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  1. Yeah, you will have to open ports up. Call UBI and someone will walk you through it. It isnt easy, some people end up giving up, I've never had to worry about it though, I go right from my modem to the Playstation, no router.
  2. Im a regular on GR Jungle Storm for the PS2, along with about 30 other people, and we all agree GR2 and GRAW took a wrong turn somewhere. GR was an original game, but those versions are just another SOCOM it seems. I would love for Ubisoft to re-release the original for PS2 with online play, how hard could it be?
  3. You guys should have no problem getting a co-op game started. I play after work most days, and there are always one of two open or in game. Most people on the game play Team though
  4. Rifleman: AK74 GL Demo: SA80 Support: MG3 Sniper: 7.62 mm
  5. I'm pretty sure it's impossible to have one screen horizontal and the other vertical on the same TV
  6. Joe, this is a hard game to start out in, mainly because there are only about 30 players in the world that still play online on the PS2, and we are all very familiar with each other. First, you will need a mic, no one wants mutes on their team. Second, you have to get familiar with people who play (again, you will need a mic). They will say, "Oh he's cool don't kick him" Third, don't be annoying, or scream or play music, they will all get you kicked. If you host, always make sure to put the talk code in during the title screen. (R1 R1 L1 L1 R1 L1) Have fun man, if you see me on, come into my room and say wasup! - WarPigz_LEAD
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