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  1. Ha, oh dear... you've just reminded me of a terribly embarassing experience I had a few months ago. ... You know about my fainting thing, right? But anyway, that's a good one, T. I only wish I could join you in it. Donate a pint for me, dude!
  2. Rocky, you really should keep your training confined to the gym, man. Tsk, tsk. http://nimportequi.com/video_popup.php?v=126
  3. Yo Chems, True there isn't full coverage of SST, but there is that bit of news (well, it was news to me, anyhow) in the introduction. I dunno... that was enough to get me excited. Just because there weren't the full-on screenshots, doesn't mean it wasn't mentioned.
  4. Yeah, a friend of mine is out in Sri Lanka working on a community development/environmental project. He was spending Christmas at the beach in the South-East; the closest point of Sri Lanka to the epicentre of the earthquake. He's incredibly lucky to be alive (only sustained a few cuts and bruises), and seemingly only survived thanks to locals running along the beach shouting warnings. Another friend of mine, though, is spending a year teaching in Thailand. I haven't even heard her fate and I only hope she was nowhere near the coast.
  5. Yeah, I play it occasionally. I get my ass kicked big time just play casually, really...
  6. Hey dude, have fun! I'm sure you'll have a great time!
  7. Ah yeah, I remember. I saw your post in the Christmas presents thread. Sweet!
  8. Alright, I think I'm ready to order. I found that BenQ monitor on another of my preferred sites for about £40 less than that shown above. I had initially ruled it out, actually, because I'm trying to stick quite closely to my budget of £300, but at this new price it's a whole different story. Unfortunately I couldn't find the Samsung at any decent UK sites (not for a good price, anyway), but thanks for the suggestion.
  9. Great! Thanks Bob, sounds like you know exactly what I want.
  10. *Bump* Hey, sorry to be an ass (I hate bumping as much as the next guy), but I'm looking to order by tomorrow night and I could use some other people's advice. Thanks.
  11. Okay, as long as this doesn't become political, you can continue the discussion... but be careful, yeah?
  12. Crikey guys, cool it. Less of the personal insults and more constructive commentary on Ghost Recon II, please. Edit -- Ah, nuts! Rocky got there first!
  13. Yeah, cool, that is definitely an option. I see it on a UK site for £245 -- that's very good. However, like I say, this is not intended for gaming. I'll be using it on an offline mid-spec PC that I just want to look decent. Edit -- Hang on, I was looking at the wrong model. So that one there's £328... that's still not bad, as far as I can tell.
  14. Hey, I'm looking for a new monitor for use with a "word processing" machine that I'll use in my flat at uni this year. Desk space is at a real premium, so I won't be able to take either my 17" or 19" CRT gaming monitors. I've got no more than £300 ($540) to spend on the monitor, so I'm looking for either a 15" or maybe 17" screen. To be honest, I'd rather get a nice-looking, high-quality 15" monitor than a cheap 17" because, as I say, I'm not worried about the size, more about my eyesight (and saving a bit of money would be nice ). What sorts of features should I be looking for on an LCD? I'm seeing things like "Contrast Ratio 400 : 1" and "16ms Response Time", though I don't know how good/bad any of that is. If someone could point out basic minimum requirements or offer model suggestions that would be great. Thanks in advance.
  15. Pyro_Monty

    EverQuest 2?

    Yeah, the UK PC Gamer crew are massive Eve Online fans... I've never tried it myself, but I'm not averse to the idea of space sims. Quite good for escapism, though often either over- or under-detailed. I played the X2 demo a while back, and that definitely fell into the former category which just made it unfun. Anyway, on the subject of EverQuest... I would also advise you don't experiment with these so-called "harmless" games. The furthest I've ever gone into RGP land is the Diablo series... and even that I can only handle for a month or so at a time. The amount of experience you get is inversely proportional to the fun you have, unfortunately, because as you continue, there's less and less to look forward to, and less is left to the imagination. Just a downward spiral into aimless item and experience runs...
  16. I think from Zero's above description this is the case, Prozac.
  17. Very cool and definitely worth the wait. This will totally set GR2 apart from its contemporaries. Good job Zero.
  18. Hey Para, time to party like it's 1999.
  19. Wow, doesn't sound like your average paintball place. Sounds very interesting, in fact. May have to check this one out...
  20. Eek, I wouldn't want to be in the 59th percentile of men on the force. Though I hear the surgery is fairly painless these days. Heh, no in all seriousness, I tried to research this claim but I couldn't find any news links or reference sites (not even any sites where people have complained about it... and this is the internet... people complain about everything!). Maybe you have a link Iron? Thanks in advance.
  21. Watch the personal comments, guys. The initial post was inflamatory enough -- if things don't cool down, consider this thread gone.
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