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  1. Read: all the 11-year old kids playing run around like headless chickens. Heh, there is definitely something about Joint Ops that works very well, but I'm not 100% convinced on it, yet. It's not exactly original, nor does it really bring anything new to the table... but like I say -- it's fun and easily playable. I'll keep on with the demo until I decide...
  2. 'Cause when you do that, you're opening one hell of a can of worms.
  3. Hehe, not to fuss over semantics... but while the telephone may have been invented in Canada, it was invented by a Scot. Just like street lighting, colour photographs, the television, tarmac, bicycles, raincoats, adhesive stamps, the thermometer, anaesthetics, antiseptics, the hypodermic needle, RADAR, the gas mask, the locomotive, the lawnmower, thermos flasks, golf, marmalade, the fountain pen, the refrigerator, the breech-loading rifle...
  4. Simultaneously reading Now Wait for Last Year also by Philip K. Dick. So far, so good.
  5. Okay, how about from now on, once you've finished a book, add on to your post whether you'd recommend it or not. I'm hearing lots of cool-sounding stuff in here and I feel I need to branch out a bit.
  6. You know... this ought to be in another thread. Please get back on topic.
  7. Rocky: Think I've mentioned this before, but there are two books that are practically essential reading for matters like these. The books being Bill Bryson's Mother Tongue (which includes loads of fascinating information about English and language in general) and Lynn Truss's Eats, Shoots and Leaves. The second book, in particular, is a nice quick-reference for sticky grammar situations like yours, while the first provides more of a background. Check them out here and here By the way, did I get the "/rainbow6aggressi/" part right in those URLs?
  8. errrrr, not quite, times 60 pounds by 3, then u get the aussie amount Ah, okay, my mistake. I must have been looking at the price for the model above it (not the '-S' model).
  9. Okay, here's my rundown: Case: Antec SLK 3700 BQE with 350X 'Smart Power' PSU -- -- -- $165 - Fair enough. Motherboard: NF7-S v2.0, 400FSB/SATA/8xAGP/FireWire 1394 -- -- -- $154 - Too expensive, I see it here on a British site for ~$30 AUD less. CPU: AMD Athlon XP 2800+ CPU with Heatsink and fan.Barton333 -- -- -- $189 - The prices of regular XPs should be dropping right about now, so I'd maybe pay a little bit extra and go for a model or two higher. Graphics: 9800 Pro Extreme 400/700 -- -- -- $369 - A decent price for an above average card. Memory: Corsair DDR-SDRAM VS 1GB Kit PC2300 (2x512MB) -- -- -- $319 - Good price. Hard Disk: HDD Western Digital 120GB 7200RPM 8MB -- -- -- $139 - Good price, good hardware. CD Drive: Lite-On 851S +/-RW 8xDVD-RW 40x24xCDR/RW -- -- -- $119 Monitor: 17" BenQ LCD FP767-12ms, Built in speakers, Black -- -- -- $687.5 - This is quite poor, in my view. Better off with a 17- or 19-inch CRT monitor and without the built-in speakers, for gaming. It may cost a little more, but this is the one part of your computer you'll be forced to look at all the time, so might as well pay that bit extra. Anyway, that's just my take on it. I'm by no means an expert -- and I feel a bit out of the loop having not properly looked at hardware since I last upgraded -- so get others' opinions too.
  10. Wondered if you were going to ask for that.
  11. Okay, finished that. What a mind job. Now rereading Arnold Schwarzenegger's 740-page hardback, the Encyclopedia [sic] of Modern Bodybuilding after having first read it a month or so ago. Again, a first edition 1985 copy.
  12. Heh, I wonder if I could enter my current sig... Just kidding, I don't dare enter these competitions nowadays. Not now that the standard is so high.
  13. Hey, good to have you back. I was wondering where you had got to. Shame about the PC disaster... I hate it when stuff like that happens. *Creeps out of thread, hopefully not off-topicating (cool word, eh?) it*
  14. I'm trying to do it but it doesn't seem to be working for me right now. Will try again later... Edit - Done.
  15. On the contrary, it's all most people would ever need: protection from an unplanned break-in. Like I said, I have no fear of a properly planned attack against my house wherein the attacker would go to the extreme lengths of planning to poison my dog (purchase suitable poison, implant poison into dog's food, get dog's food into house, wait for poison to take effect...) and then shoot me (purchasing a lethal ranged weapon is harder than you'd think in the UK). So yeah, I reckon with that particular security set-up you'd be safe enough to get a good sleep at night. Besides, this is all hypothetical -- I have a 6-year old West Highland terrior and a trio of cats (and I still sleep comfortably!)!
  16. Pistols aren't issued (as standard) to any enlinsted member of any army within the British Isles (ie. Britain and the Republic of Ireland).
  17. Aw, come on, it's nothing serious. *Ogle* *Ogle* *Ogle* *Ogle*...
  18. Eh? Who's going to be attacking me that will bother to plan this out. I don't know about you, but I live in a seriously safe neighbourhood and I definitely don't remember making any enemies in the Mob, nor do I plan to.
  19. Thread Closed for review. CQB/FNG/Soldier: You might want to check the forum rules before creating multiple accounts. Expect follow-up action to be taken.
  20. I know what you're talking about, Blue. We get it here when viewing through digital. I presume you're viewing through a digital signal too, yeah? I don't really get it and haven't tried to fix it yet, but I can say that you don't seem to get this when viewing through terrestrial means.
  21. A big-ass dog, or knowledge in an effective martial arts system is, in my opinion, ideal. At least I know neither of those will be stolen from my house and sold on the black market...
  22. Ahaha, man, amazing. Intense game! Quite an accurate representation of life as an LOL-basher too. Top score: 100260.
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