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  1. hi, not sure if the stability and damage make a difference in the u_weapon file, but damage can be adjusted in the weapon_data.xml. just look out that the entrys match in the u_weapon and weapon data files. the bar stats are more or less eye candy for the lobby, but the weight entry does effect ingame. lower the zeus weight and you can carry it together with the sniper. not sure if the others will effect ingame like the weight does. for penetration add this line in the u_weapon file, check the u_barret.xml for example. <var name="weapon_penetration_type" value="1"/> <!-- will penetrate walls --> but assigning this to all weapons will take the only advantage away from the m99. maybe that helps you a bit.
  2. not sure if its possible, but why dont you get online and play some ogr_coop? there are about 300 custom maps for the ogr_coop and you can respawn on leader in that game mode.
  3. go to the sb_templates folder and open the sb_human_data.xml and look for these 2 lines: <var name="move_multiplier" type="number" default="1.5"/> <- this is for the running speed <var name="move_speed" type="number" default="1.0"/> <- and this for the normal walk speed
  4. i tried a bit to get it to work, but couldn't make it, not sure if its possible.
  5. take a look in the actor_manager.xml located in the bundel at "data\lib\managers\xml\" maybe if you have just blank actors in there it will work like you want it.
  6. Hey hey, it's been a while since I released a map, so I thought I do such a big one that 4 missions can take place on it. No seriously, I've been building around on this map for a long while now and am happy to release it. And I have to say thank you to RavenousNC for fixing the hight for me. So far I have finished 3 of the 4 missions. The 4th is still to come, but it may take a while. You will have the same start point, but a different way and ending on each map. More detailed description at the download links. Have fun! DOWNLOADS: OH: Alpha OH: Bravo OH: Charly
  7. an buddy of mine was trying arround to give the zeus ammo, but he never managed to get it working. i guess its not doable. but he had a mod that drops the tanks out of a map when i remember right, i'll ask him bout that when i see him.
  8. Just to let you know, if got a new way to script the respawners. The squadsize is variating from 1 - 4 bots, depending on the multiplayer count. If 1 of you mapmonkeys is interested in it, reply here and i will try to post a tutorial here. But maybe it will be easier to meet on Teamspeak to explain it.
  9. the custom level folder came with a patch. i guess you didnt path yet, so look in the downloads for the patch 1.35. you might need that to play the custom maps anyway.
  10. ähm, the custom_levels folder is for maps, not for mods. mods usually go into the local folder.
  11. np, only toke me a few seconds without trouble.
  12. yes i can, go to "..\local\bp_weapon_pack\sb_templates" in there you will find the "sb_inventory_data.xml" in that file you can edit the ammo load out. i assume that you're talking about the number of clips, and not about the clip size. The clip size would need changes at 2 other files, what i wont describe right now. I hope that helped you out.
  13. try to patch your game to the latest version http://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php...view&id=515
  14. maybe some zulu runners just pulled to many triggers?
  15. I took a quick look in the script and world files, and I can't see anything in there that would make the map not work on a dedicated server. What kind of problem do you have with it? And isn't that map in the VMTR lineup?
  16. I guess most Servers are not useing mods due to anti-cheat. Some Players are lagging when I have anti cheat enabled on my Server. So the anti cheat is off, and people what don't have the mod can crash it. I seen the D.O.W. Server is running with Brettzies 4.0 Mod in the moment, and my Fronturlaub Server is up 24/7 with the GRAW Modcombination -RC1-. I really love the Weaponmods, they make it a complete new Game.
  17. Do you have net.framework installed? Without that the Control Center can't load. The Skinmod shouldn't effect with any Map. All that hussel for just 1 map, would be a big pisser if it doesn't help. What still wonders me is that you didn't change anything and now get this crash. Do you have any tools like GpuZ or Everest? Maybe a Memory block on your Videocard died. But then you would have problems with other maps as well. Just guessing in the blue here, cause I'm running out of suggestions.
  18. maybe update directX as well, other than that, no idea right now.
  19. hi there, thats a strange crash for arsenic, since its 1 of my smaller maps. only thing i can think of in the moment is to lower your graphic settings. maybe update your directX, but when all other stuff works it shouldn't be that. if you are playing with a small group, and have problems to finish it, you can also grab this lite version. its the same map, just less AI respawns. Arsenic Trihydride lite
  20. Hey hey, it took a while but finally its done. So heres the Combination I wanted to do, and it contains: mod: Brettzies Weapon pack 5.0 modder: Brettzies mod: M4 sopmod v1.0 (incl. meusoc) modder: Snowfella mod: Bloodmod v1.0 modder: DiGiTALY -TC- mod: German Uniform modder: Wolff818 mod: Desert Eagle(based on baretta) modder: -VMTR-Crosshair2 & AmEyeBlind mod: MK 48 LWMG (based on SAW), AI, HUD and Gameplay changes, Actors and Compositions modder: AmEyeBlind Permissions to use the mods were granted. Fell free to leave comments and suggestions. DOWNLOAD @Admin and Mods, please leave the Topic were it is. I wrote a link to it in the Readme.
  21. Well, got a reply. But as I expected it they just gave me some links to their help pages, saying I need to configure my Firewall/Router. Well, to make sure its not that I tested with different settings again, I even set my Router in DMZ mode, guess what, still the same. So I send them an email again, lets see what they say now. As soon I have a reply I'll post here again.
  22. Hey hey, I'm haveing some troubles lately with my GRAW. When I want to join a Server it says connecting to Server for 5-8 seconds, that wasn't like that a week ago, it was almost instant. And during the game I see the AI reloading once, after that the animation is just not showing anymore. I testet that out today on 5 Servers and it was the same on all of them! My Gameserver was allready reinstalled today, no difference. Testet a couple of different settings, no difference. Testet on modded and unmodded Servers, all had the same bugs. Some other Players (those that replyed in the chat in game) had the same thing going on. My guess, its a Gamespy thing. I allready contacted the Gamespy support and am waiting on a reply. As soon I get that I post again here. My question now, have some of you guys that bugs happenig as well?
  23. Fishmonmger has all of his maps with random ai, as far as i know. some of mine have it, and a few from crosshair got it. with other mapmackers i dont know. would have to take a look in the scripts, but dont have time for that in the moment.
  24. Random ai that is! Done since a long time allready, so nothing new.
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