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  1. Im halfway through the single player and after a while i couldnt tell if i was playing graw1 or graw 2. I think this should have being released as a addon to graw, as to call it a sequel is a bit of a joke.
  2. Just got my copy in the mail and played about an hour, The beta crashed for me and the multi player demo crashed full ver seems ok no crashes yet in single player. Have played about an hour in single player and got to mission 3 and have to say its a bit lame ! after awhile it just feels like graw 1 with better team commands and the battles have very little atmosphere in them. Team AI seems good but the enemy AI seems very dumb over all very disappointed with single player. But i did get it for the multiplayer .
  3. Not getting blue screen but am getting a Lockup after 10 mins of play have to power down pc ? I thought it was the Physx card but its not and this happened in the beta allso.
  4. Installed the latest drivers for the physx card , turned down all graphics in graw2 to low and it didnt crash ? Turned everything backup with shadows on low =seems to works fine ? Maybe a ati thing ? See if they say anything after graw2 is released. well it seems o work. Thanks for the help =warcloud= i"ll mess around with it a bit more. Cheers m8
  5. This is getting worse ! With the PhysX card disabled its still crashing after 10 mins a complete lockup. Must be drivers ?
  6. Ta for the reply =warcloud= The 7.5 drivers theres a good few people reporting the widescreen problem ? Ill try older drivers for the physx and see but it only happens with graw2 beta & demo. Im getting a lockup freeze have to reboot ! cpu has a big cooling fan and have 550 psu. I'll try different drivers of ageia Cheers
  7. Hi all Does anyone else get system lockup after about 20 mins of play. If i disable the physX card it works fine this happened on the beta allso and doesnt happen with GRAW1 / Infernal / Monster madness have the drivers installed that came with the demo for the physx card. Specs : Amd x 2 4600 Ati x1950xtx 512 / 7.4 cal / 3 gig / 128 physx / xp home sp2 / Auto detect in GRAW 2 all settings high, no AA , 1024 x 768 tryed physx card on all settings, currantly running low and shadows on med. Cant run ati 7.5 theres a bug where they dont display 1440 x 900 res which is my desktop settings. Cheers
  8. My graw2 keeps locking up with my Physix card ? It all so done it on the beta. Have it set on low effects and it still does it allso installed the drivers that came with the demo. If i disable the card it graw2 works fine all worked well in graw1 Graw1 / Infernal / Monster madness run fine with the physx anyone else have this problem ? Cheers
  9. Hi all Love the demo. Much much better than the beta.
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