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  1. LOL Classic . I used to play PC GRFS1 in Australia with quite a few people but a week before 1.4 patch was released, most just gave up , we were sick and tired of the matching , crashing and uplay. A group of 6 of us fire the game up every now and then for an Gorrila game. As it seems to be the only stable online mode we can get going, along with we can make sure its low ping AU/NZ players not random matched overseas laggy people. I tired GRO Open Beta, was disapointed. Recently been playing Planetside 2 on the AU briggs server and Hawken Open Beta on the AU server, so much more fun
  2. I bought Diablo 1 and 2 back in the day but Number 3 isnt getting me on the sale . Its very annoying to have to use the internet constantly to play a single player match. They removed LAN function from Diablo in number 3. It costs more on the us blizzard store if your buying from AU. It costs more from the US blizzard store in AU compared to the AU retail disc. For me 20 dollars for Torchlight 2 is going to be a better investment . With the money I save I can buy Orcs Must Die 2 and Worms Revolution when those 2 games come out
  3. If they put as much effort into Anti pirating efforts, in making a game, then Games might be worth buying legit . Ive bought every R6 legit except for Lockdown and some of the older titles twice . I've bought Gr1 , one of the exp packs and GRAW1 legit Didn't worry about GRAW2 it seemed to far away from GR 1 ORG to worth supporting. Things that effect people pirating games on PC and console's (Yes Cracked games are on PS2 , WII , Xbox1 , Xbox2/360 ) * Game isnt available legit in their country when its already been out for weeks/months in another country (Good example I ha
  4. I would like to see more pay commerical games that are on the x86 PC available on Linux and Mac made by the orignal devs not ported by a second company . If the game used OpenGL3 (Which is supported on Linux , Windows and Mac) then at least the graphics wouldn't have to be ported , making it easier for multi platform editions of games . Then again certain current game companies are doing such a bad job of ruining game series by chaning it , dumbing it down , releasing buggy half ###### competed POS games , can we trust these current game companies in coding for Mac and Linux when the Windo
  5. - Start on leader spawning I would like to see again - Add start on check point and add check points in the game , nothing worse in GRAW1 then having to walk for 20 min's back to an area . - Add drivable/usable resources - Tanks/cars/boats that the bad guys might of been in or civilians left on the road . - I prefer the GRAW1 interface then GRAW2 for coop also .
  6. Great Post and Good list ! few things I would like added - Make sure it is a PROPER Stand Alone SEPERATE program not a quick and cheap rehash of the game exe (ohh and smaller install size , we dont need to to have Movie clips/intro clips/added junk) - Able to have the server restrict per IP limit - eg block anyone above Ping value (eg over 100 or over 150) - Dedicated server sepereate program (SADS) does not need a serial or need gamespy login acccount - Available at the same time as USA game retail store release date - Able to block text message spammers in game and in t
  7. I guess the community has to wait and see what happens for the next Ghost Recon Game , be it GRAW3 or Ghost Recon 4 (GR 1 - ORG , GR 2 - console only , GR3 = GRAW1+GRAW2 , GR4 = next ?) I would like to see coop focus , better use of colors on PC and console , cross platform play , keyboard and mouse supported on console , Proper seperate SADS program for hosting CONSOLE and PC games. I wasnt impressed with the interface with GRAW2 or its feel in general But it looks like the only FPS games that have coop that are coming out soon is : New Delta Force game - Nova logic
  8. I don't know about overseas but GRAW1 and GRAW2 was basicly DEAD in Australia online since NO PROPER SADS was provied . GRAW1 is played a little at Lan Parties still , its got a better interface then GRAW2 for a lot of people . (Then again both GRAW1 and 2 are moving away from GR1 just like R6 - proper tatical shooters to action noob dumbed down games) GRAW1 seems to have a LOT of ORG coop maps and other addons for it
  9. Does the ORG mod for GRAW2 add RESPAWN option for GRAW2 since it didnt have the option to respawn in coop lan mode Were with the 1.35 patch in GRAW1 it added respawn and more coop player support in ORG mode ?
  10. I only play GRAW1 with: * 1.35 patch * ORG mode * At least 5 other players . * Mumble or teamspeak voice chat software * Team class's - One person 'team leader' which infact a lookout , gives out voice insturctions to team and a mobile respawn point since the game is LIMITED and does NOT support multiple spawn check points (Which a lot of the time ends up being ME which I HATE) - One snipper - run and gun support - medic if coop games support them (often me in this class in Joint ops) - vechile/tank/heli driver if coop games support them - resuce hostage person (often the
  11. No one would have to host a server off their own connection at home in Australia if Ubi/whoever released a FREE STAND ALONE DEDICATED SERVER program then aussie ISP's would host a server on their bandwidth for all aussies to join a low 50 ping server instead . No point hosting a server on Australian limited home connections with small download quota and small upsteam . List of Australian ISP LOW PING PC game Servers ( PLEASE DO NOT JOIN ANY OF THESE IF YOU ARE NOT IN AUSTRALIA ) Bigpond ISP - http://bigpond.com/ http://www.gamearena.com.au/getconnected/servers/ Internode
  12. what ever the next game is from Ubi from looking at the prev release's we know what it wont be If its an multi platform FPS - it wont be BUG free - it wont be correctly bug/beta testeed - it wont have a free stand alone dedicated server program that does not need retail disc files - it wont support opengl on Windows - it wont have more then EIGHT colors in the game - it wont have a decent coop player support like prev R6 and GR games it will be limited to only 2 to 4 players - it will have more free content on consoles - it will come out on consoles first before pcs - it wont
  13. Good level , only played a little so far but like what I see so far . One section with the ability to walk on top of the building is a GREAT IDEA , very kick ###### !!! Found you can walk over to one section then get STUCK (good little side area for a snipper thou ) I dunno if its a bug or not but a guy near the petrol truck managed to get me and I thought it was an rocket guy from far away , he might of walked out of the bin or hiding behind the truck. Cant wait to try this one out with some people . Thanks for the map )
  14. Tried it out , I didnt like it . I perfer not to play any of the levels that have so much black on them when its daylight Might aswell play a night time level . Its a good idea having helper AI but without giving them instructions like humans (via voice) might aswell not have them at times.
  15. Good map , Played it coop ORG solo (couple months before another lan party with coop players) I found it very noticable that AI are respawning by the human walking in a certain area . In some parts (dont go red areas espically) the AI would SPAWN , be faced the other direction , turn around , shoot you in the matter of one second . I would be liked to been able to walk on the right side of the cliff of the bridge like the left side (handy little look out that) Will be recommending some other coop players to try this map for sure. Multiple spawn points for humans or check po
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