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  1. 1. Day maps, so you'll see the textures (in colors). In the map can be dark places, where you can use NV (caves/buidling-rooms with no lights). 2. Night-maps can have great stealth-misions, and you can make areas where it's lighter (buildings), moonlights. 3. Also extreme weather conditions (heavy rain, thick fog, strong wind, thunder). As long as they're woodland
  2. I don't see where you turned AI off in first place, maybe I'm blind? AI is on is the default setting. What is it exactly that doesn't work ? Do they not follow path after exiting from chopper ? Do they not exit? You want them to be part of the player platoon? impossible (for my knowledge).
  3. They (RSE) could do a quick (3rd) Expansion Pack for us PC'ers so the waiting isn't that hard/long I'm sure they still got maps we've never played before. nah, just focus on gr2
  4. I got it ready for years, three original campaigns linked together. San's Campaign You can improve your skills for the soldiers during all the GR/DS/IT missions. Also I made random specialists, as the originals don't change uniform when going from woodland to desert to jungle. You can always add (custom)missions you like or remove missions you don't in the xml file.
  5. you're right Keep original filename and put it in your mod folder (use same direcory-structure as origmiss). So they will override the originals when you're mod has the highest priority.
  6. TY CR6. So I got xbox pictures on my desktop (no offence xboxers) Can't wait for the PC models (They'll be like 5 times better ?)
  7. R these xbox models or pc's, or is there only one for both platforms ? You would think pc models have more polys. Maybe these are the base-models made on pc and gonna be optimized (less polys) for xbox ? Anyway the updated one has better camo on their faces especially Mitchell (but not Burke), and their pouches are better IMO. Looks more real to me.
  8. Hey maybe you can make a movie with all animations and names...
  9. Dummy Target - try Downloads page ?, Google ? I think you'll need to destroy vehicle (in script) at startup so the engine will die. This way you won't need a custom sound-file for vehicle, else all vehciles that use same sound will have no sound. Probably it's in a readme somewhere in the DummyTarget-mod. There's also a topic about this which Don started, try search function.
  10. Just read the level_builder.pdf. All you'll need to know is in there, atleast for making a simple map. I also suggest to read =Sealz=Papa6's tutorial 'Basic Mapmaking'. Don't have the link anymore, but if you do a search you'll find it. It makes a flat ground (just like yours), groups it as outside room ("_1"), merges scenescenter, exports it. Then Only you'll need to create ENV and MIS file, and you ready to go in GR. Then after that you will find out more advanced techniques (like detail texture/collision/occluders/shermanlevels etc.) Alwasy welcome to ask.
  11. Thanks Chavez + Biro + Robalo + the rest for this one, checking it out... BTW what will AS do in the future: wait for GR2 or stop with GR1 and find another game? GL anyway
  12. Sorry for short answer, reading it it sounds not very helpful. But lukily we got el nino here ! I had a mission were the same thing happend, only the panic actor was also in captive behaviour so there was also a yellow dot on the map. I couldn't get that yellow dot hidden from the map... I still remember GL spyder !
  13. Hide the panic actors and show others on exact same spot.
  14. Was it not Piggyson's site ? what the exact address is I don't know either, but there's Google for.
  15. cool, you trained with dutch army ?
  16. Finally we can blast our enemies off the map
  17. I also see no Asian-operatives (maybe because it's in Asia and people get confused?). Will we have the soldiers we have in GR besides the specialists ? Maybe there are some Asians and Spanish.
  18. He has a radio, maybe to call in some support (air?) but it's not a weapon, not directly anyway.
  19. We can have the 'OTS-players vs the Classic-view-players tourney' !
  20. How you gonna build geometry if you don't know the limits (poly-wise) ? Say you build a character with 5000 polys, but the limit for GR2 is 3000 ? Same for maps (I'm making a map, 1st for GR1 (can't make it in time) so now for GR2). I know the taggings will be different (hence the different engine). So will collision-data (walls less then 60cm height don't stop you etc.) But the main geometry I can still use ? I will only have to change these minor things ? Maybe you got some experience and have some advice ? BTW GL with future-project
  21. Do you think DA will be 'modding' GR2 aswell ?
  22. If I take a sniper-rifle I take the M82 barret (what a hell of a noise it makes !) or the m24. There was a TAC-something rifle when I played MP (maybe HX5?). But I never take it
  23. For the character-models you can use Wolfsong's Model and Attachment Viewer. It's a mission with all the characters on the map. For weapons (I thought the RECON-page (on top next to news) had some info and pictures on them). I've made a vehicle-viewer (same as Wolfsongs MAV but with vehicles) and a face-viewer to see all possible faces (and their filenames) you can put on a character. Hope this helps.
  24. Our Jack 57 is at Far Cry forums It's no lie, I saw him posting there myself. (in the scripting forum ofcourse). Maybe he'll be back with us when GR2 comes out for PC (if he can remember ). BTW I don't like Far Cry - I only see Island maps (don't like em, give me woodland), and it's with aliens and monsters, get outta here ! But it's moddable...
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