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  1. It seems that changing the Weapon Spread in the weapons_ai.data results in no difference. I will check the missions forum, maybe i can find there a solution... About the MOD merging: Well, Primary i combinied brettzies m4 weapons MOD with the Colt 1911 Pistol (MEUSOC) included in the M4 SOPMOD. Its not so difficult as you think. The files are written in XML and can be modified easily with the text editor.Every XML File has a unique Function (AI, UI, Weapons i. e.) you just need a bit Time and logical thinking. I know nothing about programming and modding but get it done. Here are some hints: -Merge the files of both Mods and remove Files you dont want, for example many mods brings ai improvments,player skins or ui modifications with them. Dont overwrite Files. -Check the identical Files and search for Differents or specific Lines and add them to the master file. -Play a bit around, even if you get a crash, GRAW provides good Error Logs with them you can find the problematic files/lines and fix or change them. Greetings MANoWAR
  2. Hi, first post, first question After a long break me and my mate want to start GRAW COOP gaming again. We already merged some nice Mods together for personal use and want to create some hardcore Firefight Maps. But there is one wish left: we want to modify the hostile AI.Precisely we want to reduce the Accuracy of the Enemy AI esspecialy for the RPG/Grenade Launcher Guys. We dont wont make them dumber we just want to decrease their aim accurancy and as option their aim speed and Reaction. Our Objective is to create long and intense Firefights against overhelming enemy Forces without getting blowed up by a single sharpshooted RPG from distance. I familarized me a bit with those AI XML Files in the sb_templates Dir but could not get good Results. I not even felt a difference between TAC_Skill 0.1 and 2.0, i am not even know whether in- or decreasing gives them more/less skill. Changing weapon spread in the weapons_ai file also results in nothing. I know, not the easiest Question for the first Post, but maybe somebody can help us out to solve this Problem, thank you. Greetings MANoWAR
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