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  1. looks fantastic but... no holsterpoints?
  2. probably used an mg3's gun file as a template for those weapons..
  3. yeah I really need to say it again: this mod is awesome. it is the standard upgrade of .308 weapons. there is nothing about this mod that I would change.
  4. RSBs: RSE never made a mac compatible photoshop plugin for RSB files (the irony.. a photoshop plugin that's pc only), so unfortunately it's impossible to open and resave rsb's on macs. which is a shame, because I'd be playing with kit icons, etc. AIFFs: wavs will play properly in mac GR but the sound volume won't scale down with distance. so if you're in hearing range of the weapon being fired it will sound like it's right next to you, unless it's an aiff. also, filenames in effects.xml still have to end in .wav. it makes no sense, I know. There is no technical reason why either of these problems should ever have been issues; blame it on the poor quality mac porting of GR. On the other hand, blame .exe's on windows users' installer fetish. Installers and uninstallers are used to properly configure virtually every software program for windows. true drag and drop is unheard of and I certainly don't know of a major app that doesn't use an installer on windows. windows users simply aren't used to placing files where they need to go by hand, because moving things around like that is a big no no (broken dlls). so that's why we mac users are left out in the cold when modders package their mods in .exe installers rather than something cross platform like .sitx, .sit, .Bzip, .Arc, .hqx, .bin, .btoa, .tar, .uu, .uue, .as, .cpt, .pf, .lha, .lzh, .zip, .dd, .GZip, .z, .taz, .enc, .rar....
  5. hey it's a thankless job keeping up with us stubborn mac gamers, I appreciate any extra effort that goes into our gaming experience. I just think it's really crap on the programmers' part that simple things like supporting all the rsbs or wav files wasn't built in. that's really, really shoddy porting if you ask me.
  6. many of the weapons (almost all the hks, bar, etc) have textures that don't display properly on a mac due to a limitation in the GR port for mac. see below: it's a shame that this issue continues coming up again and again and again.. not to mention the .exe distribution method that requires mac users to have a copy of virtualpc installed just to extract the mod, when a zip or rar would have not only worked on both platforms but been smaller in size. that, however, can be worked around, while the texture issue cannot. all that said, the guns that DID work looked fantastic, as always. earlier versions of 762 didn't have this texture issue..
  7. I hate to bump this incredibly old topic, but I'm having the same problem and making it all lower case (in both the .kil and the actual filenames) doesn't help. only one of my kits (kit #15) seems to revert to the first alphabetical kit.. all of the others work fine. in the selection screen everything hows up like it should but launch the mp mission and it reverts to kit 1. launch a quick mission (non multiplayer) and it works! any ideas?
  8. um, never mind.. just found my missing fields by looking into the DS and IT atr files..
  9. Hi, I setup specific skins for the players in each platoon in a mod I'm making. The trouble is, sometimes certain characters' faces go white when I select maps from island thunder or desert siege, despite working properly in the origmissions. I'm stumped.. all of the necessary rsbs are present for each of my chrs in my mod folder, but somehow it won't work when I select desert siege or island thunder. any ideas?
  10. finally, the modding gods have turned their attentions to hk's vast arsenal! gimme a '53 over an m4 (or 33 over m16) any day. if you're running out of sick looking assault rifles to mod you could try the sig 550 series, but I hope you do as many hk's as you can think of!
  11. the alpha problem only goes one way.. all rsbs that work on macs should work on pcs. I don't know about converting aiff to wav but I imagine there's some windows tool that can.
  12. love the 33.. if only modders did as much HK as they do colt
  13. actually I was thinking of moving into a house.. but first I need someone to give me money, then someone to give me land, then someone to give me tools, and I also need the materials. as soon as I have all that I'll be back here to find someone to put it together for me and hold my hand as I walk through the front door..
  14. the 5.56x45 version is probably a license built FNC, not FAL. kinda like the swedish ak5 and ak4.
  15. 1911's come in all shades.. this one is niice.
  16. the peq-2 exists in versions that have both IR and visible light, but the standard issue one ine the US is IR only.
  17. so cool.. I've always wanted one of those, now at least I'll have on e in GR hehe
  18. dwg is exactly right. it's interesting that the US military is developing essentially a semi-automatic high tech rpg, and is intent on deploying them generously at the squad level. until now doctrine has revolved around using the suppressive fire of a SAW to advance on the enemy and keep their heads down. couple those tactics with a weapon that can kill targets in defillade, plus the increased emphasis on sharpshooters, and you have a pretty potent fire team structure indeed.
  19. exactly right spider.... I just didn't want to go too deep into why it sucks so bad. oh, and carbonlibs can be worked around..
  20. oh great.. sigh. I just looked deeper into the mod and realized a lot of the chr rsb filenames are longer than 32 characters. because of this, GR won't even read them, either leaving surfaces on the model blank or CTD. way to go ubisoft. so, unfortunately to fix it you would have to change anything named British_Infantry_xxx to BI_xxx or something to cut down on the characters, but that also means rebuilding all the .chr files; something I can't do. going into them manually and changing them doesn't seem to work, they have to be built that way from the get go. the only texture with an alpha problem is that sa80 texture. the other problems are all the british_infantry_xxx files that are longer than 32 chars. I wish I could help with that aspect but I can't. still, if you could get me that sa80 texture I could at least test it to make sure it works. otherwise the mod would run on macs, but there would be a lot of unpainted white models in game. when you do fix the filenames I am still up for converting the sounds and packaging it for macs, but I totally understand if you want to put that part off for a while.
  21. you know, it just occurred to me.. textures that aren't saved with the right alpha settings are the only things I can't work around. if you'd take care of that small problem, then I could do the rest (convert wavs to aiffs, package as a gzip) easily; that is if you want to save yourself the trouble and bandwidth. If so I can go ahead and figure out which chr textures aren't working properly as well. on a side note, I've been playing raven shield (yes, on my mac) lately and it's amazing how crappy GR is compared to RvS engine-wise. the unreal engine is so smooth and refined.. finally ubisoft got with it and realized they can't code engines for crap. GR 2 should be just freaking amazing. plus it's nice to actually see the weapons in hand, heh.
  22. hey now, I don't want to infringe on your sovereignty. it's just that it seems so trivial an adjustment to make, no troubleshooting or anything else but a resaving involved. again, there is no "conversion" necessary, unless opening and resaving a single texture qualifies as a "conversion." this is the offending texture (there are some other ones on the chrs that appear as solid white, like parts of the goggles, but I'm really only interested in the weapons, sue me): sa80.texture.rsb but hey, it is your mod and I'm looking forward to playing it once the enfields stop looking like pink static. the real kicker is that the fault lies entirely with ubisoft for such a shoddy port to the mac. there's no reason the mac version shouldn't be able to handle all the rsb's, handle file names longer than 32 characters, or play wavs with the correct volume. as far as releasing it in an .exe, I guess I'll never understand why that's done in the first place. I mean, all the code for an .exe takes up more room than simply compressing it would, but if your modem is up to the task.. shrug. I can get around it, although I'm probably one of the few mac GR players that has virtual pc installed just for this purpose.
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