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  1. I signed up. I know im in a clan already, but im willing to leave it for yours. And i might not be able to play tell this weekend. My dads so gay!! he wont let me play the xbox untill he hooks up all the rooms with the internet.
  2. I usually use silenced. Im not that good at anything else, mabe sniper rifles. But it's easy for me to snipe ppl with my rifle.
  3. I think team battles are the best though. But is your ether net cord plugged in?
  4. Are those new maps anygood? Cuz i have enough money to get the points and buy them...but im not going to if they suck. My freinds tell me that the maps arn't comming out for the 360, instead were getting our own maps.
  5. Hey I made a new clan, and it only has me in it...I invited a few ppl that wern't in one and hopefully a few join. Plus i have my freinds joining as soon as they come on again. But the whole point of the clan is to do clan matches. I WANT TO RANK!!! so im looking for good ppl to join my clan, if your good i'll rank you up.
  6. Hey if you want to play with someone good(then dont play me...) but if you want to play with a moderate person then add me. I never really play with freinds cuz most of my freinds dont have GRAW2 I play every day.
  7. fugazze1


    Hey im Cody aka fugazze, i play graw everyday, and im pretty good...some ppl think i kick ######, but they really suck at the game . SO hi anyone want to play me today just send a request or a pm and I'll see what i can do K
  8. they better put them in the marketplace or im gunna spam their forums like crazy! PS3 sux they almost ran out of buisness because of it. And big buisneses like square enix are going to xbox now becuase of it. I think their making a mistake by doing this.
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