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  1. well, the mi17 doesnt have a destroyed model as well. but i used that 1 allready with no problems. also i seen the ch47 used on a map in the past, defend teh alamo if i remember right. and it wasnt destroyed at the crash. the ch47 is a vehicle, not a composition. like i wrote above in the edit. in the moment its working. seems like the teamslot set on friendly was crashing it. now its on neutral.
  2. hm, i dont have any 50´s or nadeluchers on the map. what i m thinking now is that the gunner from the mi28 coused the crash. when i seen it right he was just starting to shot on the ch47. gonna do some testing on it now, and post the results here. edit: after some testing it seems like it was the teamslot. i had it on friendly, now on neutral its working.
  3. Sat Nov 22 18:04:16 2008 Crash in application version: grpcrc1.35 data\lib\units\ai\soldier\sgunlogics.dsf(-1): cant find member: world_pos in type <void> SCRIPT STACK data\lib\units\ai\soldier\sgunlogics.dsf(0) data\lib\units\ai\soldier\sgunlogics.dsf(0) data\lib\units\ai\soldier\sgunlogics.dsf(0) data\lib\managers\aihivebrain.dsf(0) data\lib\managers\aihivebrain.dsf(0) data\lib\managers\aihivebrain.dsf(0) data\lib\managers\aihivebrain.dsf(0) data\lib\managers\aihivebrain.dsf(0) data\lib\setups\setup.dsf(0) data\levels\custom_levels\surrounded\surrounded.dsf(38) any 1 knows whats up with this crash? it came up on a point were a mi28 was guarding the area, and a ch47 was flying in.
  4. nice layer as we played it with 2 players there wasnt much ai. must be adaptive map dufficulty, i guess. have to try that 1 out with more players. hope to see the ai running up and down the stairs then. and i found a little glitch at the last stairs going to zulu. you used there 2 x 10 m stairs from the historic sidewalk, but a 20m slope. with that you have a open space on that stairs. not sure if you wanted it like that.
  5. if you like everything but running to zulu, check out this http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=51114
  6. no not really, when you know were everything sits in the script its easy to overwatch it. and the stuff for the respawning runners, was all scripted with templates so no way of getting a failure in that parts i m trying arround with a defending map in the moment, that might have a bigger script when its done.
  7. hehe, its 3800 possible kills. you can finish the map with a lot less kills. all depending on how good the players work together to disable ai respawning. during all tests i never came over 2000. i m quite sure no 1 ever goes for max kills on that map.
  8. hi there its been a while since i made a map, but finaly i had the time and motivation to make a new one. so here comes arsenic trihydride, it has 3800 possible kills on it and 14700 lines in the script. ai is respawning until you move close enough to them, or kill all spawners. kinda like tiranea aldea. i markt the areas were you stop the spawning, you just need to see them. there are some objectives to be done, such as killing twice a carlos to get doorcodes to open hangars. destroying jammers or finding and placeing c4. to open doors stand close to electrik next to it. to pick up c4 locate the box labeld with c4 and stand close to it. there is 1 box with c4 in each hangar, all together 4. the c4 in hangar 1 and 4 are a must for the mission 2 and 3 are eye candy. should be play played by at least 3 pleayers, there are constantly between 20 and 40 enemys running arround. difficulty is riseing up during by going from guerillas over infantry to spec ops. teamplay and timeing are really importend on this map. the map crashes at the start of the 2nd round. have fun with this. Download
  9. after over a year that this is out, i found out that phase 2 and 3 crash on a dedicated server. so here´s a little update to make those maps playable on the dedicated server. just script changes, the maps stays the same. phase 2 phase 3
  10. i think what you trying is not possible. you could take out the spansky with this line <element type="SetSlot" name_id="spansky" slot="0" start_time="9"/> but you cant bring it back into the game, as far as i know.
  11. the editor can handle more then 1 layer set at a time, even stuff what isnt in the layers just edit the description.xml in the work folder befor you start the editor. look for this line <set value="industrial"/> (depending on what layer you use) and change it to this <set value=""/> that will enable all statics at once.
  12. hi your crash comes from a corupted map, delet that 0 kb bundle and your game should work again. the map itself is ok, you can find it here on the site in the dl section, or you follow the filefront link in my sig.
  13. i got black spots on medium render as well, mission4 sky and cube. but i know its becouse of mixing layers and overlaying some walls. i got most of that spots fixed with lights, what fits in the theme with the mis4 sky anyway. and i kind of like those black spots here and there if they are not in the middle of the street or something. what surprised me were the historic 2lane 10m street peaces. those were really messed up on a low render, but on a medium its all good.
  14. i usually try to export with 3 pass medium. and depending on the map day or night. the night option will turn all the lights on. like i wrote above, sometime u can fix those dark black spots with lights
  15. hi there the strange checkered stuff sounds like a texturescope problem. is the strange couler blue and yellow or black and white? if so its the texturescope.xml what is created during the export. i cant tell you what exactly u need to add without seeing the map. if u want we can meet up on ts and walk throu that. if so pm me a ts ip, or i can give u 1 were i m usually at , and a time to meet up. the black spots are normaly happening when u mix up different layers or overlay textures. sometimes u can fix that with lights.
  16. data\levels\custom_levels\mylevel thats the path, there should be a texture_scope.xml in there you will find a line like this <xi:include href="/data/settings/set_texture_scope.xml#xpointer(/include/mission05/*)"/> that will include the mission landscape, so no more black and white or blue and yello. if you still cant find it, pm me your ts ip, and i´ll will walk you throu
  17. just look in the texturescope.xml from the map you play. you will see the line u need.
  18. i m still sure it doesnt have anything to do with the size. the juarez map seems bigger than yours, and has more ai on it. (over 1100) plus a ###### lot of vehicles. if its cracking up when u have the random groups spawn, is it on every group or just a single 1? maybe the ai is interfering the ai graph or blocking it for a sec that a vehicle cant connect to it. who knows
  19. i put a lot of hours in that map. dont know how much, but deffenitly more than 200. am on world 175 now. (damn how bored must i have been ) statics and probs should be done, unless i find corners that i dont like. started the ai graph 2 days ago, but the editor is going a bit nuts at me, so i need to cut stuff out and bring it in later. the map is the biggest i ever made, and was planed as a campain with at least 4 missions. maybe it could fit more. i really dont know if i finish it or not, but the layer is deffenitly worth it! we´ll see in the future. btt: how are u useing the random trigger on it? let the panhard spawn, and the trigger random for the waypoint? or spawn and the waypoint in 1 event?
  20. lmao! 2 weeks is nothing m8, i m working on my 1 at least 2 month and now i might dump it, am just not in the mapmacking mood anymore.
  21. should work, i did random event spawns with panhards and tanks on ciudad juarez. worked all good.4 tanks and 24 panhards is the driver still in the car? or is he leaving the car as soon as it spawns? i had that happen in on juarez, there it was becouse of the vehicle graph. make sure u have a knotpoint right were the panhard spawns. that fixed my problem. maybe yours is the same type.
  22. ai graph is ai graph, i think u will need to render it new.
  23. dont be 2 ###### about it. i think not many people acctualy look in the vehicle modding forum. u should have opend the threat in the mapmodder forumpart. i think it fits in there better anyway but good u got it working by yourself
  24. u do that for singleplayer or multiplayer? if multi, wont it conflict when some1 joins your server? heres the selection i have in the moment m99, beretta, mrc, glock, m8, m8_compact, mp5sd, predator, saw, scar_heavy, scar_light, ak74, svd, meusoc, m4,m4v2, m16v1, bp_mk12v1, mk23v1,m468v1, desert_eagle357, desert_eagle44, desert_eagle50 it might grow a bit next days but i would give all the guns away to have a medic
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