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  1. Thanks for posting the videos! (I'm the one being interviewed above) We definitely want to steer the game in the more tactical direction, so if the initial 'Occupy' (read: Domination) mode of the previous video turned you off... you must try the new Firefight mode. You start with one life, and only way to respawn is when your team secures an objective. Win by securing all three objectives or eliminating the enemy team. It's intense. I'm a huge fan of the original GR and especially R6: Rogue Spear... and Insurgency has become how I wanted those games to evolve. Hope you guys give it a chance and stick to it!
  2. I hope you don't mind this epic bump, and a little self-promotion, but it's for a good reason... I started this thread nearly a decade ago during the earliest stages of a mod project that today, is a game you can play on Steam. Insurgency is nearly a decade in the making. I hope you check it out because, as mentioned in a recent Polygon interview: This game is how I hoped the original Ghost Recon would have evolved - instead of the direction it took with GR2 and GRAW and GR:FS. If you're a fan of the old school Clancy games, definitely have a look at Insurgency. Here's a video that SideStrafe created, interviewing me as he plays:
  3. We'll be releasing some media soon... Keep your eye on www.insmod.net
  4. Screenshots released @ http://www.insmod.net
  5. Thanks Also, I was interviewed by Amped DX about Insurgency which has some pretty good questions/answers that goes quite in depth. Read it here.
  6. Nope, not the same as your Argyll I'm a Canadian Argyll and he used to be the genuine Anyways, new website launch and media! http://www.insmod.net
  7. I didn't do anything about its leadership. The leader is just... quite a character. I actually just moved to Saskatoon, but from Hamilton Cheers about INS We'll be launching our new website sometime this week.
  8. Heh... if you only knew what I did about the mod (and it's "leadership"). They seem to have quite a few problems and I would be quite surprised if they can pull it off.
  9. And that's coming from the man with GR2 in his sig If you're looking for something more 'tactical' HL2 is worth it for its mods (check out the one in my sig ). Strangely, that was the opposite for me! I thought CoD would not be the kind of 'run and gun' game... but when I got into it, I realized I was playing a bad old war movie (don't flame me!). But, Half-Life 2 is great and as I mentioned, if you aren't interested in the singleplayer aspect, the amount of mods that there are for it... you'll find something that you want that will require it.
  10. I'm the Project Director over there (Argyll, but couldn't use that name here!). I'm a GR fan, so hopefully you'll enjoy INS if you like GR!
  11. Check out this one: http://www.insurgencymod.net Probably what you're looking for
  12. New stuff More @ http://opcoin.hl2files.com
  13. Latest render of the USMC Player Model. Major: This mod has been around a lot longer than that Navy Seals mod and it is different in many ways. If you are implying that we have copied that concept, it would be the other way around if at all.
  14. Hasn't been released to the General public yet
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