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  1. awesome work on the mod man, but there is one thing i would change, get rid of the lens covers on your aimpoint, i dont think they really add much to the model and it would look alot better on the m14 especially other than that this mod rocks, good work -Phil
  2. can we get another download location for this? filefront isn't working for me thanks -phil
  3. the model was created with 3dsmax 9 the lower poly version looks exactly the same on the left but the right side is almost completly gone because you will never see it in game so its a waste to have it there. the lower poly version is just under 3000 polys
  4. Anyone who wants my mk14 ebr model can have it, the files are hosted at the link at the bottom of this post. it has no textures or anything so if you wanna finish it and put it in game feel free, just give me credit where credit is due please. there are 2 files, one fully complete model and one lower poly model that has had all unseen faces removed. the lower poly model is just under 3000 which should be reasonable for the game i think. this thing would definatly be cool in GRAW2 Pics of the model: Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4 Pic 5 Im not sure if this is possible but one thing i think would be cool for this mod is to be able to have 2 different kinds of ammo, Sub-sonic and regular. the option to choose between the 2 would be sweet. i think the option of super quiet subsonic ammo in this game would be great especially for the hacienda mission. the sniper rifles in graw 2 are just too loud for my taste. each kind of ammo would have pros and cons Regular Pro: stopping power Regular Con: loud Subsonic Pro: dead quite Subsonic Con: less stopping power requires head shot for one hit kill and the use of subsonic ammo doesn't provide the neccessary gases to complete cycling automatically so manual cycling is needed between each shot, thus subsonic ammo is slower as you can see i think the 2 kinds of ammo balance each other out and i personally think it would add a new level to the game, but again i only provide the model, what you do with it is entirely up to you. anyway as for the actual model it looks pretty good imo, it may need tweaking here or there but generally i think its ok. by the way it was done in 3DSMAX Files: Mk14EBR.rar the files are hosted on file factory i hope thats ok if its not let me know of a better place to host them and i will -Phil4321 PS: did i just blow your mind ? lol
  5. question, is there some way that i can back the camera off slightly when i zoom with the acog so you see more of the sight itself. in real life your eye wouldn't be that close. i think it would be better if it felt like you were actually looking through a sight as apposed to just basically having a full screen reticle come up. i know its not like call of duty style or anything, your clearly looking through the model but it feels too close and i think the mod would feel more realistic if you backed it off slightly -Phil
  6. its a shame about not being able to use the red dot on the m14. maybe someone will make a mod, m14 with the red dot is just such a a cool setup.
  7. It is my understanding that when someone blows an AA unit up all the dead players get to come back right? Well, I was playing RvA today and was on a roll. I took out 2 of 3 of the AA implacments and other players spwaned around me on atleast 1 (im not sure about the other because im was pretty far away when I blew it) i was heading for the other and got owned and then that was that...no spawns left. does anyone see anything wrong with the fact that i bring other people back but not myself. i say you should get one respawn banked for every ADAT you destroy. only for that match though, after its over you loose them. what do you think? -Phil
  8. ya ive played the demo and used the m14 on both gameplay types but im not talking about a "scope" im talking about a red dot sight http://cimg2.163.com/cnews/2006/9/12/20060912143731171db.jpg
  9. thanks found it i have one other question though....in the full game will i be able to put an aimpoint red dot ont the m14? i think i saw a picture of a ghost holding one one time but i cant find it. thanks -Phil
  10. ok i just want to say 2 quick things 1)this has been some of the best fun i have had online in a while...love this game 2)i was in a game today where this guy kept tking me for no reason so i gave him a few chances and he kept killing me and then i just started killing him so i wouldnt die and i could actually play lol. just so you know this guy was "jimmykidfiddle" or something like that. im not sure about the jimmy part but it was defiantly kidfiddle. so ya watch out for this guy he tk's alot and is really Belligerent over the chat -phil
  11. i know how to change weapons in TDM with those little bars below the kits but when i cycle through the sniper kits i dont see a silenced m14 anywhere. a little help here would be awesome -Phil
  12. sorry i havent got back to those of you who pm'd me, i have been extremly busy lately i promise i will get back to you all by the end of the week
  13. people have to understand that if they want to play the newest epic games comming out with insane graphics, textures, draw distance ect they are going to have to shell out some serious money. The problem of this post is not that sniper rifles are uneeded or unwanted but that the draw distance is too low. Its low because people want to play next gen games on thier crappy last gen systems and they expect it to run flawlessly. Gamming is a hobby and as with any other hobby in the world money is going to have to be spent. dont spend the money right now though, if you do you are a ######. the next generation of dx10 games are right around the corner. i personally own a ati x1900xtx in a comp with 2 gigs of ram, needless to say this computer isnt garbage and i will be first inline to buy a whole new dx10 compatable system when i see ati release their high end dx10 card. i dont know if any of you look ahead to whats comming out 6-12-18 months down the road but i do all the time and some of the stuff companies are comming out with is just insane Crysis - looks sweet COD4 - the cod franchise is making big changes, if they move away from the scripted coridor shooter of previoius games and give it a more open free roaming feel combined with its new special forces modern warefare theme this game could be a real contender Frontlines: fuels of war - this game looks pretty cool, its sill early to tell though alan wake - no idea what the game is about but the gfx are crazy [Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising] - we'll be waiting a while for this but if they make the contorls better than arma or the original ofp this could set a new standard in tactical fps games. theres a wack of screens over at gamespot. they are pretty rough but considering this gme is tba 2008 i think they are off to a good start. -Phil
  14. One of the coolest things about graw 1 imo was the jump out of the back of a c130 in first person. Man that is probably one of the coolest scripted events i have ever seen in a video game, ever. Is there any word on a recurrence of this in the new game? A clear night HALO would be cool or a day time HALO through some clouds would also be awesome. -Phil
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