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  1. Hear me out for one second. Which servers are populated? Run and gun servers or Limited spawn servers? The success on recruiting for a clan lies on keeping a server full. If I put your mod on my server and the limited spawn makes ppl not want to play there.... and Its proven this will happen. Ppl will not play on our server. Hence the mods go. Likewise If the mod limits kit restrictions in a way that ppl dont want to play there. If I dont have the ability to change it. Then the mods going to go. In GRAW1 we had an auto down loader immediate map access. It was so simple and yet still NO ONE downloaded the maps. Its hard enough to get ppl just to get the maps. Let alone make the game play something the majority MAY like. I highly recommend you release a map pack that includes all the awsome maps that you created. Add an XML for server settings as a recommended style of game play. But at least allow the servers to mix it up a bit incase its not working. Your works will have a better chance that way.
  2. I kinda have a dilemna. Im anxious to get these maps out on our server. I'm just waiting for the final product. I have started a site for downloads that are run on the XEmod server called www.xeServerMods.info I would like to get this new bundle uploaded to that site too. but the beta was 140mb I assume when finished it may be closer to 200mb. Im not sure how many ppl will actually access it from here, and im not sure if I will be transferring too much. It really needs to stay as one pack. You need to make sure when someone downloads it they have everything!! I suppose I could take all other mods off the xeservermods.info site and just have this one available. Please dont patch the new one. Please release it as a whole.
  3. You know. I may have gotten off on the wrong foot and I apologize. I know your waiting for castle day and possibly others. It seems this pack is going to be very popular. any chance you could get with the tug team and include the vila map they made. It is quite good. The idea being if there is one map pack out there that the majority of the servers are running. I think you will in a sence force ppl to get the maps. Just an idea.
  4. My apologies!! I suppose making a bunch of trr maps and locking the settings is considered a game mode. My bad. With all due respect he should keep all the settings he released the maps with. I didn't realize they were part of the game mode he was trying to accomplish. It was very clever making a game mode that way. On another note. I will be anxious to download and use a trr map pack if someone makes it available. It would be extremely nice to have trr maps available weather theres 1 death. 5 deaths or infinite deaths. Not knowing where someone wil spawn could really be cause for endless fun. weather its 5minutes, 10 minutes or 20 minutes.
  5. Exactly. Lightspeed went to a lot of effort to create 32 random respawn points that don't get used if the server is set to zero respawns. Like I said, server admins should not be able to dictate certain settings. It'd be like playing RvA but turning off the adats. What's the point? The more I read, the more I'm convinced people don't want tactics or new game modes. They just want more people to kill on more maps. They want to push the other team into a corner and commence a slaughter, without having to think, kinda like the "console kiddies" everyone likes to criticize: "I don't like TRR because someone could spawn behind me and interfere with me nading the spawn." (Sorry Lightspeed for going OT ) LOL. These are funny arguments. " It'd be like playing RvA but turning off the adats. What's the point?" cmon seriously. trr is not a new game mode. Get real. Total Random Respawns has been out for a long time. If you wanted to create your own game mode you should release it as a new game mode pack not a trr pack.. dont you think? "I don't like TRR because someone could spawn behind me and interfere with me nading the spawn." I also have a problem with your sarcasm. PUT ON IMMORTAL TIME if not nading spawns is important to the server and the community that plays on that server. The XE server is NO spawn nading we admin it that way too. matter of fact we have a no gl policy too.
  6. Am I missing something here? Are these maps being created for a ladder? Whats the big deal about settings and How they should be for matches. Laddering is not really taking off anyway. let us control all the settings.
  7. Lightspeed. Nice job on the maps. I really like quite a few of them. training. one of the urban ones. and a few more. Im sorry to be a critic but i have just a few problems. Why did you hard code settings? 1. why have a match time of 10mins and a round time of 20mins? Shouldn't it be the other way around and allow teams to switch sides? My personal preference is to keep round time and match time the same and set even rounds to true. It will automatically play another round. 2.Don't allow players to change kits with a 1 second respawn? Seriously. If i was taken out by a sniper, I would like the opportunity to snipe him back. 3.Am I seeing this right.... 5spawns? the fastest way to empty a server is to force ppl to NOT play. yes I agree it is alot funner having a match type game environment but the general public is just not that dedicated to stick around. If your gonna limit. Limit to 1. and make match time 5minutes. But shouldn't that be left to the server admins anyway? 4. You have it set up to server starts when all players are ready. What if one of my guys is AFK? not to mention what about the general public that just plain old sux. and dont X up. I like the addition of trr on stock maps. I wish you would have kept their original names. trr_crashsite I think we all know how big the map is. I like how you edited the mission maps and changing the spawns is fabulous. great job. There is a-lot of promise on this map pack. Please dont be offended by my comments. Im looking forward to testing your final product. But I wont put maps on the server that I can not control the settings.
  8. Anything would be nice. an automatic spammer to list messages. Or even ive noticed with some of the modded maps the creators are able to mod the joining screen. In GRAW1 the MOtD would show up in the loading screen. We dont have that option any more. Ideally Id prefer to see an auto spammer. Where can I go to beg GRIN?
  9. Beaver. I was told this was the place to go. I am wondering if there is a way to program an "auto-message" in game through the xml? Something that sends messages say every 3minutes or so. Its so time consuming to login and spam messages. We need to send messages like, "XE is recruiting 18+" and "Fill out an application at our website', "www.XtremeEagles.NET" and because the map downloader dont and may never work. "Dont forget to get the maps this server runs", "Download them at www.XtremeEagles.NET",,, "Get them in our Downloads/GRAW2 section" and how about the "would you like to join us on ventrilo?" msg. "join us on ventrilo", "vent10.light-speed.com:8397" If you think my post is long you should try typing it 3 times during game play. Sure does take the fun out. Im sure you understand how important this could be to us. I posted in ubi forums and colin suggested I post here. thanks for any help. XE_Specter
  10. updated my graphics driver havnt crashed since. updated my graphics driver havnt crashed since.
  11. OK, so you guys cant make streets... Does this mean you can NOT make any urban maps at all?
  12. I am getting the same crashes as the previous post. These just started after I installed the 1.03 patch. Everytime it happened I died. then crashed. I also am experiencing a bug that when I throw a grenade. I watch it fly. Then I wait till the thing blows me up. Suicide. Mon Aug 13 22:15:27 2007 Crash in application version: 30553.2792 Unhandled exception - access violation C STACK: graw2 (???) : ??? Render ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Tue Aug 14 14:03:36 2007 Crash in application version: 30553.2792 data\lib\units\types\weapons\bulletweapon.dsf(-1): cant find member: unlink in type <void> SCRIPT STACK: data\lib\script_network\identity.dsf(0) Renderer: threaded Physics : threaded ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Tue Aug 14 20:37:57 2007 Crash in application version: 30553.2792 Unhandled exception - access violation C STACK: graw2 (???) : ??? ??? (???) : ??? SCRIPT STACK: data\lib\units\extensions\inventory.dsf(0) Renderer: threaded Physics : threaded ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Tue Aug 14 21:38:24 2007 Crash in application version: 30553.2792 data\lib\units\types\gear\gear.dsf(-1): cant find member: load in type <Unit> SCRIPT STACK: data\lib\units\extensions\inventory.dsf(0) data\lib\script_network\identity.dsf(0) Renderer: threaded Physics : threaded
  13. Thing is. How do you fill a room then? Direct Ip is nice but but GR is dead. I hope GRAW2 is exciting
  14. If i set up a server this way, then it wont show in ubi correct?
  15. Sorry to bring up an old post but i am now having the same problem. I have tried to research a solution but have not found it. I have set up port forwarding with the appropriate IPS but It did not work. Odd thing though. I go into UBI and launch a game it says my is like no one can join that IP. but when I go to checkmyip.org it says its like 68.?? ppl can join that IP manually but it wont launch through ubi. any ideas
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