "cannot establish connection" error. But I tested it with 1.04 and I've been able to get through up to the hardware selection screen with the mission briefing. So from there, I would guess that the remaining of the mission will work as well.
  3. Why not just release a kind of hotfix just for this problem ? Since GRIN already know what the problem is, would it be possible to release patch 1.031 that only fix the coop campaign problem ?
  4. Might be just me but I think I noticed a slight performance increase in GRAW2 with these drivers. Maybe just a few FPS... but that's the feeling I had.
  5. I don't understand why my system was as good as it can be and completely up-to-date with drivers while I was running GRAW2 v1.02 but now, after I patched it to 1.03 my system's no longer that good and my drivers no longer up-to-date... damn, that patch did a lot of things ! Why not simply admit that Grin broke something regarding the coop campaign hosting and start working on a fix. I've been able to join a TDM without problem... but we're no longer able to host a coop campaign !
  6. Nope... no mod, nothing. Everything's clean and was working well with 1.02
  7. Samething here... I create a coop server, the map's loading then got the "Failed to establish connection to server" error message. Thanks UBI !
  8. I completed SC:DA 2 times with my 8800GTX running 158.45 and Vista-32.... and I use the exact same setup to play GRAW2. Besides a few CTD from time to time... everything's running smoothly. I would have updated my drivers to 16x.xx but I'm waiting for NVidia to fix the shadow issue in GRAW2.
  9. I'm running "SLI Ready" RAM from OCZ as well (PC2-8500) and it works great. It's not a gimmick that means that NVidia tested these sticks in their board and then simply put an SLI-Ready sticker on it. It means that this RAM supports the new EPP (Enhanced Performance Profiles) feature. This feature simply allows you to overclock the memory without having to bother with all the clock rates, timings, voltages, etc... For exemple, when EPP is activated on your board (and you're using EPP RAM of course), you can simply choose something like "OC 10%" in your BIOS and all clock rates, timings, etc... will be adjusted automatically. You can still disable the feature and tweak those parameters manually if you want. For me, I activated the EPP but with no OC, basically I set it to "OC 0%"... so everything got configured automatically (5-5-5-15 timings, 1066MHz, etc..) at the standard PC2-8500 rate. Like others said, I don't think your problems are related to your RAM, SLI-Ready or not.
  10. Just gave another call to another Future Shop and they just received it... I'm gonna pick it up in a few hours
  11. Anyone got the retail version in Canada ? I live in Montreal and called about everywhere and no store received it yet (Future Shop, Bestbuy, EBGames).
  12. By doing this (allowing ICMP to pass thru router's firewall) you're becoming visible to the whole Internet... creating a security hole. Why do the server holding the server list have to ping my PC using ICMP ? It already uses UDP (and probably a couple of TCP sessions as well)... is that not enough ? Compromising local network security to play that game online should be considered a bug, imo. I highly hope there's gonna be a work around for this as I'm not gonna open ICMP protocol on my firewall. Are these ICMP packets will always coming from the same source ? That way I could simply create a firewall rule allowing ICMP to pass thru only for a specific IP or subnet... a much secure option.
  13. GOT IT ! Just make sure the service named "Windows Modules Installer" is started before starting the Ageia drivers installation. After the installation's complete, I guess you can disable it if you want. I disabled this service few weeks ago because (for an unknown reason) it started right in the middle of a BF2142 game and made my game lag for about 10 minutes.
  14. Ageia drivers won't install. I receive the following error message at the end of drivers installation : Error 1935. An error occurred during the installation of assembly 'Microsoft.VC80.CRT,processorArchitecture="x86",version=8.0.50727.762",type="win32", publicKeyToken="1fc.....". Please refer to Help and Support for more information. I downloaded Ageia drivers version 7.05.06 from Ageia web site and they install without problem... but GRAW 2 demo required version 7.05.17 which is located in the "Support\Ageia" folder of the installation directory. I'm running Vista 32, 8800GTX, X-Fi, etc.. and all my drivers are up-to-date. Thanks !
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