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  1. I found another prop, the right one i think, named vis_block. And I´ve created a new object with this definitions: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?> <dynamic_object xmlns:xi="x"> <diesel file="/data/objects/plants/gt_busch01/gt_busch01.diesel" materials="/data/objects/plants/gt_busch01/materials.xml" orientation_object="root_point"/> <!-- Decal Surfaces --> <decal_surfaces> <ds_mesh object="gt_busch01" material="gt_busch01" hidden="false"/> </decal_surfaces> <!-- Collision --> <body name="gt_busch01" editable="true" tag="wood" template="static"> <object name="root_point"/> <object name="gt_busch01" collision_type="no_collision" hidden="false" /> <object name="collision" collision_type="capsule" hidden="true"/> </body> <body name="vis_blocker" template="no_collision" editable="true" add_ray_type="no_vis"> <object name="root_point"/> <object name="vis_block" collision_type="box" hidden="true"/> </body> <graphic_group> <object name="gt_busch01" shadow_caster="false" hidden="false" instance_struct="world_tm_ambient_cube"/> </graphic_group> <lightmap> <object name="gt_busch01" height="32" width="32"/> </lightmap> </dynamic_object> It works, but the problem is, now i cannot shoot through, what defines that?
  2. I'm a passionate coop player and want to play also like in [Ghost Recon]. Less assault, more recon with the possibility to sneak and observe the enemy to plan the tactic. I want to create a set of plants, bushes, trees, grass which are nontransparent to the ai. I think thats the key point. I mean in a game called ghost recon there is no concept of defilade??? I created a new bush, just for testing, some crossing planes etc... it is necessary to define in the materials.xml in which way the texture is shown on the (bush)planes. That means for a good appearance a part of the texture has to be transparent. With this settings... <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?> <materials> <material name="bush" src="diffuse_alpha_masked_instanced"> <diffuse_texture file="kleiner_busch_df"/> <opacity_texture file="kleiner_busch_df"/> <clip_plane value="0 0 -1 85000"/> </material> </materials> .... the bush looks good, but the ai can look through as if there is nothing. Is there a possibility to define that the ai cannot look through plants, maybe with an additional body that enclose the bush with an own material specification and invisible to the player? Thanks for help
  3. No, i used the map from rpghard and in this bundle there is a ai-graph. The AI on this map can move and the ghost team also, if I set them to follow. But the positioning isnt possible.
  4. hm, I guess so. So I want to use the campaign coop gametype. I tested it with castle day and it works, but I cannot give move orders over crosscom to the ai teammates, that means not exactly. On the GRIN maps you see the circles for the exact positioning of the teammates. The grid for it is very close, side by side. On castle_day there are just a few points where the circle is to see. In the mid of the map and some outside of the castle. Is there a extra file for the grid? Or what defines that? The ai-graph?
  5. Hi, I want to create a new coop gametype like the [GR] type in GRAW1. There are 2 main points necessary: 1. a free weapon selection 2. respawn on leader and optionally different squads/ squadleader. Is that possible? Basically all these options are in the campaign coop mode but how can i set this in a *_settings.xml for a new gametype? Or is it possible to mod the campaign coop for 8-12 players?
  6. I think I found some to fix that. We are testing now some values. In the data/units/beings/ folder are two important xml´s. u_multiplayer. In these file you can set the damage points for every group used in the several gametypes, the <unit type="being" name="ghost_domination_player" slot="2"> is the server player. It works but just for the server player. I dont know why just for the host and not for the clients while they have the same files in the mod. Is there something that i have overlooked?
  7. Is it pssobible to change the sky enviroment, that means day time or fog density? like in GRAW2 ? I think it could but i dont know how it works. In mission 11 (Fierce Resistance) the sky change befor you enter the palacio or so. But i dont know how it is realized. There is nothing in the script, I guess. Does anybody know something?
  8. Is it possible in GRAW1 to add a waypoint flexible to a moving car like in GRAW2 [GR] quarry? Or what i have to change that this will work?
  9. Every time I play GRAW2, I loose the delight for it. Especially in [GR] there are too many headshots. Guys with a HK21 (machine gun!!!) hit their targets often with the first shot over hundrets of meters That sucks. I think the same problem exsisted in GRAW1 - patch 1.2 ? Does somebody know what parameters were changed?
  10. Hi, I have more or less create successfully the MG3 and can play it in GRAW1 and suboptimal in GRAW2. There are two variants, one with ironsight and one with an eotech sight. The advantage of this weapon is the high firerate with 1200rpm. very good for covering fire. And the sound is real good (original sound from Ghost Recon) But there are some bugs I cannot fix. 1. I can only play this weapon added to brezzies mod. If I create one only with the MG3 the game crashes ( can´t call this...; inventory.xml - or something like that) I think the problem could be the hud_model or the xml´s, as you can see in the picture: there is a scar in the right bottom corner, but in the loadout screen there is the right model. 2. Another xml-problem, I think, in GRAW2 the eotech sight doesnt work accurate. Sometimes there is a aimpoint instead 3. the sound during continuous fire isnt continuous, it sounds like a 8shot burst If someone have the necessary endurance and some experience, just post me. I will provide every files, (3ds max, xmls etc.) I would be glad if the weapon works.
  11. Yes, I also think its like wolfsong said. And I also want to see all the good GRAW1 maps in GRAW2. So...because I have nothing better to do I will try to add some maps. I will post if there is a result.
  12. I think, its a lot of work and simply nothing new. But try to build it for your own . I have my own experiences and have to say its possible....and need a lot of time
  13. Does somebody have experience in xml coding? I want to adjust that the visibility depends on distance zones. How can I link it? <!-- Visibility --> <var name="mission_visibility" type="number" default="1.0"/> <var name="mission_visibility_day" type="number" default="0.8"/> <var name="mission_visibility_night" type="number" default="0.5"/> <var name="mission_visibility_bad_weather" type="number" default="0.7"/> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ <var name="det_see_zone1" type="number" default="110"/> <var name="det_see_zone2" type="number" default="45"/> <var name="det_see_zone3" type="number" default="41"/> <var name="det_see_zone4" type="number" default="25"/> <var name="det_see_zone5" type="number" default="9"/>
  14. I want to start a discussion about the AI - behavior of GRAW2. During GRAW2-playing in Coop type I allways have to discover that the unrealistic AI-behaviour impedes the flow of the game especially in [GR]. I think GRAW2 have the potential to contact the [Ghost Recon] concerning the perception of enemies and behaviour of the bots. What is your opinion? There are two things that disturb me a lot: 1. In remind of GR the bots descry their enemies really unrealistic. They can look through trees and bushes, fog don't exist for them or they descry the player before the bot is in the clipping distance. Is there a possibility to make trees, bushes and grass nontransparent? Its also too often that I hardly can indentify a bot in relativ far distance and the AI instead need just one (head)shot to finish me. That lead me to the second point. 2. I have the impression that the AI aim only at the head. Also in hundret meters distance. I mean I would aim at the body... if I could make a difference between head and body. In the data/sb_templates/sb_weapon_ai_data.xml you can change the behaviour between offensive, defensive and suppressive and fire behaviour but that changes not the problems of point 1. In conclusion I will underline that there is no equal conditions for players and bots. I am searching to change this and would be glad for help.
  15. Ok, thanks. I do so like you mentioned and it looks good in the loadout screen. But now there is the hud_icon of the scar light in the weapon status menue (after spawn). I dont know what the problem could be. Is there something wrong in the hud_***.diesel? because I used the scar model provided by GRIN. Or have I change some lines in the xmls? I have to append that I never solve the problem with the crash when I start playing, I just add my weapon to brezzies mod and the crash appears no more. What do you mean with the lods? 3ds max told me no errors.
  16. Hi, i´ve created a new MG and it would be more up-to-date with an EOTech sight like that one of the MRC (crye). The diesel-file is correct (means: scope_align is there) and I add or change the specific lines in the unit.xml and the weapon_data.xml. So I get the sight on the weapon. But the problem is that I cannot aim or look through the sights, I mean nothing happens if I tap the aim-key. If I choose ironsights instead it works fine! It seems that the animation for aim for scopes doesnt work with MG´s (I duplicated the SAW/MK48) or did I forget some lines in the xml´s? Thanks for help --------------------------- I think I figured out the problem. To level the gun there must be a animation for it...sure. But in the unit.xml you have to fix what animation set to use. Because I took the combatsight from the MRC I tried the anims from it and it works. But new problem: now I am not able to reload because the reload anim for the MG-mag isnt listed in the anim set for the MRC. Now I want to know if anybody have experiences with anim combining, its not easy because the lists are .bin files and I dont know how to add new lines etc. -------------------------- Ok guys, just to finish this topic. I solved all problems and now it works fine. The easiest way is to duplicate the eotech sight as a new mod and define as a steelsight in the addon.xml. So you have a animation for this mod namely that one for the ironsight.
  17. Ok, i checked all the things that you mentioned but there is no change In 3ds max -->7<-- I did it so: This is the hud_MG3.xml: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?> <dynamic_object> <diesel file="/data/objects/gui/hud/weapons/hud_MG3.diesel" orientation_object="align" materials="/data/objects/gui/hud/materials.xml"/> <object name="align"/> <object name="main_body"/> </dynamic_object> This is the entry in the data/units/interface/u_hud.xml <unit type="interface_element" name="hud_MG3" slot="30"> <model file="\gui\hud\weapons\hud_MG3.xml"/> </unit> I have changed the line in the units/weapons/u_MG3.xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?> <units> <xdefine name="MG3( name_ext )"> <unit type="weapon" name="MG3$name_ext" slot="12"> <model file="/weapons/MG3/MG3$name_ext.xml"/> <depends_on unit="MG3_mag$name_ext"/> <script_class name="base" class="BulletWeapon"/> <stats block="base_data"/> <stats block="weapon_data"> <var name="ammo_type" value="762"/> <var name="length_from_root" value="75"/> <var name="clip_max" value="120"/> <var name="owner_align" value="primary_align"/> <var name="public_name" value="MG3"/> <var name="anim_name" value="saw"/> <var name="hud_name" value="MG3"/> <var name="animated_mag" value="true"/> <var name="network_id" value="2"/> Also the entry in the lib/managers/xml/weapon_data.xml <weapon_data unit="MG3" name="MG3" weapon_id="42" inventory_slot="primary" gui_unit="MG3" price="800" damage="2" player_weapon="1" grenade="0" cal="762" wizby="2"> <stats caliber="7.62 x 51 mm" rpm="1200" velocity="840 m/s" firemodes="FA" capacity="120" info="info_MG3" /> <bar_stats accuracy="0.2" stability="0.3" weight="9" impact="0.7" /> <mods front="false" top="false" bottom="false"> </mods> </weapon_data> Last I checked the reference to the main_body inside the MG3_common.xml file and in the MG3_mag_common.xml file. But this is the result: I want to check the folder structure and xml´s, so I replaced the hud-diesel file with the existing one of the saw ---> and the icon is shown (that means my hud diesel is wrong) BUT if I want to start playing, in that moment I spawn, the game chrashes with no error message (that means bad xml´s) I cannot find these failures Still very thankful for help note: It´s a fine MG
  18. Yes, thanks. It works. And I understand the material.xml. But now the next step: How can I apply the right textures to the right faces? or how I define the 2d projection for the texture.dds? If I open a sample weapon model max file there is no UV Unwrap Modifier but the textures are on the right place What I have to do in 3ds max to get this?
  19. I try to get a weapon icon ingame. I followed the tutorial by GRIN but first nothing is showed in planning phase and second the game chrashes without error message if I start playing. Could the diesel file cause problems? In it I have just the main_body linked to the align dummy (for that weapon there is no scope or gl) or is a need for skinning and skin_root?
  20. I dublicated the SAW/MK48. The animations are working more or less good. Its a bit tricky because there is no sample max-file from GRIN supported but now I fixed that problems. And there are new ones. (should know: that is my first weapon) I have problems to get the right texture ingame, I tried the UV Unwrap Modifier in 3ds max to create a 2d projection but how can I attach the textures to the right faces? If there is a UV Unwrap M. the game crashes. Furthermore a have problems to understand the materials.xml. I can play with that weapon, also in multiplayer, but lod b have no textures ( invisible) -at this time I test the MG3 with a test texture- in the material.xml are different material names (noskin, no_cube) linked to the same dds.file -??? ??? I have read lod a and lod b/c should have different materials, so I do that. but why just lod b is invisible and lod c not? Here the code of the material.xml: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?> <materials> <material name="MG3" src="skinned_bump_uv2_cube"> <diffuse_texture file="MG3_df"/> <bump_normal_texture file="MG3_bm"/> </material> <material name="MG3_noskin" src="bump_cube_instanced"> <diffuse_texture file="MG3_df"/> <bump_normal_texture file="MG3_bm"/> </material> <material name="saw_interior" src="skinned_bump"> <diffuse_texture file="saw_interior_df"/> <bump_normal_texture file="saw_interior_bm"/> </material> <material name="saw_interior2" src="skinned_bump"> <diffuse_texture file="saw_interior2_df"/> <bump_normal_texture file="saw_interior2_bm"/> </material> <material name="m249_alpha_masked" src="skinned_bump_cube_alpha_masked"> <diffuse_texture file="MG3_df"/> <bump_normal_texture file="MG3_bm"/> </material> <material name="m249_noskin" src="bump_cube_instanced"> <diffuse_texture file="MG3_df"/> <bump_normal_texture file="MG3_bm"/> </material> </materials> I know some entries are not neccessary. The lod a have the name "MG3" in the 3ds max model, lod b/c have both "MG3_noskin". I´m just testing jet and can not understand the codes. If I delete all the other materials then there is no texture for the mag!? Can someone give me a tutorial? Thanks for help.
  21. I´ve created a new machine gun, the one and only MG3 with 1200 rpm and a great sound. But there are still some problems. http://static3.filefront.com/images/person.../iuruedhuht.jpg I followed the tutorial and so I get the MG in game, but first I cannot play in single player mode - the game crashes. Could be the mod that i created the problem? Second,I can not aim over the sight (not scope), the weapon is not high enough. Can i fix that in a xml file? Or are there other possibilities? Thanks for help...
  22. I´ve created a new machine gun, the one and only MG3 with 1200 rpm and a great sound. But there are still some problems. I followed the tutorial of brezzie and so I get the MG in game, but first I cannot play in single player mode - the game crashes. Could be the mod that i created the problem? Second, i can play it in Coop but sometimes I get a crash without error message. Without specific reason, not during reload or something. Can it cause problems if 3ds max 7 tell me the error during export: Mesh gfx_MG3_loda contains degenerate triangles, faces? And last but not least: I can not aim over the sight (not scope), the weapon is not high enough. Can i fix that in a xml file? Or are there other possibilities? Thanks for help,
  23. Oh, this could be the problem. But where I have to place the set_texture_scope.xml? Is there any link to create to this file? Thanks
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