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  1. After the crash, there's a log generated which will list errors like missing files (Ike.log, open with notepad). Maybe you could see what files are missing (or post it here so others can help).
  2. ey weren't these guys (1 guy 1 girl in fact) Dutch ? I like drum n bass/hiphop/techno/trance etc. too, but I also like rock, and that kind of music fits well in army-stuff too I think. Makes you war-ready mentally (like how the Indians used to smoke tabac before they go fighting : no fear !). But then again, I never play music while playing GR. But music gets me in the mood for playing sometimes.
  3. Oops you already changed the NS-logo ? hehe I now see it. Sorry Only on the engine it's still mirrored. Don't listen to me
  4. Some constructive feedback about DD-IRM : - the NS-logo is mirrored. - all DD-IRM's have atleast 3 wagons (front, middle and back wagon) and maximum 5. Never 2. - 1st class is never above a 2nd class or visa versa. I showed your model to my father (who is a train-modeller) and he said this. He got lots of books and showed me pictures so I could see. And I was at H'sum CS and what did I see standing at platform 1 ? yes DD-IRM, so I looked at the details for myself and it was true ! Maybe you did it on purpose (copyright infrigment?) then you did a good job ! If so you could call the NS -> DS (Deleyt's Spoorwegen, hehe).
  5. New engine which supports more poly's and high quality textures and better effects/dynamics, and has a better collision detection. More realistic AI.
  6. Beautiful, just like the real ones
  7. Do You Have some screenshots of the maps? (maybe you already did in another thread, sorry if so) I also would like to know the story of the campaign. Maybe this way ppl get more exited and willing to help you with your mod.
  8. atleast you don't have to go to fitness after work !
  9. I knew that you're not a quitter (sp? -> someone that doesn't quit easily!). If there's no dynamic campaign maybe change the name DYNACOMP too, cause when I hear the name I always think of the dynamic campaign. After this you'll be leaving GR for real, or are you waiting for GR2 ? GL again
  10. Yeah just for the lighting you don't need Photoshop. But for any change to an RSB-texture you'll need Photoshop (or Paintshop I believe). Say you do a night to day conversion there's a chance the ground texture is too dark and then you could brighten it up in Photoshop.
  11. Nice idea Deleyt. Nice textured models too. How do you go from one train to the other while riding? They ride in opposite directions. Or did you mean from wagon to wagon. I'm making a map (railroad crossing) where there's a railway (maybe I'll see your train come by sometimes (hehe). I thought of a train (Dutch NS) moving in the background (like Biro's jetfighter (which is a door!)). GL with the map !
  12. Why not make it yourself, it's very easy. Just open the map in the lightingtool, delete the lights you don't want, add the lights you want. Save as new map-file. Change ENV.file/MIS file. Done. EL_OSO made a simple tutorial once about the lightingtool.
  13. Try making it a habbit to backup your work once a month (or after major changes) on a CDRW/DVDRW. I also have a harddisk for windows and another one for games/mods etc., so I can easily format the windows harddisk and still have all my work on the other harddisk. (or make 2 partitions on 1 harddisk).
  14. I was reading at Cgtalk.com (3dsm forum) and there they mapped a T-shaped object with multiple maps (channels) on the same object. It blended together (by using a mask and composite texture). http://www.cgtalk.com/showthread.php?t=186212
  15. I have 1 mission maybe you could use. But if it's in the same story-line as the mod is, I donno (I don't think so). It's on a jungle map (swamp airfield) and it's kinda stealthy mission. Feel free to use it. Download from my site(sig=link). Afterall I don't want this mod to be cancelled. But to get into Igor again ? :no: got my hands full with RL.
  16. @Para, it's not only the release of a mod that's fun, but more is the making of it. Once it's released it's gone and slowly fades from memory (then you're probably focused on new things already). JMO Else it will feel like a waste to have put all that time in it and seeing it not complete. @Arms, like Para said : work from a plan so you won't get surprises. I always think of a map (layout) weeks/months before I even build it. I draw sketches on paper, write notes (like details & stuff), gather textures. And stick to the first idea, else you can go from a desert map to a jungle map . But I haven't released zjit, but learned alot, and have (had) fun. Maybe it's better to start very simple: 1. create mission, 2. model weapon/vehicle, then 3. model map or first retexture one.
  17. sniper82 - (FYI) When a map is created (in 3dsm) and exported to MAP-file it has a default ambient light (created by 3dsm). It's a bit bright light that lits up everything almost the same. (Maybe there even more default lights). After applying the lighting tool the default lights are gone and replaced with the once you created (sunlight/ambient light/traffic-lights etc.) This will give a much better effect. Also shadows work like they should (if you placed the sunlight right).
  18. Nice map there "Lead Level Designer for Worm Modding Studios" I like the river with bridge (can you blow that buddist statue up? and will there be a cave-entrance after it's blown up? (or is that a surpise - now gone lol). And nice buildings (too bad there damaged ) I think this is a nice low-poly map (how many polys is it ?). GL with CentCom
  19. There's so much Igor did (StoneEd will do). Maybe more ways to customize a map (weather-effects, dynamic stuff). Maybe they have insertable objects you can place on map. More support for GTF's (like you can reference 1st active company to let's say 10th active company in script). You can keep on with this...
  20. Some triggers do not restart when you save and load. I had plans for opfor like walking I mean patrolling, but after I did a quick save and load they just stand there doing nothing. You could loop the plans, but I think it's better to play without saving.
  21. RSE has to keep people from 3 different platforms happy with expansion-packs. And PC is the last one in order, so it'll take awhile I think. Hope SDK is released with main-game and not with 1st EP. What a work RSE/UBI took on there shoulders
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