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  1. @roofs the way up is really close to the start. when ya spawn move to the left and walk into the 1st small ally, mind the sniper up high. in there you will find a staircase going up to the roofs. i connected about 1 km of roofs together for a way to zulu. there is another staircase in the middle infront of the palacio. but the way has some bloks, what will be removed by a trigger on the road. if ya are in a blow up mood pump a nade on the snipers positions, but better do it when hes down, otherwise you can get in deep ######. @void i really didnt care bout that in this map. its quite obvious that you shouldnt walk there. @rendering what i did after i builded the map completly and backed up my world.xml was, 1. cleaned everything out of the world.xml except statics 2. renderd that 3 pass medium 3. moved the lightmaps in a temp folder 4. copyed the world.xml backup in the work folder 5. cleaned everything out of the world.xml except probs (only probs that dont fall down were used at this point) 6. rendered that 3 pass high 7. copyed the lightmaps from the static render in the lightmap folder - and combined the 2 lightmap_positions.xml´s together. (they dont need to be in an order, just add it on the end.) 8. copyed the world.xml backup in the work folder 9. exported the map without any rendering thats how i did it. but there are parts on the map were the lightmaps dont look right according to the environment. like the stonebenches. most of em are in dark corners but they look shiney, and things like that. maybe it works better to do a 3 pass medium only with statics, and then a 3 pass low with everything for the probs.
  2. if ya take the way over the roofs the snipers are pretty easy. but to play it on respawn 1st to learn the map could be a good way. and for the void, well that map is too damn big. i had to render it in 2 stebs. so i didnt place anything that doesnt need to be there, to save me some time on the rendering. toke me a bit over 5h for a 3 pass medium on the statics, and almost 1 h for a 3 pass high on the probs. you can jump in the void at zulu as well if ya like i thought players would know not to step in the black didnt i wrote "mind your step" on the loading screen
  3. to make a new prop would be the best solution. you just need to find a 3dmax artist. could be nice to have it as a prob with build in animation. what can be triggerd with a command line, like unit sequence. a vehicle isnt a good solution, couse its gonna fall down when you place it underneath the map. if i have time i gonna try that element next days.
  4. hohoho boys and girls, i finished another mass murder map some days ago, but was holding it for xmas. so here comes back on the road feat. roof trippin vs. underground blues there are some gimmis on the map, but i wont tell anything now. dont want to spoil your fun of exploring it. i created 5 different versions of the map. the number on the end is round about the ai you can kill on the map. the 200 version might be doable on 1 life only servers. but that would need a really good team! there is 1 known bug what i didnt get ride of, but i kinda like it now. underneath the palacio is a small tunnel system. dont use a nadeluncher down there, its gonna crash your game!!! if you are hosting the server will go down. if you are a client just you gonna drop to desktop. normal nades work fine in the tunnels. so just 1 thing left to say. merry unholy x-mas for ya all heres the link for all 5 versions in 1 pack. enjoy your holidays Download
  5. hi there, never seen a teleport command in graw 1. so i cant help ya out on that 1. post the element in here, so we can try. but also thought about to set up landmines before. the way i wanted to do it is with a cistern underneath the ground, just have a peace of it sticking out. a trigger area arround that spot, what triggers a mortar hit. cistern blows up player dies. maybe that will work for you. if not, well its xmas and i shared.
  6. hey Mahone, are you still arround here? is it possible to do some tool like that for the ai graph? that it maybe sets nods in a grid, each 100?
  7. i like the idee with the medic, would be nice to have players/ai acting real when they are wounded, until a medic fixes them up. i hope this time 1 will be in the game for sure have doors and gates that are interaktive. that gives a lot possibilitys for the game. also the possibility to climb and jump would be nice. maybe a grabbling hook to go up buildings. i would like to see a higher viewrange or even better a option for mapmakers to control it. but the most importend, a destructable engine, so instead of walking in the front door, blow away the back wall my 2 cents
  8. i heard of some people running vista and haveing problems during online playing. like crashing during a mapchange or screen goes complet black on some spots. graw can run without registry entries, at least with xp. i use a copy of my instalation folder for mapmakeing. it could be a workarround for some bugs, if that works with vista. if you wanna try it out, just copy your graw folder somewere else, and copy all the files that are placed in that strange location in there as well.
  9. np papa, good that you got it working. have fun with the game again
  10. np, those maps were worth the couple of mins script work. better thank ratte and biber for makeing em again
  11. so you also have those files at that strange filepath? sure
  12. hm, wondering why i cant edit my posts in this topic? well anyway the links above for the dedicated server updates changed. you can find those maps here now http://hosted.filefront.com/AmEyeBlind/2332569
  13. hi again, i did a couple of small script updates for the following maps: BulldogOGR - made by Ratte and Biber. permission was granted! DesertCastle - made by Ratte and Biber. permission was granted! Wuestenfuchs - that map is a reworked version from my desert base phase 1 made by Ratte and Biber. permission was granted! i did this becouse those maps were useing script commands that will crash on a dedicated server. if you are playing on a lacal hosted server stay with the original!!! just the groups that run a dedicated server may wanna try these out. i think they are really great maps, exspecialy the DesertCastle. i renamed them of course, that the originals stay untouched! you can find em here http://hosted.filefront.com/AmEyeBlind/2332569
  14. hi there, i just finished the next map out of the mass murder campain so here comes Surrounded feat. 2352 possible kills and 16473 script lines i reworked the mission 4 - strongpoint landscape. just changed some buildings and probs on it. but its a different type of mission you gonna play here. you will be spawning in 6 diferent locations on the map, and are there to defend not to attack! while you are defending the canyon, you will need to escort general martin from the mapcenter to a helipad, so he can extract from the attack. the general can respawn 50 times, so you should have enough trys to make it. when the last general gets shot the map will end. you can consider that as mission faild! when you escort the general to that helipad, he will be flying out with a blackhawk. then a blackhawk will come in and land on the helipad to pick up the ghosts. ALL players need to be arround that blackhawk that the map will end. the hawk will stay ~1,5mins on the helipad then leaves and comes back in ~2 mins. that will happen 20 times. the map will end when all players are arround the hawk on the helipad. thats mission accomplished. if you miss the last blackhawk the mission will end as well, but as mission failed. the map will increase the difficulty with every player! once its increased it wont lower! have fun with it, bug reports and comments are very welcome.
  15. a shame to hear your done with it. if you are still up for a try, we can meet on ts and maybe get it sorted out. i just remember something from another graw player with vista. what happend to him was that vista put some files in a difernt place. not quite sure now what the filepath was. something in documents and settings\user\.......\.......\...... so way back in the system. maybe the same ###### is happening to you. that guy isnt on teamspeak in the moment, but as soons as i see him i gonna ask him for that file path edit: lol what a timeing, he just came on. so here is the file path: C:\Users\"name of your vista profile"\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Ubisoft\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter he has his profile stuff sitting in there. maybe its the same for you. both of you are useing vista.
  16. hm, sorry to hear you have that much of problems to play this great game. the last crashlog you posted says you are on the 1.02 version. maybe the patch 1.35 helps. do you have any thing in the settings folder at all? like the defaults.xml? that xml is pointing the directory for the profile.
  17. hi there, couldnt find the option here to attach the xml´s, so i uploaded it to filefront. http://files.filefront.com/Settingszip/;12...;/fileinfo.html i hope this will help ya out.
  18. ok a small update info for that bloody ch47 helo. after that thing was working all good on my local lan sever, it complety messed up on a dedicated server. well what means messed up, it never showed up, but it was there. that thing is freakin inviseble on a dedicated server. so no good to use at all. just to let you guys know.
  19. hm, 1st time i see that wiki. but its for graw 2, dont know if this should be in there. never dealed with graw 2, dont know if this script would work for it. if you wanna put it up there, go ahead i dont mind.
  20. with lagfree i mean that the fps dont drop under 50. and that does exist sure you gonna feel a lag once here and there when ai spawns, but thats most of the times no bigi. i know the difference between the lag what ai does, and the slowmotion from the physx.
  21. how does it work in the online coop? when you hear the tango talking in there, maybe it could be modable for [GR] coop.
  22. its not really the same type of script you use fish. this script is for 1 squad, thats 4 bots. no need to set it on 75% there. if your ai isnt moveing, they have a bad spawnpoint(not enough space), a bad ai graph or the orders arent good. mass ai spawns on a small space can also make problems. thats the reason why mappers make testruns, just to find bugs like that, and correct them. as well i dont need to watch out that a spawn will happen in your face. i can have whatever trigger to stop the spawn. on this point you will see its nothing like your script. in arsenic it were areas where you walk in before you can see the ai spawning. no dont plan ahead. just test if the ai works good, if not overwork em or the ai graph! if they still dont work good then, use a different position to spawn them in and try again. i had 2 squads like that on the arsenic, but they were easy fixed by changeing the ai graph and the spawnpoint.
  23. i think that was just what happend to me the last times. maybe dont even do em then. couse if they lag like the holy crap version, its not worth playing it anyway. but i understand your point why you dont care about these respawn versions. ok, gonna try that scumbags_whatever then, see if that will play lagfree with some yahoos running arround.
  24. hi folks, there were allready some people asking me for help, to let ai respawn like in arsenic thrihydride. so heres a small tutorial how to do that. it is a bit different to the system i used in the arsenic, but i think this 1 is better. i m useing that on my new map. you place 1 squad in the editor and name it "run1w1" the "w" stands for wave. and just double it up in the world.xml file. for this example we have 1 squad spawning 10 times, so "run1w1" to "run1w10" 1st you need triggers. like you see below, killing a squad will trigger allways the same event. i do that to have controll over the respawn time. <user name="run1w1_killed" type="continuous"> <trigger type="EnemyGroup" name="run1w1"> <enemy group_id="run1w1" condition="all"/> </trigger> <event name="time_run1"/> </user> <user name="run1w2_killed" type="continuous"> <trigger type="EnemyGroup" name="run1w2"> <enemy group_id="run1w2" condition="all"/> </trigger> <event name="time_run1"/> </user> <user name="run1w3_killed" type="continuous"> <trigger type="EnemyGroup" name="run1w3"> <enemy group_id="run1w3" condition="all"/> </trigger> <event name="time_run1"/> </user> <user name="run1w4_killed" type="continuous"> <trigger type="EnemyGroup" name="run1w4"> <enemy group_id="run1w4" condition="all"/> </trigger> <event name="time_run1"/> </user> <user name="run1w5_killed" type="continuous"> <trigger type="EnemyGroup" name="run1w5"> <enemy group_id="run1w5" condition="all"/> </trigger> <event name="time_run1"/> </user> <user name="run1w6_killed" type="continuous"> <trigger type="EnemyGroup" name="run1w6"> <enemy group_id="run1w6" condition="all"/> </trigger> <event name="time_run1"/> </user> <user name="run1w7_killed" type="continuous"> <trigger type="EnemyGroup" name="run1w7"> <enemy group_id="run1w7" condition="all"/> </trigger> <event name="time_run1"/> </user> <user name="run1w8_killed" type="continuous"> <trigger type="EnemyGroup" name="run1w8"> <enemy group_id="run1w8" condition="all"/> </trigger> <event name="time_run1"/> </user> <user name="run1w9_killed" type="continuous"> <trigger type="EnemyGroup" name="run1w9"> <enemy group_id="run1w9" condition="all"/> </trigger> <event name="time_run1"/> </user> <user name="run1w10_killed" type="continuous"> <trigger type="EnemyGroup" name="run1w10"> <enemy group_id="run1w10" condition="all"/> </trigger> <event name="time_run1"/> </user> 2nd. are the events <!-- set the var id allways in the start game event, in case you play the map a 2nd round. --> <event name="start_game"> <element type="TriggerEvent" event="set_var" start_time="2"/> </event> <!-- creating a var id for the ai respawners --> <event name="set_var"> <element type="UseVar" id="run1" set="1"/> </event> <!-- respawntime that the ai will have --> on my new map the respawntime is changeing to the amount of players on the map. i wont explain that now, couse its a different story, and doesnt matter in the moment. you can also do a "triggerrandomevent" and make a variating spawntime. <event name="time_run1"> <element type="TriggerEvent" event="select_run1" start_time="10"/> </event> <!-- wave to be spawned, works by var id, 11 would be off --> all 10 waves are spawned from this event. just 1 at the time according to the var id <event name="select_run1"> <element type="ActivateEventIfVar" id="run1" equals="1" event="spawn_run1w1"/> <element type="ActivateEventIfVar" id="run1" equals="2" event="spawn_run1w2"/> <element type="ActivateEventIfVar" id="run1" equals="3" event="spawn_run1w3"/> <element type="ActivateEventIfVar" id="run1" equals="4" event="spawn_run1w4"/> <element type="ActivateEventIfVar" id="run1" equals="5" event="spawn_run1w5"/> <element type="ActivateEventIfVar" id="run1" equals="6" event="spawn_run1w6"/> <element type="ActivateEventIfVar" id="run1" equals="7" event="spawn_run1w7"/> <element type="ActivateEventIfVar" id="run1" equals="8" event="spawn_run1w8"/> <element type="ActivateEventIfVar" id="run1" equals="9" event="spawn_run1w9"/> <element type="ActivateEventIfVar" id="run1" equals="10" event="spawn_run1w10"/> </event> <!-- spawning of ai, and adding 1 to the var id that the script knows this group was spawned --> <event name="spawn_run1w1"> <element type="UseVar" id="run1" add="1" start_time="1"/> <element type="ActivateGroup" group_id="run1w1" start_time="2"/> </event> <event name="spawn_run1w2"> <element type="UseVar" id="run1" add="1" start_time="1"/> <element type="ActivateGroup" group_id="run1w2" start_time="2"/> </event> <event name="spawn_run1w3"> <element type="UseVar" id="run1" add="1" start_time="1"/> <element type="ActivateGroup" group_id="run1w3" start_time="2"/> </event> <event name="spawn_run1w4"> <element type="UseVar" id="run1" add="1" start_time="1"/> <element type="ActivateGroup" group_id="run1w4" start_time="2"/> </event> <event name="spawn_run1w5"> <element type="UseVar" id="run1" add="1" start_time="1"/> <element type="ActivateGroup" group_id="run1w5" start_time="2"/> </event> <event name="spawn_run1w6"> <element type="UseVar" id="run1" add="1" start_time="1"/> <element type="ActivateGroup" group_id="run1w6" start_time="2"/> </event> <event name="spawn_run1w7"> <element type="UseVar" id="run1" add="1" start_time="1"/> <element type="ActivateGroup" group_id="run1w7" start_time="2"/> </event> <event name="spawn_run1w8"> <element type="UseVar" id="run1" add="1" start_time="1"/> <element type="ActivateGroup" group_id="run1w8" start_time="2"/> </event> <event name="spawn_run1w9"> <element type="UseVar" id="run1" add="1" start_time="1"/> <element type="ActivateGroup" group_id="run1w9" start_time="2"/> </event> <event name="spawn_run1w10"> <element type="UseVar" id="run1" add="1" start_time="1"/> <element type="ActivateGroup" group_id="run1w10" start_time="2"/> </event> and this is basicly it. i got 1 good hint for you guys, if you really wanna do a map like that. script everything ready for 1 runner. and then make yourself a template out of that. then scripting is really easy, couse you can do it with the template, just need to rename the keywords and copy it over in the script. i hope this will explain how it works. if you still have questions just go ahead.
  25. hi there just played the scumbags_holy_crap the 3rd time. and each time it was lagging like hell. dont know if its reladed to the server, or players pulled to many triggers. but every time it starts lagging before you trigger those helos. and when the helos spawn it gets really lagisch. my fps droped to below 20 on that point! how much ai are you spawning in each area?
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