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  1. Reporting in! Build a new computer before the game was released so I can play it properly To this day I still have this machine on storage PIII 800MHZ 256MB RAM Nvidia Geforce 2 with 32 MB Sound Blaster live 56k modem Then a few weeks later they dropped the Demo with the Castle Map (Took three tries and over an hour for less than 100mb demo game on dial up) and I was blown away. Still have my boxed games and I even have the Strategy Manual and some CD disk that came with R6 Blackthorn called "The making of GR" or something like that. I don't play the game like I used to be but I fire up OGR once or twice a year
  2. Yup thet guy tried but the content is encrypted so he never managed to convert those maps Now one of the features I really liked on Jungle Storm was the voice commands Worked fairly well they have the same system for GR2/SS and R6 Lockdown Another feature that I really liked was that you can send one of your soldiers in your firre team any where with out using the command map. you just put the reticule on the ground whet ever you wanted them go and away they went of course the command map was also available.
  3. It is the XBOX version, it does have a few more better cut scenes but aside of that I rather play the PC version of the game Now Jungle Storm/Island Thunder for the PS2 does have some engine improvements not available to the PC version of the game
  4. your map looks like my first map lol I was so happy if you need tutorials let me know I have old cobaka tutorial site on backup lot's of info on how to make buildings, portals etc I do have old videos form other map makers from the past but those take quite a bit to upload and my internet sucks for the time being
  5. I call this a trojan horse......Sony did the same thing with the PS3 and the integrated blu-ray player, lot's of people bought the PS3 because at the time that console was the cheapest blu-ray player...MS on the other hand is doing the same thing with the integration of XBOX Live in W8
  6. Let me guess, strong accent from the south?
  7. 1. Not at all 2. Nah my voice acting is pathetic at best lol You need voices for briefings or radio talk? ?
  8. Kind of curious what's an American accent for you? Been in the US Army for 19 years and I still have my Puerto Rican (hyspanic) strong accent. lol
  9. Yeah all the core bugs are apparently fixed But I played the first few missions and found some bugs in there This one is annoying: Campaing Mission Flashpoint: B squad helicopter crash 70% of the time in the woods in front of the landing site killing everybody
  10. ARMA 2 free beta has been unleashed to the masses Press release here: http://forums.bistud...ad.php?t=121168 DL link at the official site http://www.arma2.com/free/
  11. Update!! The download is actually a stand alone folder installation and will not affect your current OFP CWC folder at all When you click on the file for the first time the installation program is going to ask for your OFP CD key so have that one in hand but if you have OFP CWC installed already the installer is going to look for it @ your OFP CWC installation. In other words you can have both versions at the same time
  12. Not so fast Pave Low,, people are reporting bugs already lol http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?p=1962727#post1962727
  13. Happy Birthday Operation Flashpoint [Edit: Discussion about the patch moved to it's own discussion thread
  14. Totally agree with this point. Very well said and just like you I have most of them even VBS-2 (sadly no VBS-1) the way I see it the OGR crowd enjoys both aspects of the game SP/MP and the game works out of the box on the other hand BI SP experience is...well..... BAD (enjoyed OFP), never the less they are my favorite developer nowdays because of their support and they listen the community just like RSE did back in the day
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