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  1. OK - this may sound a stupid idea (and maybe it is) but I was just looking on YouTube and found several videos on making custom maps for the game 'Insurgency'. A lot of people seem to be making maps for this game and re-making popular maps from other games. So it struck me that *maybe* you could remake some classic maps from GR Classic for this game? What does anyone think? Would it be possible? Disclaimer: I have never made a game map in my life - I am merely speculating for *FUN*! CR
  2. Awwww, come on UBISOFT - that isn't really the reason is it? You took one look at BF3 and thought 'Nope, nobody is going to buy GR:FS!' - so you came up with this rediculous excuse... You'll sell it to console kids so you can recoup some of your development costs and because you know no matter how crap GR:FS is console kids will buy anything just because it's new. I have been a Ghost Recon fan since the very beginning and lived in hope - like so many others - that you would have a sudden fit of sanity and 'just give us our old GR again' some day, but no - it's now never going to happen and I've finally come to the end of my tether. This is my last post about Ghost Recon. I finished with it. I no longer care. ....I'm back off to play BF3....You know, the game that sold five million copies in a micro-second.
  3. Thanks for the reply Ron... A strange thing happened when I cleared teh windoes behind GR - I found a Windows alret saying something like 'allow Ghost Recon access to something' I OK'd this and was allowed to install. I have now installed patches 1 - 4 but I am guessing Windows 7 doesn't really like Ghost recon and there are a lot of ghraphica glitches when trying to start the game - but it does eventually start . A lot of teh time though it just minimises the game to teh task bar - I can hear teh game sounds but can't make teh game full screen again! As I say - sometimes it just resolves itself and I was able to get one game. Any thoughts? Ranger
  4. Hello chaps, having a bit of a problem installing Patch 3 for Ghost Recon Classic... Every time I start the patch it soon gives me the following error and cannot continue... Anyone know a workround for this please? Many thanks, Ranger
  5. Many thanks matey! That's teh one... I have GR installed again ----- what a blast of nostalgia when the openning intro video played, omg! Did d quick Firefight solo around Castle to shake off teh cobwebs! One shot kils --- LOL. I have just been playing BFBC2 and if that had teh same one shot kill as GR it would be chaos! Cheers - Ranger
  6. Typical! Like the initial poster I have just finished tidying out my attic office - and guess what I found, my old Ghost Recon CDs. I am very tempted to pop them back on, but can I just ask you guys a couple of questions please? 1. I believe I saw a big compalation CD of all teh best mods for sale somewhere, can anyone point me to it? 2. I used to love a mod called 'U*something* Spetsnaz' (forget teh exact title) did any more of this sort come out by the same author? Cheers all! BIG-Ranger
  7. Rather than providing us with a plethera of 'guns' I hope more work will be done on accessorizing the weapons there are. Some sort of reward system allowing the player to access custom accessories... Even flash hiders (in the real world) have a big effect on firearm proficiency. Take the Noveske or DNTC ranges which have a direct affect on the controllability of carbines, making shorter barreled weapons - like the M4 - far more controllable in full-auto mode. And then there are 'blackout' flash hiders like the BE Meyers, which are designed to reduce muzzle flash significantly during night operations. So let's see accessories take a bigger role in the customization process - with real effects on the efficiency of the weapons they are applied to. Finally, I would like to see calibers like 6.5mm Grendel and 6.8mm Barrett and even some of the experimental caseless rounds AND what about 'non-lethal' weapons, which is a booming industry? Just a thought. (OH and please, please, please can we have the 7.62mm DSA Arms SA58 range included! LOL)
  8. Nobody picked up that MTP is actually a variant of good old 'Ghost Cam' (MultiCam)? "It is produced by US firm Crye Precision as a derivative of the MultiCam camouflage that failed to be adopted en masse by the US armed forces, who selected UCP (Universal Camouflage Pattern) instead." Armed Forces International Personally - while I usually like we Brits to use British designed gear - I think Americas lose is our good fortune! IMHO MultiCam was always superior to UCP, and although MTP is a slightly modified variant I think its really cool that the British Army will be 'Ghosts'! I do like good old DPM - but the reason that it is being supplanted is that DPM is 'zone specific' - great in the terrain it was designed to be used in (Northern Europe and desert) but useless in multi-habitat geographic regions like Afghanistan. I am also relived that we didn't jump aboard the digi-cam band wagon.
  9. What I am saying is I didn't notice - which *I* don't... As I said in my post I *believe* others if they say they have a problem - I'm just adding the balance that for others it clearly isn't. Sorry you guys are obviously having a problem - my friends and I are obviously lucky in that it doesn't present the problem it does for you!
  10. OK - just a bit of fun here (so don't flame about the technical issues, etc)... I was playing through one of the campaign missions yesterday and was musing how funny if I got over one of the hills to find the [GR] 'Castle' standing there! LOL I think what sparked this off - aside from the favorable comparisons between [OFP: DR] and [GR] - was that ruined watch tower on the hill above the coastal installation in one of the early missions. I could easily see the Castle fitting well into the rural and coastal landscape (yes, I know this is supposed to be an Island off Japan/China). And I also see 'Farm House' working. Sadly, because there are no urban maps in [OFP: DR] I suppose 'Embassy' is out of the question. Anyway - and I repeat, just as a bit of fun - which classic [GR] maps would you like replicated in the [OFP: DR] environment?
  11. Sorry guys - I really can't see the complaint with this one. To be honest I didn't even notice that there *is* head-bobbing in [OFP: DR]! (Honestly!) Now the head-bobbing in ArmA2 - that *was* severe. But I just don't see the problem here. I think the movement is nice and smooth, with a naturalistic undulation to it - there is a bit of sight wobble, but as much as you need to give the impression of a level of realism. All in all I think Codemasters got the movement and character animations pretty much right. I am NOT saying this just to antagonize you - if you have a problem then I believe you. I just want to balance it out by saying that I (and it has to be said my friends) don't have.
  12. Well - my copy arrived yesterday - and had an interesting comparative gaming session playing a few games of [OFP: DR] followed by some BF2 on the new 1.5 patch....End result is that the BF2 CD is now permanently back in it's case. I noticed a few niggles about [OFP: DR] - yes, indeedy - but on the whole I just was so tripped to be playing what I felt was an updated Ghost Recon Classic that I forgave the little naughty bits! At the end of the day I have to say that ArmA2 was such a stinker that [OFP: DR] was simply a relief! LOL The bottom line is this though - I always trusted Codemasters to come up with a better product than BI, especially in teh player interface stakes. And I also trust them to listen to what teh community is saying and improve those bits which are a little problematic. I'll be a bit conservative though and give it a 7/10 (with the proviso that I know this is going to develop into a real classic).
  13. Cheers for that - I did do a serch but it didnt bring up anything. Ta... R
  14. OK guys - I know I am opening my self up to some intense flaming here but... Yesterday I received my copy of Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising . Last night I had my first few games of the campaign and I have to say I found myself thinking: 'OMG! This *is* the old Ghost Recon we wanted - rejuvenated!' It's hard to put my finger on why I think this --- it's something to do with the pace of the missions, the atmosphere of the environment and the squad ordering system to mention but a few things. Even though the game is based in a fictional island off Japan the whole story-line just *felt* as if it was something Tom Clancy would have wrote as a mission for the Ghosts! --- I genuinely felt that the whole GRAW/GRAW2 episodes wrong turn had been washed away and that here was Ghost Recon 2! (Done the way we wanted.) I would love to get feed back from anyone else who has just bought the game to see whether I am just being fanciful in my take on [OFP: DR] (and by the way - this game is a whole lot better than ArmA2, believe me - it actually works!)... All the best - Ranger Fixed name to the correct one (its not called II)
  15. What with the current drought in good infantry computer games - I'm waiting to see how ArmA2 pans out - I thought I would load up GRAW2 just for the fun of it. I haven't played GRAW2 since I had my previous PC, on which it worked fine (eventually). But on my newer PC - KABOOM! - crash on the second mission! Having checked out the forums it seems most likely that the problem is my on-board sound chip (Creative Audigy). What a shame... To be fair I have wanted to get a proper separate sound card for a while - but there always seemed to be other things to spend my money on, and so far I have been lucky as the on-board sound seemed to work OK for most everything else. I am well out the loop about what is the better PCI card to get these days so can anyone recommend a reasonably priced sound card that should run OK with GRAW2 please? Thanks guys, Steve
  16. 1. Co-operation: Both in SP with your team and in MP with your friends. 2. Immersive back-story & detailed weapons (realism in other words). 3. Very supportive community - especially when it comes to mods. I find it hard to distil my impressions of the series to just three answers. My infatuation with the series comes more from the game suiting my personal character - maybe more of you out there have a similar experience? I am by nature a very methodical character - as opposed to someone who gets along with the 'run & gun' games like CS or CoD. I prefer the tactical pace of Ghost Recon - where you have to carefully think ahead and manoeuvre for advantage. I find this pace a lot more realistic. To me Ghost Reconners DON'T like to get shot! And play accordingly!
  17. Many thanks Kleaneasy... Good news then(ish), but it does sound a long way off (I'm not speculating here! Honest!)... So - until it comes round I may have to re-install GRAW2 (I need a bigger HD) and I may tinker with ArmA2 for a while. Thanks for the gen.
  18. Just wanted to add my support to this plea... Yes, all I *really* want is Ghost Recon Redux. Not Future Super Fighter Web 0.2 or what ever they will call the next one in the Marketing meeting at Ubi! I'm a bit surprised that Ubi really hasn't picked up on the hint - they *must* see that even now the [Ghost Recon] CDs are *still* shifting on the budget label! (I know it's *us* that's mostly buying them! LOL) And you can't tell me that no one from the development team doesn't come to this forum (unless their marketing and research guys are really that stupid)...So they *must* know what the people on the ground want. And it's not even unheard of either - look at Unreal Tournament, they just keep rehashing that every so often (updating the title date) and maybe adding a few new toys and modernizing the graphics - and that *still* sells in the bucket load. No shouts of 'do something different' from the UT fans is there? Sorry - that descended into a rant... Bottom line, like it says on the tin - 'Give me back my old Ghost Recon!
  19. Cheers for that Rookie...Now I am less confused. Still it would be nice to have the background and what real info there is for this in one sticky, so people can read up on the development history of this. I'm glad there is a new one coming out though - soon there will be a whole raft of battlefield based infantry games coming out (ArmA2, OF2 and Battlefield 1943 and so on), so the [GR] franchise could do with an update to keep it competitive. Thanks for the clarification - I can now join in on the speculation! (I'm more awake now - I've had too cups of tea!)
  20. Sorry guys - maybe I shouldn't read forums first thing on a Sunday morning when my head is still fuzzy - but I'm confused... This is purely a speculative forum is it? Or *is* there DEFIANTLY a [GR] 4 on the cards? Admin: Maybe a sticky '[GR] 4: Here's the facts so far' post might be good - just to clarify and introduce this section. This would be helpful so new visitors can get a grasp of what actually is or isn't happening... That way you avoid people like me asking 'stupid' questions like this! LOL
  21. Yes, it ain't all that bad - but there are other free 3D programs out there too - I'm looking into one called Blender at the moment that has a lot more tools and is closer to expensive apps like 3D Max. I managed to get a little bit more done to my AK74U model yesterday (I can only do a bit at a time unfortunately) The next step is the 'wooden' fore grip and then onto the receiver. BTW - here is what the 'real thing' looks like - this is my airsoft AK74U on which I have based my model:-
  22. Nothing advanced at all - just playing about with Google SketchUp (it's free)... Started doing a AK74M - but sadly I lost the file in a major HD crash! Here's is as far as I got... So I had to start again - but this time I thought I would do the AK74U (the shorty). Just started so only done the front sight so far... Will post up the progress on this and hopefully more in a series I plan on Russian weapons. Steve www.milgeek.co.uk
  23. First of all - usual apology if this has been covered before (I did do a search for UK clan but this didn't bring up anything). I am looking for gaming clans here in the UK that have Ghost Recon as part of their 'play list'. Can anyone suggest any clan websites I should look at that might be of interest please? (I know 22ndSAS clan used to support GRAW2 but they seem to have dropped this game now.) Cheers guys, Steve [Thread moved to the GRAW 2 PC Clans and Ladders forum]
  24. I was on a completely different forum for a completely different hobby of mine (airsoft) and someone there happened to mention that Ingleloop was working on a new Russian Army based mod.... Even the mear speculation that this might be true had me dusting off my old [GR] CDs once again!
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