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  1. No one bit on the 3/4's black part so I got some more info from the Problems Reports and Solutions in the Control Panel. Description A problem caused this program to stop interacting with Windows. Problem signature Problem Event Name: AppHangB1 Application Name: GRAW.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 452e39af Hang Signature: a7b5 Hang Type: 2048 OS Version: 6.0.6000. Locale ID: 1033 Additional Hang Signature 1: 2b9da2040f1496cfbca81617590c4444 Additional Hang Signature 2: fca6 Additional Hang Signature 3: 07ecb3bef85a2f8cd21d9b10884e5e61 Additional Hang Signature 4: a7b5 Additional Hang Signature 5: 2b9da2040f1496cfbca81617590c4444 Additional Hang Signature 6: fca6 Additional Hang Signature 7: 07ecb3bef85a2f8cd21d9b10884e5e61 If I am reading this right, I have a bad file and my first thought is that I have to blow off GRAW and reload. Obviously this is not something I want to do except as a last resort. Does anyone read something else? HSantal, The Altec Lansing headset is not USB, it is old plug style. The speaker I had plugged in the back of the box was old plug style as well except it did have a USB plug (it was stealing juice from the puter to power the speakers). Could the USB plug screwed up with anything? In XP, everytime I had to install a new microphone, there was always a section in the Sound Properties where I would have to clik the mute button off, only I can't find that section, if there is one now in Vista. Thanks, Albert - Pariah - eastwoodaen
  2. Greetings All, Because I am the long winded type, will give a bit of a background. Bought a new game (UFO:Extraterrestrials) so I took a hiatus from GRAW to play that. Then my old headset/microphone died, so I bought a new one, but it was cheap and broke in two days, so I bought a better (Altec Lansing) one. A week or so ago, I tried to play some GRAW, the game would load up but when I tried to get to Campaign or Multiplayer, the screen would change and the bottom left corner would go all white while the rest of the screen went black (ie 3/4''s black). I didn't think much of it and went back and finished my other game and now ready to play some GRAW, only the error still persists. Only nothing, to my knowledge was changed. The game just quit working. As a side note, HSantal, the microphone still won't work. When I plugged the new headset (with mic) in, I had a speakers plugged in the back on the computer (headset was plugged in to the front of the computer). When I shut off the speakers, I could hear via the headset, but even unplugging the speaker would not get the Mic to work. In Teamspeak, Push to Talk lights the green light but nothing carries. Voice Activated does not work period. Boosting does nada but gives me some static in my headset. My system, sadly is a Vista machine, I haven't been paying attention to the Updates, so I don't know if a patch has modified the system. ACER Dual Core AMD 2 gig of Ram nVidia 7600 GT Widescreen/Flatscreen monitor Sound Card is native to motherboard (Realtek HD Manager) Thank you for your time, Albert - Pariah - eastwoodaen
  3. Tom, Thanks for the reply. I will talk to my buddy because he is behind a router (I am not), but I don't know if it is feasible for him to not use the router. Back to issue one, I finally played a game last night in [GR] multiplayer (Not So Long Yard) and suffered massively the black screens when I would go to zoom. Bat21 told me it was because my card doesn't support 3.0 pixel shader or something like that, it only supports 2.0. I personanally thought the map itself was on the crappy side, but that is mean, because I could never mod a map like that to begin with.
  4. Hey there RocoAFZ, Yes, I understand that because my video card is a 6 series or higher, it will play the game, but specifically, there is a list that shows which video cards Grin/Ubi vetted the game with and the 7600 series is not on that list. I do have the latest nVidia drivers, because my system is a Vista machine and until the latest drivers came out, I had the hang up when the game loaded the 2nd map in [GR] multiplayer. Since the lastest driver was released, I have tried to play both the single player and the multiplayer campaign missions and had no joy. My system (off the top of my head): Acer AMD Dual Core Vista Premium 2 gigs ram nVidia 7600 GT 19" flat wide screen Broadband by Powerline connection.
  5. Greetings, I am still having two technical issues with regards to GRAW. Unfortunately, I think the first issue is a wash because my nVidia card, 7600 GT is not supported by GRAW. Issue one, in SINGLE PLAYER, specifically, at the blown up Embassy mission (late 2nd/3rd mission), when I go to scope near a wall or building, the screen goes black, with some graphics still showing, like the red diamonds representing a seen tango. Thankfully, most of the time, when I un-scope, the view goes back to normal. Most of the time. Needless to say, I have yet to beat this mission or gotten any farther into the game. As I said, I have a feeling this one is probably related to the fact that my video card is not on the list of "supported" video cards for the game. Issue two, is whenever a friend and I try to play the campaign mission together. He hosts TS and I will host the game. Normally password protected and with full squad (AI). Intro is disabled and taking over of AI Squadmates on death is allowed as it the mission doesn't end if Mitchell gets wasted. The issue, everytime my friend connects, game play starts and then I see the CD-Key error for my friend and he is disconnected. This only happens with the campaign missions. If I set up a game where he connects to me in [GR]/Firefight, we have no issues. Any suggestion or help would be appreciated. Albert - Pariah - eastwoodaen
  6. Greetings, Played on the [GR] Gamers Planet server with Bat21 and crew and decided to try out this mod. No joy for me though. I haven't noticed if anyone else who has posted in the previous pages has Vista or not, but I do and the instructions don't seem to jive with Vista new rulesets. Specifically, I followed the instruction in the pdf about making the English folder and copying the mod files into the folder, however, Vista does not allow this. Well it does, in a round about way, it doesn't allow modified files in a program directory, it saves the mod file elsewhere and directs it to the program. Either way, the mod didn't work for me so I blew it off. Well, I tried to. I was able to delete the English file but that is about it. I know that the mod files should be on the C: drive (C:\[username]\DataApp\Local\VirtualStore, however I can not find this directory on my system (ya, call me a noob, still not used to Vista) and every search for that directory OR for files that I know are in that directory ends in bumpkiss. Now, I can not play on over half of the [GR] games because I get the "file not the same" error. Uh, help? Does this mod work with Vista? What can I do? Am I going to have to blow of GRAW and do a fresh install? Thank you for your support, Albert - Pariah - eastwoodaen
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