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  1. i went on ebay and went to " want it now " and put a request for 3dsmax5 and received a copy, but thats been about a year ago. you could try it, it cant hurt anything. larr
  2. thats some great work rocky! i know its hard work but I'm sure everyone will appreciate it
  3. i would be interested in that one too! how about a dvd with all the mod making tools and tutorials?
  4. thanks for the info i will try to play around the spot where the enemies are at, its kinda hard because they can kill you even if your inside a building a long ways away. again thanks for the info. i will try a couple of things and see if i can fix it if i do i will report back. tthanks tinker,if you find something please let me know lar
  5. i tried to move the zone that is there a little distance away, but it didnt make any difference. can i move the map room? the zone thats there is the central zone, would it hurt moving it a good distance away from where its at? larr
  6. i dont know if this is the right forum for this question but i need to know if there is a way to fix enemies that are in the ground when playing gtf files? here is a example: while playing a hx assult at the refinery there are enemies in the ground by the fence in the map that will shoot at you and kill you but you cannot shoot them. you can hear them talking also. could it be a map room thats in the wrong place? i looked in igor and found that in that area it is made a central area,i tried moving that but its still the same thing. i see that right where the enemies are at is a map room, anyway to move the room? thanks in advance,larr
  7. merry christmas to everyone and a very happy newyear!
  8. try posting on ebay under "WANT IT NOW" thats where i got my 3dsmax5 from at a cheap price
  9. larr

    map making

    hello,sorry about the last post i messed up i want to thank you all for the help,it was my mess up,i didnot put the folders in the right place! again thanks to you all for all your help,larr
  10. hello,i need some help with a map making tutorial by =SeALZ=Papa6. i tried to email him but it is no longer valid. the problem i'm having is when i get to tagging the floor polygon. when i open surface properties it does not have baked clay like it supposed to,it has testbox wooddoor,ect. i'm using 3dsmax5 and installed all the plugins as per mike schells tutorial. any help would be appreciated.thanks alot,larr
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