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  1. i paid less for my shotgun with that price and a box of ammo AND a hard top case
  2. Never mind once this gun comes out i'll start a match for you and me bret 1 on 1 and i'll let you shoot me with it so i can soak in 6.8 heaven OOOO brett i was just sittin on the john and i was thinking about this. If your iron sights dont line up. I think you could go back in max, remove the skin modifier on loda, Take it to the side, go to editable poly and edit the vertices on the iron sight and raise them just a ###### hair... I think that would be a splended solution to your iron sight line up... JUSt a suggestion your guns are perfect the way they are but im saying if you ever wanna line up those irons just take that in mind. its kind of silly but all you would have to do is redo the animations which isnt that bad.
  3. This will be great , if you dont already know me from ghostaholic/ i created all AA bombard maps, Im def gonna be making more maps for graw 2 once this comes out. Believe that!
  4. I didnt mean to hurt any feelings , I sense a small flicker of fear.
  5. i was wondering if you can make it a secondary weapon , there are way too many primary guns. the m8 compact and both mp5s get boring. its up to you tho.
  6. I love weapon requests , they're so warm and cuddly.
  7. this coming from a Weapon Requester NOT a Weapon Modder.
  8. Here man, XM-500 Anti Material Long Range Rifle Barrett Firearms http://i55.photobucket.com/albums/g160/gan...rrett_xm500.jpg http://i55.photobucket.com/albums/g160/gan...rms20Sympos.jpg [Oversize images changed to URL's - Please see forum rule 3.14- Large Images]
  9. seriously when that m468 comes out im gonna sit on it and spin then give it hugs and kiss and die on top of it each time, When i get shot im gonnamake that m468 is by my side sleeping with me for eternal life.
  10. i think i just fell in love with brettzies
  11. I've always wanted to ask someone from australia, is the military their really kick ass>? my dad told me that australia has got a serious military
  12. I think your best bet is to just make the mod for graw, than turn it over to graw 2, thats what everyone else is doing. if you need help doing that download brettzies illustrated weapon tutorial (basic)
  13. he has the same mindset of a modder, its not hard just smoke a pack of malboro reds and learn how to do some good ol moddin, its not that hard just that s a lot of time!, i learned how to mod by just messin with the damn program! learning myself! just get it used to it then read some tutorials and you 'll be able to make a model!
  14. rocky do you think you can hit me up with a pm when you get it?
  16. http://www.ghostaholic.com/datas/users/9741-maxexporter.rar here it is now get out there and make some weapons boy! yeee haw!
  17. absolutley BRILLIANT!!! brettzies teamed up with grin, thats just a whole different story right there. Pure professional
  18. That really is something snow fella, befor i even knew how to think about modding , i was using that meusoc to throw some rounds at some mexican tequitos and using that laser attachment to zero on some head shots, those attachments you made for graw1 really were brilliant, your work is absoloute professionalism
  19. This is what the ###### im talking about (sorry rocky)
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