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  1. overwrighting your mini map would cause the anticheat to kick you. What you need to do is find someone who can design an overlay program and have just an outline of the minimap appear over your game.
  2. Everytime RvsA gets added to the server it dies down. The biggest reason is ppl dont like to sit and wait for some noob that dont know the objectives to try to take an adat. Is there any map modder out there that can edit the RVSA maps to give the ghosts unlimited spawns. Maybe to even things out a little we could give the ghosts unlimited spawns spawning every 15seconds and The assault team could have immediate respawn. ?? just an idea. The tdm unlimited spawns is so objectiveless. Just looking for more out of my gaming is all.
  3. GR:AW1 I remember going around to all my friends saying "this game is so advanced!" , "you can see what your team sees through a thing called cross coms" Was supposed to be the game of the future. super advanced. man I was so hooked on the concept of this game. Then I find out the truth. It was forced to us incomplete. Didn't even have all the maps. GR:AW2 I remember singing the praises of a medic. Most I knew held on the promises of a medic, but the majority said they wont buy it until they saw A: UBI support and B: If the game took off. Both A and B have failed... oh and wheres the medic? Tom clancy must be rolling about the NON success of this game. I highly recommend GR:AW3 does NOT exist. Matter of fact. The Advanced Warfighter series is dead. I wouldnt mind another game produced by GRINN. They have proven to learn and create playable games. They have gotten much better. The mexico theme has got to go. i downloaded the crysis beta. Im not singing its praises but That game has a much more impressive feel about it than GRAW2. If the battle sequences were less complicated and there were not aliens involved it would be high on my list of next games to get. Why cant game makers create a cross between AA, GR and BF2? For me Advanced warfighters arenot so advanced.... lol they cant even bandage up eachother.
  4. This is why NO ONE gets the mods for the game. Its so annoying. Any mods Xe runs on its server is available at www.xeservermods.info we pre-extract them. Put them in an installer . No brain work involved. PPL still dont get them . urgh.
  5. how do i shut off the tag system. that line of code didnt work.
  6. I would pay for a map pack. because I honestly believe a well designed abundant map pack would grow this community. It would make this game desireable to the ppl that didnt want it. But i have seen in the past comments. The mexico thing is kinda overdone. lets go somewhere else please.
  7. I just thought I would stop by and give out a copy of our match xml settings. Id like to point out some finer details of it too. I will highlight the important parts here then just include the entire xml. 1. I include settings for all game modes. This way if its agreed to play a match in one mode or another you can just pick the map you need cause the server will change modes based on the map. 2. Because I like the ability to pick any game mode for a match you also need to include all the maps for all game modes as you see below. 3. Settings for each game mode is specific to how you would normally match. A. Remember in the past with Old GR we would set servers up based on how many were playing. Just keep it at 32 to acommidate any amount of players. B. I prefer to keep the round time and match time the same. The server will automatically play a second round as a default. Later I will discuss how to prevent the server from launching the next map. C. In each game mode setting you must enter your specifics. I like to copy this xml and name it 10min_1spawn.xml then go through and change all the match lengths and max death values as needed. Then if want copy and paste and name another xml 10min_3spawn.xml. Then again go through and change all the necessary values. This makes setting up a server real easy. just use and rename the xml that you plan on matching with. If you follow me. D. Other game mode settings should also be agreed to and changed. spawn time, siege time, HH time. 4. The Main server settings are a bit more specific and I will go over these line for line. A. <auto_balance_limit value="10"/> In matches we should be able to switch sides easily. When this is limited to 2 you have to keep the teams even within 2 players or it wont let you swtich sides. 10 works for me, you could go higher. B. <auto_screenshot value="true"/> <auto_screenshot_interval value="45"/> <auto_screenshot_size value="2"/> This list of settings turns on auto screenshots. Notice the interval is 45seconds and the size is 2. This is the second to smallest size. If you have not used the auto screenshots yet. ITs awsome!!! it sorts game details and maps by player name and sorts it by date and player name. Great feature!! C. <clan_game value="true"/> Not sure what this does. But heck it is a clan game so I leave it to true. D. <immortality_duration value="10"/> Spawn rape seems to be an issue for some clans. The higher the number the more difficult it is to spawn rape. I think 10 seconds is ample for matches. E. <load_next_map value="false"/> This Is very important. You dont want the server to automatically change maps. In matches you should command the server. Make sure this is false and then you will decide when to change the maps. F. <lock_spawn_time value="300"/> Don't you just hate the lock spawn time. guys afk and the match starts and he cant x up after the first minute. I turn this to 300 which is 5 minutes. you could go higher. G. <name value="=XE= Match"/> Name your server. H. <punish_tk value="false"/> You should turn this off. If Your teammate accidentally blows up half his team you really dont want him kicked. He could be your last hope. I. <reset_kills_per_rounds value="true"/> This setting is awsome. After every round all the kills will be reverted back to zero. Its nice to know who got what when your in a match. J. <start_condition value="2"/> This setting makes sure all players have chosen there kits and are ready to launch. Wont start till everyone is ready. K. <teamkill_kick_limit value="2"/> <vote_kick_starters value="2"/> <vote_map_starters value="2"/> <vote_ratio value="50"/> <vote_time value="20"/> All these settings I'm not sure if there even needed. TK value is already false and votes shouldn't even take place during a match. Admins should always be there. 5. Thats it. Now an admin only has to login. type in maps to see the map numbers. when using the chat line press the page up/page down keys to view the map list. then type in /play_map 4 or whatever the case may be to change the maps. I hope this xml helps all clans to faster more organized matches. thanks for reading. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <game_info password="enterpasswordhere" admin_password="enterpasswordhere" internet_server="true" internet_speed="1536"> <server_settings type="hh"> <match_length value="10"/> <match_points value="35"/> <max_deaths value="1"/> <max_players value="32"/> <round_length value="10"/> <spawn_time value="15"/> </server_settings> <server_settings type="rvsa"> <gamespy_ranked value="false"/> <match_length value="10"/> <max_players value="32"/> </server_settings> <server_settings type="s"> <capture_time value="5"/> <match_length value="10"/> <max_deaths value="3"/> <max_players value="32"/> <round_length value="10"/> <spawn_time value="15"/> </server_settings> <server_settings type="tdm"> <gamespy_ranked value="false"/> <match_length value="10"/> <max_deaths value="1"/> <max_players value="32"/> <round_length value="10"/> <spawn_time value="15"/> </server_settings> <gametype_settings> <auto_balance_limit value="10"/> <auto_screenshot value="true"/> <auto_screenshot_interval value="45"/> <auto_screenshot_size value="2"/> <clan_game value="true"/> <immortality_duration value="10"/> <load_next_map value="false"/> <lock_spawn_time value="300"/> <name value="=XE= Match"/> <punish_tk value="false"/> <reset_kills_per_rounds value="true"/> <start_condition value="2"/> <teamkill_kick_limit value="2"/> <vote_kick_starters value="2"/> <vote_map_starters value="2"/> <vote_ratio value="50"/> <vote_time value="20"/> </gametype_settings> <match_info level="tdm_arroyo" order="1"> </match_info> <match_info level="tdm_calavera" order="2"> </match_info> <match_info level="tdm_crashsite" order="3"> </match_info> <match_info level="tdm_fort" order="4"> </match_info> <match_info level="tdm_lagoon" order="5"> </match_info> <match_info level="tdm_nowhere" order="6"> </match_info> <match_info level="tdm_the_cut" order="7"> </match_info> <match_info level="tdm_timber" order="8"> </match_info> <match_info level="rvsa_calavera" order="9"> </match_info> <match_info level="rvsa_crashsite" order="10"> </match_info> <match_info level="rvsa_lagoon" order="11"> </match_info> <match_info level="rvsa_the_cut" order="12"> </match_info> <match_info level="rvsa_timber" order="13"> </match_info> <match_info level="hh_calavera" order="14"> </match_info> <match_info level="hh_crashsite" order="15"> </match_info> <match_info level="hh_fort" order="16"> </match_info> <match_info level="hh_lagoon" order="17"> </match_info> <match_info level="hh_the_cut" order="18"> </match_info> <match_info level="hh_timber" order="19"> </match_info> <match_info level="s_crashsite" order="20"> </match_info> <match_info level="s_fort" order="21"> </match_info> <match_info level="s_lagoon" order="22"> </match_info> <match_info level="s_the_cut" order="23"> </match_info> <match_info level="s_timber" order="24"> </match_info> </game_info>
  8. A downloader is nice. But in my experiences with GRAW1. Servers still failed with mods. Perhaps because It made you restart your game. But what about the server full bug? we would be running max players then a modded maps would load. For some crazy reason the server still shows as full. and YES. I did update the server list. we have had ppl shut their game off. download the mod. Instal the mod. Re-launch and it says they cant get in. Server full. when in all actuality there is only like 5 of us in the server. If this don't get fixed... downloader or not. random mods thrown into the cycle will fail. Ever notice you join a mod server and its showing like 4-5 ppl in it. You get in and everyone is gone. They were there. But It takes too long for the server to recognize they are no longer there. I call it the server full bug for mods.
  9. fletch alot of the mission maps have already been converted. The problem is. NO ONE downloads them to play them. Patches create a frenzy.. everyone wants it. Mods. NOt so much.
  10. The game is great. I see no need to start a new engine. But Previous comments are right. only about 200 ppl playing at one time? Thats not enough. I would say about 100 of them ppl are already in clans. How do you recruit for a clan when theres only about 100 ppl playing? Not to mention how do you get the ppl in my clan convinced that GRAW2 is better than BF2142? How many ppl are playing BF2142 at one time? Im not knocking the game, I love GRAW2 but the numbers dont lie. GRAW2 is NOT popular. I was at wal-mart yesterday and GRAW2 was still 50bucks. BF2142 is now at 30. BF2142 had the numbers and the following to start and at that price any gamer would take a chance on BF2142 over GRAW2. Dont say your gonna lock this post. HELP with the sell. We need to sell this game to everyone. What makes it better than something else? I guarantee 10 more maps would. What do you say GRIN?
  11. GRAW3? NOT for me. Not unless ubi lets us trade in graw2 and 1. That game would have to prove itself before I bought it.
  12. Lightspeed. Can we get them urban maps in regular tdm modes?
  13. Hi guys. I am no means a modder. I got the map maker working and learned a couple things and said. man this is difficult.. I really know all the hard work you guys put in to making maps and thought as a consumer to the maps you might appreciate an outside opinion. In general in my opinion .... 1.night maps, fog have a nice wow effect but really are not all that playable. If new maps were to be created I would like to see them in day first then if they took off from there an additional bundle could be released for other environments. 2.Destruction. Again it looks cool sometimes. but Its overdone alot of the times. Im not picking on anyones map but take for instance a train station. I would like to see a train on the tracks with no damage to the line. Instead we see storage containers knocked over bent rails HUGE crators in the ground. If I may refer to [GR] Train depot map. 3. I like to see things that makes sense. for instance reverting back ot the train map. You see all the twisted tracks gong into a crator .. and there is a car on fire in the crator .. but oddly there is tire stacks that look like theve been there for years going arround and through the crator. Anyway. i hope this helps everyone. I also have some map requests. How about a simple suburban neighborhood in USA not mexico. How about a center of town in america. with perhaps a bank and convienence stores and a town hall. just a couple thoughts.
  14. Light speed. Can I have permission to un bundle your pack and add maps to the XE server on a map per map basis?
  15. Id like to make an additional huge reccomendation. Can you split this bundle up. Say make bundles callled. trr_StockMP_ maps then one that says trr_StockSP_maps then one that says trr_LightspeedCustoms_MP1 Or separate them by size. We dont have any space left on the hard drive of our mod server. not much room for a file this big.
  16. Sorry If I come off the wrong way. I think we all want the same thing here. Im sure you would agree you want something easy to use that has alot of maps in trr mode. I was taken back by the crash. Now Im a bit taken back because we can tag the enemy? How do I change this?
  17. Man o Man. guys why would you do this? you worked so hard. I want the ignorant ppl from the public that have never joined our vent or posted in our forums or that even know about GR.net to be able to download this and use it with NO problems. I got the HUGE bundle and put it where it was supposed to go and got an immediate error. Only because I read forums I know about the castle day bug that crashed my server launch. Now if I was a complete nOOB. Like most of the unexpecting public I would be ###### .. re-install my game and never get your pack again. You should really fix this. Were not going to install them. ppl should be able to add different versions of maps and not have to considder their game launching or not. cant you name it catle_dayV2 or some thing like that.
  18. awsome!!! thats all I can say to describe it!! AWSOME!!! were running castle day 24/7 for a while on the xe mod server. We also added tdm_castle_day to the XE main server. thanks again biro. Im looking forward to more great works from you.
  19. <lock_spawn_time value="60"/> is the default value in the xml for spawn lock. Annoying but I dont think this is what he was trying to get accross. In your locked settings you have <start_condition value="2"/> I think thats right. Starts when all players are ready. So in other words. Anyone joining while game is in progress have to wait it out. Till next round starts. An immediate mod killer. guys I think im going to have to back out of this mod. Release it as maps NO locked settings. The public is right. Sooner or later the modded maps will be released one by one anyway.
  20. i dont understand why you having troubles. Just put the bundle in your custom levels folder.. then I would highly reccomend this. With the bundle in your custom levels folder ON YOUR OWN PC create a server NOT AS A DEDI. Actually launch your game join multiplayer then click create server. Add all your own personal settings Chose the maps you want. then click create. once the game has launched exit game and go to the C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2\Settings and find a file called game_info.xml If I am correct this is the settings you just created. You can easily tell by looking at the maps. If the new maps are listed in the cycle then you have the right xml. Now transfer that file over to your dedicated box. and put it in your C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2\Settings or wherever the game reverts to the settings folder. whatever your path may be. Then you MUST rename this file dedicated_game_info Dont forget to back up any other settings you plan on keeping. Then launch your dedicated server and your in like flynn. good luck If you have any more problems get in touch with me XE_Specter@hotmail.com
  21. Lets get as many servers out there to agree to run nothing but this mod all weekend. What do you think? Only if we can get the mod early so we can upload it to our servers...
  22. I dont know enough about map coding and kit restrictions for xml's. I am just offering my humble opinion to give the servers as much control as possible. New maps are a hard sell. It gets even harder to sell when your adding restrictions. I think I would like to suggest an only mod weekend. Lets get as many servers out there to agree to run nothing but this mod all weekend long. What do you think? Lets get as many servers out there to agree to run nothing but this mod all weekend. What do you think?
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