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  1. Just an Update (mods): I'm still progressing well. Current working features are: =Mod Profile selector (add and run mods) =Autodetect (Detect Vista & XP graw2 location or enter manually) =Context editor (use supplied/default context to edit - still in simple features but effective) Features still inprogress: =Mod Downloader This currently lists mods to download, and allows you to download them! But because some mods require more than just a single bundle file. I need to list the compressed files contents, log them, install them to the correct path ,then use the log as a uninstaller incase you want to remove the mod at a later date. My main problem is that two methods are needed to extract RAR and ZIP. But I've found the dll files and have managed to view the contents of both RAR and ZIP. So It should be ready for alpha testing soonish!!! It I manage to get over this hurdle. Brok21k
  2. Any XP Graw2 users out there? I'm wrighting an autodetect settings function I need to know the location/layout of graw2 folder : where is profile_folder.txt located is it= Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2\settings\profile_folder.txt note: I hope this holds the location + multiplayer_name on the top line, If you have more than 1 and Where is settings.xml (in profile) located is it= Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2\settings\profiles\("multiplayer_name ")\settings.xml
  3. Problem solved, it now downloads Yippy
  4. Actually I'll send them an email and go from there. Heres what I found on their FAQ So they basically force you to the adverts before download (is a free service after all), and I think frequently change the method inorder to prevent link grabber scripts from getting to comfortable. Are these file uploaded by a MediaPro subscriber?
  5. Just an update: I did have the mediafire links work (for the last few days), but today they changed the HTTP Header Response, So my code no longer works! I've noticed in forums that this seems to be a regular thing, guess it might be done to prevent leeching. What I might do is look for a server (or Free file host) which is easy to download from. Heres a screeny of the "Downloader" :
  6. I'm actually still having problems with mediafire, I nearly fought about uploading mods on my website. But I don't fancy doing that job. I've spent so many hours getting this far, I really don't want to stop. My problem with mediafire is it seems to only download while fiddler (a HTTP Debugging tool) is running, fiddler listens by creating a proxy through wininet and the vb.net - httpresponse seems to only download mediafire files while this is open(or fiddler is forcing a response which I am not). I posted a topic on the fiddler forum, and I'll wait for that! Just letting you know I'm not giving not matter what. Even if it mean converting from vb.net to c# (which isnt to hard just more time)
  7. It would be so super sweet if all you needed was a bundle file, unfortunately, mine requires a few files to be installed in either the local/language, or local/bp_weapons_pack_vX.X in order to hear sounds and see the intro movies. Cheers. No worries I'll just have to create an uninstall xml file during extraction, logging all the files and folders, then simply delete then during unstall. Good news all working (apart from multi file + bundle, which im yet to do). Hardest problem has been to download from mediafire, but got round it in the end. So once I've done the multi file, i'll release an alpha for testing.
  8. Ok, its all going pretty well. I've got it to download the profile, compressed rar, then extract the file.bundle to graw2 mods folder. It currently just extracts the the file.bundle and not any other file, do some peoples mods have other files included or is everything consigned in the single bundle file?
  9. Ok, I've been slacking the last couple of weeks due to playing MW2 on the ps3, its abit rushy i know, but once i've unlocked full rank I'll look for something else . Anyway just to let you know I've just got it to run the mods. Basically theres a mod.xml file which holds the mod info (you can add/edit/delete and run mod using it ) it currenlty just allows you to easily run mods (you still have to manually download, extract the mods to the graw2 folder.) to run mods it simply creates graw2loader_context.xml (using the mod name) in your graw2 folder and runs that. Im now just creating a sql Database online (with admin), where my program will link to inorder to download the mod info (name, version and URL link). Then I download the compressed mod's (using the sql url link)to your internet temp folder, extract and move to your graw2 location. I would link to use the current links on the GR.NET download section. Is this possible or is there anti leeching? BTW I'll release a version for testing, once I've complete the download mod section.
  10. Cheers, I'll just require users to located graw2.exe manually .
  11. Whats the location of your profiles in xp. I know vista stores them in : C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\GRAW2\" I gues is something like: C:\Program Files\UBISOFT\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2\.
  12. Cheers My only hurdle will be the browser, sending and recieving the cammands to the servers. Once I crack that then, then im on the open road. Just to show you its possible heres an out of game Browser. I think it uses glist, which I have the source code to.
  13. Very Sorry for not finnishing this project. I was writting it in Visual C++ MFC, and really struggled texturing the forms and found the most simplest task to slow to code. I recently wanted to touch up on my coding so I decided to continue this project. VB.NET AND I WILL FINNISH IT!!!!!!! Heres what the Phoenix Launcher currently looks like: MODS This currently works manually, requiring the user to download, extract and input the details to this program. Hopfully with the aid of ghostrecon.net, I want to have an auto downloader & extractor. This will require the mod creators (or GR.NET) to follow a compression/profile format, so this application can read and process the mods. Im willing to create a format/procedure script. But I'm not willing to apply it to all the mods on GR.NET. I'll leave that up to someone else Sorry MAPS This will need a simular procedure to the mods, allowing people to autodownload maps, before starting up GRAW2. SERVER OK, Ive managed to connect to the GameSpy Servers and get the ip's and ports of all the current servers. Thats as far as I've currently got. But as I found out, theres no way to direct IP connect to a server. Instead, I will Add the required Server to your "favorite server" list. So you can simply launch GRAW2 and connect to the server via your favorite list. I also hope to be able to retreive server versions, allowing the launcher to flag up "you require this mod" or "you require this map". Ive also currently added the GRAW2 mod RSS Feed, allowing you to keep uptodate with current modds. I will release a simple manual profile version (in the next couple of weeks), so people can get to work using the mods.
  14. I'm trying to write an out-of-game server browser. I've manged to display the ip's (populated, and no-password servers). See here Link Problem is can you connect to an ip via command-line? if so does anyone know the syntax? E.g. graw2.exe -connect [staff Edit: - Deleted your first thread "GRAW 2 GameSpy IP" as it covered the same subject, Please do not start duplicate threads]
  15. I'm also going to add a map downloader to this app. Basically it will read a map list from a central server( which will need to be setup and maintained). Showing map name, version, size and a map overview, etc. It will then download and extract to the correct folder at a click of a button. This won't be as good as having an auto download for maps (like in GRAW1), but it will make it easier for users to install them. I was thinking about adding a downloader for mods too.
  16. I know GRAW 2 is dead. But I was meaning to write this application ages ago. It’s basically a loader for GRAW 2 which allows the user to select between running multiple mods or the original game. I feel ubisoft should have implemented a similar feature during the last patch. Not only will this application allow the user to select between multiple mods. It will also allow the mods to be updated. This will help make mods easier to run & update and hopefully allow the GR community to improve or bring GRAW2 back to life. My personal reason for this is to touch up on my c++ and try and make a mod for graw 2 which will balance the weapon system, and share it with the community (I want to make the weapons more team dependent, by removing the over power m99 and reduce range on some of the assault rifles etc) . It will take a month or so because I’m busy.
  17. im gonna be testing my new TSA & pistols only games tonight. Everyones welcome to join: Download beta This won't be on the TuG main server. I'll be testing on a server called "TuG beta server -brok21k-" at about 20.00 GMT But this is the 1st time I've tested on a online server so it could all go wrong!
  18. Work fine for me. Try:File Im currently creating a few extra gametypes, and trying find a fun config for the server. E.g. Pistols only & my new TSA game type. Map-packs will be updated monthly.
  19. No respawns for the attacking teams (ghost). The same thing happends in RVSA and seems to work. The seige (TSA zone) will be a large building or base. And its up to the ghost tesm with tagging system to pick off the defending team. Well the idea of this to try to simulate the single player missions onto the MP. The mission wont start until there are enough players to fill objectives (for both mex & ghosts). All these objectives are already implemented in the MP maps, RVSA, siege, HH, TDM, & TSA I will combine all the game types in order to simulate this. E.g. 1 Mexican player will spawn in an outpost with a mounted gun, and punishment for leaving they post is death. The overall object for the Mexicans is to eliminate the ghosts, but the overall object for the ghosts is complete objects.
  20. Just two ideas im starting to work on TSA Team Siege Adversial This consists of 2 teams. The attacking & defending team. It works similar to the game mode siege. But instead of the attacking team needing to penetrate the siege area, in this TSA the defending team can’t leave the siege area for more than 20 seconds (or set time). The attacking team have no respawns. And the defending have unlimited. But every time a team member from the defending side is killed. The defending teams respawn time is increased by 2 seconds. Slowing down/stopping reinforcements re-filling the siege area. I will also use the kits from co op. TMO Team Mission Objects This consists of 2 teams. The attacking & defending team. I want to turn the single player missions into Team multiplayer missions. The attacking teams act the same as the ghosts do in the single player missions. The defending teams act like the Mexicans in the single players, but penalties are given for not following orders e.g. leaving zones & areas, allowing the ghosts to cross bridges or enter buildings, and destroying things. There are similar ideas like this already out there, but I want it identical to the single game.
  21. My main problem with this game is fact that weapons use several shots to penetrate armour, while the m99 can kill even with a shot in the arm. This seems to be fine in with several repsawns (because u can go back and get the camper or holding player) but not on zero respawns servers. It benefits the m99 way too much. They either have to reduce the body armour or reduce the effectivness of m99. Or even remove it completely. I think all classes should take time to master and perfect but its way to easy to use the m99 and get alot of kills. Plus it would be nice to make the support weapons more effective and see them used more often.
  22. I think the poor quality of opposition was the reason for his success. His 1st couple of kills should of heard him coming and taking him out. The M99 will get people easy kills, but often a quick side step gets you out of trouble. I think this post was simply created so he can show off his score. Trying playing on a TDM server against a top clan (all on TS) with zero respawns and then see how you do. My opinion is that big score lines aren't impressive, but out witting good players is.
  23. but you're diagram shows the compass in the west pointing from west to east. Sorry Ive updated it. I didnt bother reading the tutorial, I just opened up the MP maps. Took note on how the compass was placed and using that format seems to work for me on all 3 different maps i created.
  24. Theres a few things you should note: 1) When placing mini map markers, make sure their high enough and pointing at the boundary correctly 2) Have you placed your north compass correctly. That doesn't mean pointing it to the north, It should be located in the mid-east positon, and point from west to east. e.g. diagram (Any problems try opening a map with markers already created and use them as reference e.g. calavera) Theres a couple of other issues you need to address and I'll post them when I finnish work.
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