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  1. whats up long time I've been here how's the new Ghost Recon coming ? is it coming ? anything ? ok bye, cya (I'm from when [GR] was hot, and I played some GR2 but never modded, is that whats still running GR 2 ? or GRAW 2 I mean ?) And when is Future Soldier coming ? OK, nice to see ya all, and NEVER give up...
  2. soul switch is better then artificial intelligence
  3. I want to see a variety of enviroments like woodlands, snowland, desert, jungle, in one game. With missions going all over the world, playing on these maps. If you don't like going from snow to desert in 2 missions, then make campaigns. One campaign for woodland, one for desert ect. Also I like BIG maps and little ones, variety is the key... I know that all campaign-stories have been told already, same missions over and over gets boring, desert siege, island thunder, ect., but if you make everything RANDOM, and NON-LiNEAIR, it should be enough for awhile... balance is always important (gameplay vs reality) (im just talking , i dont know what's really going on... ) what I do know, and what scares me, that is if theres gonna be a future soldier, what future do we get after that ?? it must be terrible
  4. Tinker-that is exactly what I ment, keep an open mind of what is to come, and don't go crazy, but have a little fun... cpl ledanek
  5. *Link To Oversize Image. *Link To Oversize Image. Hello, I am a beginning map maker, no, I want to begin making a map, no, I begun making a beginning-map... And I want to show the progress (or not) so I can get some feedback/critisism etc. See on the pics I have basic geometry-skills, and very little texturing skills. But I'm learning, and when I am going to take some real pictures of the walls etc. with my camera, it will look a lot better (I think). I'm not good with photshop either, but I will begin learning... And this is no joke Im very serious (about making the map) Everything got to be in exact sizes, length-width-height, the walls, the roof, streets, cars, trees, etc. I don't go out, and measure everything up with a measurement-tool, but It has to come near exact... and that goes for the geometry in max, no flaws(hiding faces, unwelded vetices haha) but it costs time... woops gotta go * [staff Edit: - Please keep pictures to 500 pixels wide]
  6. Thanks Bogie, for your answers (they've helped!) I will start with reading the tutorials and checking other people's work. I was thinking of taking a step by step approach: 1)make a simple mission on graw2 map, learn the editor and XML-files-structure 2)make a simple static prop (building) in max, import it in graw2 map, see how it looks ingame 3)at last start creating my map. When I'm ready for more questions, I will let you know ! I've created some buildings and street-objects for GR1 years ago, I will need to find them (somewhere on DVD) and maybe I can use them again for practise. Thanks again
  7. Hello, I have got a couple of questions about map-making : - Is it possible to create a map in 3dsmax, with landscape-buildings-static props (cars-trees-boxes etc.), all textured (using custom textures), export it to the graw2 editor and create the necessary zones needed for sp/mp-gametypes/missions, then lit the map using a lighting-tool? - What version of 3dsmax do I need ? - What do I need to do in max before exporting it to editor? Do I need to tag sound-properties in max (like in GR1) ? - For a MP-map which has an 200m2 playing-area what would be an average total poly-count ? What sizes should I use for textures (like 512x512 for small things, and 1024x1024 for big things) - Is there a 3dsm scale model of a graw2 soldier, so I can use him in my map to see if everything is right proportioned ? (like in GR1 you had Will Jacobs) - Can you create enviroments in editor or in XML-files for creating rain or snow for my map? I haven't seen rain in original graw2 maps (probably because it's Mexico) I have a load more questions, but I figured these where the most important, before even attempting to create a map This is an image of the map I want to create, it's a beginners-lesson for me, but also my dream (to play MP in my home-town !) It will take me very long to create the map, and maybe by then GR4 is out, no problem, I will then try to put it in there... Thanks in advance
  8. thanks, nice map-pack BTW, keep it up... about installing : I copied them all into \custom_levels... ok (?)
  9. Hello, which maps or packs do I need to download, to be able to play these maps (?) : I recently wanted to (multi) play on some servers, and from most of them I've got kicked out, because (I think) I don't have all the maps installed. Thank you (it's been a long time since i've been here...)
  10. Hey guys, how you do? It's been a long time, since I've been here, but I don't forget this website I just wanna say Hi... Hi hehe, how are you Rocky? still webmaster? I've seen some old-members here (of/from the day of/from old Ghost Recon) WolfSong, still modding?... very cool I also have this dream(don't know who else does) but I have it... ...to make a map for Ghost Recon. But it's all so complicated nowadays... And I'm out of the loop(so to speak) Anyways, very good luck, Rocky, with the site (thanks you didn't delete me, after so long !) And ehm...yes, I just remember some names WhiteKnight77 (don't know who he is, but the name reminds me from this forum) 2ndRanger (played alot of online-games with him...) Chavez...(also played alot with him) WolfSong (Swedish Force-mod, or something like that...what a mod ! together with FrostBite) Rocky (at your assistance !) Ruin- also (was /still is)webmaster !! how you do? Parabellum (orso) wasn't he the modder of Harntrox? DonMiguel(modder - Year of the Monkey(perhaps?) PaveLow Zjj (is a woman? right?) maybe I'm wrong... So many names, I still remember after (what is it) almost 10 years, yes (ok maybe 5) Crazy huh? forget one name, weapon-modder... oh man, I hate that, you want to remember a name and you don't recall it(sp) It was a Swedish guy, I believe... (not WolfSong...I mentioned him about five timesa now !) O yeah Delight... Dutch modder ! (had some interested new ideas) but he's not the weapon modder I mean SNOWFELLA, ok I had to search for the name, but he's who I Meant... Great modders were born there... OK I leave you all in peace now...enough of me talking... WHAT... do I see GR(AW) 4 ??? tell me about it...
  11. Great people, this is so nice to read that people are already trying to mod the game, and to understand the structure and whatnot. I've waited six years for this. And now it happens... I need to get a new PC quick, and then the game. But it's middle in the summer here and who sits behind a computer when it's 25 celcius outside ? (ehe me, who else wrote this). Maybe you guys can find, in the editor, some way to import 3dsm models into game ? What will the GRIN-guys think : What? they found the editor-enabler-switch already ? Keep on going, this is great, I have to finish the map I supposed to make for GR1.
  12. They could also be for showing the progress the map is making. Then they don't have to be finished, but they're more for giving the reader an idea of what it's going to be. When the mod is finished then you should show only the screenshots of the finished map, so it's like Sleeper said : to show off your map so people will actually download and play it. Building (simple) geometry is quite simple, but texturing it so it represents what it should be and it fits in with the surrounding textures will take most of the time. Apart from that I always like to see 'in-progress screenshots'. I'll take back what I've said if these were indeed finished shots
  13. 1) use 3dsmax v3 to v5.1 (I believe) I have v5.1, you'll need to know how to create geometry and how to texture it (basic 3dsmax skills), and how to tag it for game-purposes. 2) read levelbuilder.pdf, all game-related info is there (it's written by RSE if I'm correct), it's on the game CD (Island Thunder), also where the plugins are. 3) the rest you search here in the forums, read read read. If the pdf is confusing, or your model-skills are very basic then try Mike Shell's tutorial (like The Worm said) and Papa's tutorial to get a quick basic result. Basicly you create the geometry in 3dsmax and tag it (so the game-engine knows whats a floor/door/window/tree etc.), then export it to MAP-file, then use the lighting-editor (on CD) for lights and shadows, then open it up in Igor to make it playable in game (mission/gametype). Or just wait for GRAW which will have a game-editor with it. No need for 3dsmax or knowledge, but all maps will be with the same standard buildings/trees/textures (I think), so they will all look alike (just guessing here) Until they release plugins to export models from 3dsmax into GRAW game-editor, or directly into game...
  14. thats the 1st thing is saw too
  15. I think the less compressed format would be the best, people can always convert it later to an extension they need afterwards. Don't know which one though, I'll go with the biggest file-size. Maybe put them anyway in RSB format for people who just want textures and won't edit them in Photoshop or whatever, they can use them right away. About dimensions: for walls/roofs (ie large parts) etc. I would use 1024x1024, and a smaller variant with 512x512 as you mentioned, so people can choose using the large one for big geometry and small one for smaller geometry. Let's hear the rest of the community
  16. Hey ... nice ! Like sniper82 said it would be nice (if the buildings are not enterable) you could . And I'm thinking of emergency-fire-stairs going from roof to street (so people inside building can escape by stairs to a safe place in the streets when fire is in building). I was making a Dutch map too with a railway (maybe I'll finish it someday for GR3). I'm not a good level-designer so I decided to make all buildings non-enterable. It spared me polys too (which can be used for more detail on other things). But I had this idea to make some emergency-fire-stairs so you could reach to the roofs of some buidlings, where you could have a good view over the street. It's better for gameplay. Good luck with it.
  17. I always wondered what that was. I've seen it in the scripts from original GR missions before, and thought it was some randomizing stuff. Maybe you know ?
  18. I would like a demo with : - one simple SinglePlayer mission/gametype (like FireFight) - one simple MultiPlayer gametype (like LastManStanding) all on just one small map.
  19. Q1: You can only control the team-leader, the other team-members you can not, right ? - What if you (leader) die on a mission, will there be a replacement-leader for the next mission, will one of the other team-members become leader, or is the campaign over and you have to start again from the beginning (not very realistic-arcade) ? - What if a member dies. Is there that same pool of soldiers you can choose from before a mission begins, when you're selecting your squad like GR1 ? Q2: Will there be expansion-packs after a while ? Woodland/Desert/Artic/Jungle ? Or does it end after GRAW ?
  20. Put me in the 3rd group WK. It's not only the game that dissapoints me but more the way it's presented (or not presented at all). And tell me, who's gonna wait 6 (six) years for a game they've promised. Not me. Maybe when the first mods come out for GR3PC, and they made it possible to remove the HUD and linear-mission-scripts and add full squad-control, I will have a try. Or maybe it will be forgotten by then. Anyway have a nice day
  21. Modding-tools also bring new talented modders out. They can get hired and can become professionals.
  22. Looks good all those medals on ya D
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