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  1. because always being the good guy gets boring. so its nice to be the bad guy for once. but like you say, its just a game, don't interpret to much into it. its a really good coop game, a lot of fun for you and 3 of your friends. i played the the 1st one and now the payday 2 beta and i'm addicted already.
  2. just flew over it and seen 2 mistakes. 1st: compare the quotation marks from start_game and activate_lollers start_game is ok but activate_lollers has wrong quotation marks. 2nd: the --> after the activate_lollers event needs to go. and just by the way, you should name your user, if the script gets bigger it will help to navigate. also you should use some good text editor like notepad++ you would see the 2 mistakes in there strait away.
  3. do i remember right that the mk19 is the nade luncher? if so yes it works. the striker works as well, but beware, i remember some problems with it here and there. on a dedicated server it crashed the map when you tried to enter it. but it drives around and shots the gun (what doesn't do any damage).
  4. hey hey, graw is not even cheap its for free! heres a link to a german computer games site. they offer a graw serial for free, just click on the cover. http://www.gamestar.de/keys/graw/ its no warez, torrent or cracked thingi, its official.
  5. if you have trouble finding the file or what sections you need to edit give me a shout. i can upload it and mark the sections you need to edit. also it has a nice side effect. if you dont have that file or if its slightly different than you will be ignored by the server. (at least when its a dedicated) that is preventing crashes from different mods. darkside to that its also ignoring unmodded players. also that trick could work for graw2 as well, but i'm not sure on that. i dont have graw2 so i cant tell.
  6. Hello folks, I was asked for an update already a while ago, but it toke me some time to get motivated to do it. This time the combination should also work in single player mode. I tested the 1st mission and loaded into the 2nd mission without any problems, so I assume it will work. The mod was tested almost 3 weeks now on a dedicated server, a big big thank you to Team Stealth for hosting it. Since I couldn't reach SAP to ask for a permission to use his AK74 and SVD Sniper mod last time, I just assumed that he would be ok with it and plugged it in this time. Also I used a lot of Uni
  7. yes the map is intense, and not really meant for solo play. the individual ai groups have 10 waves, after that they wont respawn anymore. when i tested it alone it was very though but possible, but ok i know the map. try to make your way on the right side of the street to the corner, beware you will have 1 or 2 ai coming out that ally. once you hit that spot it should be a bit easier. the respawn ai maps that i do are meant for teamplay, so they can be really brutal when you try em solo. if you have at least 1 m8 to cover you it will be a lot easier to reach the marked areas. hope
  8. small but lots of action Hit the Areas that are marked red on the Minimap to deactivate respawning AI. Do not leave activated respawners behind or the map might start lagging. Respawn AI Squadsize and respawn time are based on playercount. DOWNLOAD
  9. hey hey, just a small heads up. i started to work on a rc2. i tested the single player today and was able to finish the 1st mission and load into the 2nd mission. so far no crash. in what mission and on which point there did you crash? would be good to know so i can test if it works now.
  10. hi, i wonder it doesnt crash! well anyway i quoted the script you posted and marked the things i seen in red. 1. the - infront of the trigger, dont know if it does a difference but it shouldn't be there. 2. that space in front of the area name, double check on that. 1 space will make it not work. (hint: never use space use _ instead) 3. major mistake, you didn't close the start_game event. change those and it should work.
  11. hi, when i remember right its not possible to set a vehicle to indestructible. you could set a dynamic to indestructible that i know for sure. but also a fence can work, but be aware that it can only be the wooden fences. there are some more probs what can be taken out during the game, but i dont remember them all. also regarding the name / crash thing. for some probs and statics you have the rule "if you name one you need to name all" what type of fence where you using? a shanty fence? those cant be taken out. i always used palacio doors, wooden fences or dynamics to block shortcut
  12. go to your graw directory and open the context.xml. in there look for this line <script base="data" exec="menu/menu" editor="false" language="english"/> if the game is on an other language it might have changed that line, if so just set it back to english.
  13. look for this <map_cycle value=""/> in the graw_server.xml you just need to add the mapnames there. not sure if they were separated with comma or a space. i dont have my old config files anymore.
  14. when i remember right there is no scripting to set vehicles to indestructible, just probs and dynamics. you can try this line, but i guess it wont work. <element type="SetIndestructable" name_id="enter vehicle name here" start_time="1"/>
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