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  1. Yeah, I can't put my finger on it exactly, but there's something about the old floating reticle that makes me feel more at home. If this was a poll, I'd vote "original FPV". Sorry I can't really elaborate on my reasons... like you say, it's just personal preference. Good mock-up though.
  2. One third of your argument is redundant, RH. You're forgetting that the OTS view is optional. As for your latter two points, I really don't know. However I would say this: it's silly to assume that every mission will be "narrator-driven", based only on having seen one demo video. At least wait for confirmation of this assumption before criticising.
  3. Serellan, you're a legend! You just confirmed all my speculation and removed about 80% of the naysayers' reasons for complaining. I won't say "I told you so". Whoops, I just did. Thanks a lot for that info, NY.
  4. It's (sort of) funny, when we're rowing, we regularly get people threatening to jump off the road bridges over our river. Don't think anyone's actually done it (yet), but it's great to watch.
  5. Actually, you'll be looking for the 'Bervie Chipper in Stonehaven.
  6. What about our very own hardcore GR fans who have seen exactly what Dan Morris saw - an imcomplete X-Box demonstration version at E3? Anubis is a GR player and I'm pretty sure he would vote GR as GoTY, but hey, he said he liked the look of what he saw of GR2. Dan Morris lost a lot of his credibility by claiming to have played a PC demo version of the game - a claim which has been proven untrue by Ubi. Personally, I believe [RS]Blaze, JT_Snowman, WOLFAnubis, Dick Splash, and all the other fans who saw just the same thing as Mr. Morris, but who at least told it like it was, instead of misusing credentials to add weight to a personal bias.
  7. Happy belated birthday to Dannik!
  8. No, look, what we've heard and seen are a number of features which could potentially be implemented in an 'arcade' fashion, but with no confirmation that that will be the case. Weapon retrieval, medic functions, 'over-the-shoulder' view... all of these could be implemented in a number of ways and, to be fair, we currently have no idea which of these ways has been decided (this goes for PC and indeed X-Box). It goes without saying that the E3 videos mean nothing, seeing as, A) the videos are simply a fast way of exhibiting new features to new fans and, thus, must be eye-catching (remember, this is a game trying to compete with such titles as Doom III, Half Life II and HALO II - GR isn't even in the same league as those games); and B) the demonstration was played through with a number of cheats activated and possibly, for all we know, with increased run speeds. People seem to be jumping to the conclusion that weapon collection is going to mean picking up additional - rather than replacement - weapons (not realising that picking up friendly and opponent weapons is what Special Forces do); that medic functions mean you or your teammates will never die (not realising that medics do in fact play a vital role on the battlefield); and that the 'OTS' view means we'll get to see around corners (again, not realising that the traditional first person view through a single monitor offers a highly unrealistic tunneled view). Call me an RSE fanboy... but I have more faith in them than to assume they will mess it up. And until I see some video showing the OTS view being used to look around corners... a character carrying 35 weapons... or someone getting shot dead then fully recovered by a medic... I'm going to maintain that faith.
  9. As KP says, there's not really sufficient demand for it right now to justify the creation of a whole new forum. But that's just my opinion... I'll let Rocky or SB actually answer your question.
  10. Guys, need I remind you that there is still nothing to suggest that Ghost Recon 2 will be an arcade game, let alone have arcade features? Why do I feel like I'm speaking to a brick wall when I make these posts...?
  11. Those SF guys were advertising for America's Army, not GR2.
  12. Happy Birthday Sart and Mark! Hope you're both having a great time today.
  13. I don't think that makes it right to report news in a sensationalist, tabloid-style manner, as seems to be the case with the website referenced.
  14. That's called spam, and really, I ought to delete that post and send this thread back to where it belongs. If a thread is popular, it will find its way to the top. No need to force it down our throats.
  15. I seeeeeeee. Well at the time I wrote my post ("Dude, he noticed..."), I'm pretty certain it still read "This is a lie". Anyway, this is all too much for me to cope with. I think it's time you guys settled your differences in a proper manly fashion... Tiddlywinks!
  16. Absolutely! Gunkata has to be the most stylish way to kick some ass.
  17. So it's not actually intended either as a game nor as a commercial product for individuals, right? It's targeted more for security companies or whatever - people who are looking to train rather than play. Am I right?
  18. Wait, can you explain a little more about this for those of us who have never heard of it before?
  19. Misread which part? Pyro is very slow, you must excuse him...
  20. Hmm, couldn't tell you. But it can't matter that much - I doubt they'd sell it without a CD key or something!
  21. You mean it didn't? *Goes out back to burn wardrobe*
  22. Dude, he noticed it the second you did it... can't you tell...?
  23. Try to start a constructive discussion, next time. Until then, I'll lock this thread here.
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