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  1. I've just tried to use the command 'OrderTank' and the tank moves, but straight to the position 0 0 0. The AI graph doesn't allow this movement and it doesn't matter which position I order the tank to move. Can somebody tell me, what I'm doing wrong? THX Okay, thaks for the info. I will check!
  2. This is really weird. As far as I have implemented vehicles, such a script work fine for the panhards and trucks, but tanks won't move a bit. One of the crew is placed beside the tank and the other is lying in a strange way on the top. Maybe I have chosen the wrong type of crew but 'tankcrew' are the crews from mayday and on the other vehicles every type works. The tank is activated as it fires the machinegun but I can't move it. Is there something special about tanks? Do I need something like 'OrderTank' like the 'OrderHeli' commands?
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