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  1. this is louise geordies desperate partner .i cannot really express how comforting and wonderful it is to see so many people sharing my saddness and distress at losing keith. i am so grateful for these wonderful kind words and expressions pf sympathy. the girls and i have lost our balance in life , but i promised him i would look after them and i will. your thoughts and wishes from all over the globe are going to be a fantastic help to me reminding the girls how extraordinary keith was . thankyou all from the bottom of my heart. louise, naomi, freya and baby niamh his girls.
  2. yo joe----i'll sunderland ya ye get!!!!!---lol we will meet on the field one day-----and i will show u true benwell !!!!!!
  3. i would just like to take this opportunity to say welcome back. you have done a great job Rocky to get this back up and running so quick---the world is a better place with GR.NET in it.----cheers
  4. ello folks, i am sorry to trouble you guys---but my squad are looking at creating a new co-op only league. we are in the process of setting up the data base and everything else---but we need the services of a couple of mission scripters,who could create new missions to be played in the league. any takers?
  5. ello m8, it would be a pleasure to give them a whirl give me a shout and i will get my squad to try them out! geordie@sealz-europe.com
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