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  1. i went and put 3dsmax on the want it now list on eBay and got a reply, the person said that they could get a fully working copy of 3dsmax up to 3dsmax 2009 for $25.00. you can go on eBay and post it on want it now.


  2. Good news, and thanks for sharing that info, larr. I am looking forward to your first maps!

    Welcome to GR modding! :thumbsup:

    your welcome, i actually bought 3dsmax for weapon modding,which I'm still trying to learn :wall: i looked into making maps but i have a lot of learning to do before i even think about maps :lol: i'm looking for a tutorial to teach me how to model the weapons,i know a little bit but i dont know how to put the material on the weapons. like i said im still trying to learn. :D

  3. i got my full working 3dsmax on eBay. i went to "want it now" on eBay and posted that I'm looking for 3dsmax 4 or 5 and received a reply for it. i also bought the book 3dsmax 5 for dummies which had the trial CD in it on eBay,had to request it through a seller who was selling those "for dummies" books and the person had them in stock but was not advertising them. hope this helps.


  4. i'm going to miss you guys mods, they are some of the best mods ive ever played. i wish i would of came to the gr modding scene sooner, there is so much more i would love to learn from everyone here. but i guess this day had to come sooner or later. i still wished i had the chance to learn more. thales keep in contact, maybe we can hook up in a game on xfire. again im sorry to here that you all are leaving the gr modding scene :(

    larr :thumbsup:

  5. Hey Lar, no way, just last mod, then ill have much more free time to help ok.

    i wasn't worried about you helping me,i know that you are busy with other things and I'm in no hurry, :thumbsup: i was worried that you would be leaving the [GR] modding scene for good :( you and all the other modders out there are doing a fantastic job on [GR] modding and i hate to see it fade away.

  6. I have finished my kit icons and made the first kit, but when I get into the game and to the loadout screen, instead of seeing the names of the weapons (in this case the AS50) I see the error: "!find key". What's causing this problem and how do I fix it?

    just curious did you put the name in the strings file?

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