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  1. Im loving em.The little gatling chopper is now my anti convoy weapon of choice.As far as dodging SAMs,ive had some success with outright stopping and reversing course right before the missile hits,causing it to miss.
  2. ive been raiding convoys with the minigun chopper.It works very,very well.
  3. Once again Rocky,I am jelly. This seems to be a regular occurrence here over the years...
  4. I only posted one,the Advisor one.I posted it only cuz i know its actually possible.
  5. oh,the defend the airport one for the transmission? yeah,did that in two player co op. we died 5 times (extreme,of course) before i decided to hide /outside/ the mission area with my medic drone ready,while my friend did the fighting.just kept res'ing him when he died.bulletproof helped.
  6. In case anyone does not know,Ubi is currently taking ideas for season 4 challenges for the community. The submission format is pretty specific. http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1705465-Season-4-Challenge-Co-Development
  7. Im at Tier 20 now.My M4A1 is level 30,and my SR25 is 29. I reaaally need to stay on the ball at this tier level.Almost as much as i needed to in OGR. Almost. (im looking at you, Dream Knife)
  8. they should make an actual llama-cycle that farts rainbows as promotional tools
  9. Been playing Fallen Ghosts.I call these "Operator in the Mist." Sunrise and a lil Wagner.
  10. I just love that it was me and my friend that were the ones ambushed for once...repeatedly.
  11. damn,wish you were on PC,id be good to play with old school GR heads... edit:just finished the last mission. that was epic.
  12. me and a buddy are going through it.According to the devs during the livestream, two player co op is the hardest way to play this,especially on extreme.It's great.
  13. nope,Id reccomend it due to spoilers (its a direct sequel.) Not to mention its bloody hard.
  14. So far im loving Fallen Ghosts.THIS is what ive been wanting.
  15. Took a boat ride just to sightsee... One moment while I arrange the introduction... My lumberjack loadout.And thats ok...
  16. This is the one I have been looking forward to actually.Glad it is soon.Thanks Rocky!
  17. yeah,i was wondering about that.My friend said he saw the tracer hit,but i noticed the tracers seemed inconsistent at that range.
  18. oh lord,/very/ high up.like near halfway down the marks for the x6 scope.I flat could not see my target (it was night),i only had my buddy zeroing me in as spotter.
  19. sad part is was that it took forever.started off at 1.2km,but even after i zeroed in,the shots hit,but did no damage (all with the MSR)
  20. about 1085m,had a friend capture a LT and hold him for me.
  21. arriving in style! despite the gunfire,life goes on some days,you need a moment to stop and take it all in... Brought the rebels a Christmas present.Feliz Navidad!
  22. I wish I got to play with those when I was in...then again,i was in the /Navy/,so no 249 training for me ;_;... how much does that thing weigh loaded anyway?Looks heavy enuff that id hate my life if i had to carry it all day.
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