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  1. Same for us, had this firt time on coop mission 2, skipped it and at the beginning of M3 my buddy crashed again. This seem to happen only to clients, not to hosts. Hate to say, but this mod isnt playable/enjoyable in MP so far...
  2. Great Mod, like it very much. Will try it in Coop tonight. Except bug-killing, what are your thoughts for the future of this project? More weapons/attachments? So far the only thing that bothers me is the size and brightness of the holosight. A bit too red, too bright... too big maybe too? Just my impression. Is there a way to fix that on my own?
  3. "pride comes before a fall" (and mission 3 will come...)
  4. hehe gagei and me will play M3 again tomorrow. it has a high replay value in my opinion...
  5. Found an alternative, problem solved.
  6. "pride comes before a fall" (and mission 3 will come...)
  7. Hey. Im searching for a head-attachment for my new MP Team "Eagle One" (The Navy SEAL Team from Tears of the Sun) If you watched the movie you maybe remeber Doc´s "headband" (or however this is called). So if anyone knows where to get such a attachment, info would be much appreciated! have a nice day and thx to all [GR] modders. without you this place would be dead like shakespeare!
  8. I just try to say that It would be great if this Tourney would go on for...ever? ;o)
  9. Its OK that M3 comes later, its just a bit... frustrating... Actually I think the tournament should be a bit longer... "just" 3 missions seems to be a bit short. I want more... (was this sound lightspeed falling off the chair?) I hope there will be a new Sniper Tournament later... I will miss the thrill.
  10. I can understand that not everyone finds time to play everyday... but a whole week should be enough for anyone to play for a few hours hours... Why signing in for a tourney with a known 1-week schedule if you dont have time to play!? I hope this wont happen in the next tournament...
  11. Gagei and me completed Training and Mission 1 so far and until now its a pretty cool mod. A few annoying things but... GR wasnt so full of tension for a long time! You did and outstanding job! Cant wait for March 22nd.
  12. Just a question. Will there be the standard GR Sniper rifles available or ONLY the Sniper Mod ones? I would really miss my M24...
  13. I don´t worry about anything like that. Many nice ppl in this community. Old School Tac-Simmers... No CS Kiddies... No danger that this great tournament will be ruined.
  14. The L96/G22 looks AWESOME! Never seen a better model for this gun in [GR]. Outstanding work!
  15. I know, I askedthem for permission etc... and they will be noted in the final credits/readme... Release of JO will be later. I will stay another week, maybe even two weeks, so I cant work on the mod for this time...
  16. x 2 Great news... Also, I'm really liking your descriptions of how carefully you've made a small choice of realistic weapons for each character depending on his job, etc. as I do not enjoy having to spend a really long time searching through "300.000 Kits and 900.000.000 different Weapons." (It can take so long to select weapons in such Mods that I can be too tired at the finish of selecting to actually play!) Looking forward to your release... Seen any snipers lately? Hehe, no Snipers so far - but Im not at home so... hey was this a reflection coming from hat hill?!? any
  17. Great news and yes he is right. CENTCOM is a fantastic Mod which changes GR completely. Be not afraid to try editing some stuff for yourself - once you "get behind the scenes" of GR its just great... ;o)
  18. Thx for the Sniper Ingeloop! ;o) *takingcover* EDIT: Ok Im off for a week so work is on ice for that time. but I have the most permissions I need, just waiting for 2-3 others, than the Mod (with a few changes) is good to go public. ;o) Cu soon and thx for the help...
  19. First: Thank you to everyone for your replies! @Tinker
  20. Hello [GR] Community. After Years of enjoying and loving Ghost Recon I made the descision to create a own Mod. But due to the problem that I cant skin, map, or model I was "forced" to create a compilation - no whole new Mod. Actually this Mod was just for me and two Coop friends to enjoy GR the way we like it best. But now the Mod is pretty big and could interest more people, than just me and my friends, so I want to release it. The Mod is nearly finished. Actually the Mod is finished (V1.0) but of course still a Betaversion... I send a few Mails/Permission requests to use all the fa
  21. Oh no... Thats exactly what I dont want to hear... *sigh* Thats too bad, GR could be so much fun MP with working Helicopters... Thank you anyway Tinker!
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