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  1. I'd prefer lots of freedom in picking loadouts, if only because I'd prefer a sim that I'm free to customize to some degree. I do agree with splitting weapons off into regional/national groups, assuming there are enough to do that with.
  2. Pretty sure those are just decals with normal and parallax mapping. Same thing GRAW currently does for its bullet impacts and explosions. It's neither. It's pretty obviously concept art.
  3. Is there any chance of getting the Eotech from the MRC onto any of the other rifles? You have no idea how badly I want this. Also, I was messing around with some sounds, and I really would like to see something different on the M4, M16, and Mk23. They're just not as good as the Mk12 (which is just superb). Hell, if you can give me some instructions on how to cut sounds up and mix them to get the premixed 2shot, 3shot, and auto loop, and end sounds, I wouldn't mind doing it myself and contributing them. Not much else to do before GRAW 2 hits, anyway. [edit] Outcast: it wouldn't make any sense to give the Mexicans AKs of any sort. Their last rifle was a licensed G3, and it's being replaced by the FX 05, which is pretty similar to the G36.
  4. If you clip the sound short before the echo really starts and then do a bit of a logarithmic fadeout at the end, it should solve your problems.
  5. It's great in older games like CS:S, but not so great in more detailed games with better sound engines. The shell sound's a bit late in the one I remember putting in there, though; should be pretty trivial to edit out. By the, the SCAR L sounds you ripped and mixed aren't bad, but they definitely have too much echo, which sounds bad during autofire (especially from the AI firing premixed bursts). Probably fixable by just cutting the length down and fading out.
  6. Brettzies, did you get the sound archive I uploaded?
  7. Wow, keeping the release pace up. Brett, I uploaded a bunch of weapon sound suggestions you might find useful. Some are better than others, but I think there's some really good stuff in there. Don't have much time right now (bunch of essays to write before tomorrow) to go into it, but here's the link. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=NUT6BPI7
  8. Out of curiosity, what did you eventually end up using and who were you deployed with (if you can say)?
  9. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=PLCDN50G I uploaded a .wav rip of that SCAR video. Looked through my pile of weapon fire sounds, but I don't think I have any decent sounds for a USP, unfortunately.
  10. Wow, I'm surprised you carried one as a sidearm. I'd heard that the Mk23s were generally found to be far too cumbersome as siderarms and that everyone they were originally intended for ended up using USP Tacticals. On that note, Brett, you're probably going to have trouble fitting that gun to any animations ingame. It's much larger than an M9 or G19.
  11. Augh. Have you tried VLC? That generally manages to play anything. You shuld also be able to extract the audio with virtualdub. Let me know if you can't and I can try doing it myself and uploading it.
  12. Brett, I uploaded a video of a SCAR demo with some pretty clear sounds you can rip out of it. Thought you might find it useful. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1YD8US2I
  13. It's a bit rough. I was mainly thinking 5 with 6 (twice the damage of a full length 5.56x45mm rifle like the M16 or SPR) being reserved for a battle rifle/sniper rifle in the same caliber, but 4 for the SCAR H and 5 for a battle rifle isn't unreasonable. 7.62x51mm is fairly potent, though. Really, though, are there any enemies in the game where it actually make a difference? The damage model is pretty ridiculous by default; enemies take two shots to the head from the SCAR L but die immediately if you hit them in the leg. [edit] By the way, I'm also getting the black/no texture error on the carry handles. I have somewhat different hardware (X1600, among other things) and have gotten that on all versions of your mod.
  14. Basically, no. It isn't that you can't physically lift two weapons, but in a combat situation (especially one where you have teammates who can carry M4s for you), it's extremely unlikely that you'd ever carry two guns. It is very cumbersome. Carrying two long arms does happen, but it's not common at all.
  15. I like the new M4 sound. It's a massive improvement over the last one. No need to go digging through my stuff for another candidate. I don't know if I like the suppressed sound, though; as Marcinko noted, it should have a bit more snap to it. Still, not disastrous or anything. Since you can't make the M16A4 properly fire in burst and semi only, why not just change it to an M16A3? Solves the problem with a few string fixes and no mess. If you're going to do some more unrealistic stuff like make the M4 a sidearm, I think it might be worth doing two versions of the mod (or just releasing each version with some alternate files): one with all the unrealstic stuff and one with realistic damage values, the real SPR reticule, etc. On that note, as I don't know the internal workings of this engine, is there any chance you could change the SCAR H damage value to 5 as well? I really do think it would go well with a battle rifle (damage 6, 20 round mag, reasonably high recoil, etc) if you decide to pursue the project in that direction. Just some comments and a bit of a request.
  16. Honestly, if people want every gun to kill in one shot, might as well make every single gun do 10 damage and not pretend it's realistic. I know you didn't set the SCAR H at 3, but since it's basically impossible to run multiple mods together (or just extremely difficult), I think it's worth changing, because the SCAR H is basically useless right now as it is, and it would be more consistent with new stuff anyway. 6 is definitely not too low for the Mk12. It kills in one hit right now anyway, and in reality, if 2 is the baseline for the M4 (a 5.56x45mm carbine), the M16, with a longer barrel, will do marginally more damage at 3. The Mk12 has a slightly longer barrel, but it's not longer by enough to justify more damage (not by the game's scale, anyway). For purposes of the game, it should basically be a more accurate M16. If people want a 20 shot rifle that does 6 damage, an M14, HK417, or other battle rifle pretty much fits that description (albeit with substantially more recoil), if you're considering doing another weapon after this. When I said the M4 sound was noisy, I didn't mean the volume (it's louder than the M16, but it should be; the shorter a weapon's barrel, the louder it is). The sound has a lot of audible grain and hiss that sounds really out of place next to the otherwise clean sound work in the rest of the game (and your other two weapons). In automatic fire, it's hard to tell individual shots apart, which definitely isn't good. I have a small archive of sounds I've collected from messing around with various things; I could post a few, if you like.
  17. I believe that's the real SPR sight. I may be wrong, but that matches what I remember when I first saw some specs on the Mk12. Just in case you missed it (not trying to nag, here), this is what I said on the last page. Those numbers are really excessive. The M16 shouldn't be doing the same damage as the SCAR H. It'd be a lot more realistic with the M4 at 2, the M16 and Mk12 at 3, and the SCAR H at 5. Even an Mk12 in 6.8mm SPC would really only be 4. By the way, is there any plan to change the M4 sounds? The M16 mostly sounds alright and the Mk12 sounds great, but the M4 sounds are really noisy (as in grain, not volume) and indistinct.
  18. This is the real Leupold SPR reticle. Up to you whether you want to use it or not; personally, I'd prefer it. By the way, any response on the damage values/M4 sounds thing?
  19. I don't think I've ever fired a round in the middle of a reload. Between the two, I'd say not having proper ammo counts from reloading is definitely worse than occasionally having an animation that doesn't fit.
  20. Those numbers are really excessive. The M16 shouldn't be doing the same damage as the SCAR H. It'd be a lot more realistic with the M4 at 2, the M16 and Mk12 at 3, and the SCAR H at 5. Even an Mk12 in 6.8mm SPC would really only be 4. By the way, is there any plan to change the M4 sounds? The M16 mostly sounds alright and the Mk12 sounds great, but the M4 sounds are really noisy (as in grain, not volume) and indistinct.
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