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  1. Well, you could always use one like this or this one if you want more expression
  2. This game is far from sim territory, it's as much a simulation as Mario Kart is one. Now don't get that wrong, I always liked Mario Kart and still play sometimes. Nothing beats MK in splitscreen for pure fun. But the MK developers never stated it to be a mix between arcade and sim, it's pure arcade The only thing real is the look and name of the aircraft, GRID was a kind of mix but this is NFS 2. About the joystick controls: Yes, they are not what they made it sound they would be. Yes, the aren't actually good. And yes, you should use a gamepad, that's what the axes seem to be adjusted for. But actually they came a long way, in Blazing Angels by the same developing team my joystick worked as a keyboard. The in my eyes hindering RC-control camera was still optional then, but now you have to use it if you want to disable the aids. The graphics are nice when you disable HDR and I wish my FSX would run as smooth On a sidenote, why is my trackir so slow? It feels like a big deadzone + lag, and got even worse when I changed the profile for it from default to combat flight. And what's up with the freefall bomb catapult that launches the bombs out front?
  3. The custom face you add is just a different texture slapped over the given model. The expression is what your character does by himself/is scripted by the mission maker and the model gets stretched accordingly. Basically nothing you have control over. You could change your face texture to look really mean or always grin, but that will stay all the time and might look strange when your character changes expressions.
  4. Their next commercial game after Arma 2 will be Carrier Command.
  5. You will need one of the "editor upgrade" addons to make them visible in the editor. To get around all the trial and error search for the Mapfact 3D Editor, mapfact.net is also available in English.
  6. I would love to see a consistent FOV that doesn't change when I use my scope or whatever. If you are allowed to zoom then only with a specific key regardless of what you are doing. A default FOV setting that doesn't induce tunnel vision would be nice. And building up on AW: true first person with Trackir support. I don't want a cover system that uses the third person. First person only please, everything else is for cutscenes. How about a new take on the damage system? What Rocky mentioned should be the minimum, but maybe something as in the HL2 mod Occupation would be possible. Medics could stabilize critically wounded teammates after you drag them to cover and you have to rescue them or they will stay dead for the rest of the campaign.
  7. I have got one and love it. Do you play any flightsims? Must-have! Racesims + cockpit view and you already got a wheel? Get it! ArmA? Get it! It takes some getting used to (15-30 min for me, some longer), but I never want to play without it again. It's funny when I think about it, I feel like having tunnel vision in games without it and unconsciously move my head around I can assure you it will not make you a bad driver, if you haven't been one before If you want to try it or you are more of a DIY person you can build a similar thing with a webcam and some IR diodes with a program called "Freetrack". The video was funny, reminds me of my first trys in GTL with a keyboard
  8. Then you will get near a heart stroke if you read this I never played Carrier Command, that was a bit ahead of my time, but I will look into it a bit. It sounds like the first CTI mission that BIS packed into ArmA before Warfare. Just with islands and a sci-fi setting.
  9. To install the beta you have to unpack all the contents in you IL2 1046 main directory. Be aware that you have to reinstall the game if you don't make backups and want to play with 4.08 again. The update to 4.08 is only for 1946 (including all other versions), the patch can be found here.
  10. So this comes from the same team that did Blazing Angels? The team that wasn't able to get a, as I think pretty common, joystick to work properly? I want to have analogue axes and not "buttons" on my joystick, it's a d***ed flight game! Then after two patches which should have gotten rid of the problems but only worsened it Ubi did the well known thing: Scrap the patches and release a new game. As I read from the forums that one has got the same problems, gladly I only burned 10€ on the budget version. I guess that's what you get for not properly informing yourself before buying a game. Budget version, a properly working, tested and patched game, ha! So I guess except the graphics there is nothing to be expected beforehand. I wouldn't be surprised if it had no joystick support and only worked with a 360 controller Regarding a real sim I'll wait for Black Shark and until the A-10 gets released I will crash myself through the Kamov training
  11. Had almost no problems until today when we played campaign coop with 4 (and later 3) people, all patched to 1.02 Two crash reports, the ones I got myself: The others also had some CtDs and all happened when they should have respawned. Sometimes one could see the player standing there for a short time without weapon, then you knew he'll crash. Some other things also didn't work: - Changing firemode, only the click sound was there but no change - all M2 gunners didn't die properly -> this one for example - The netcode could really be improved. The game was extremely laggy for the fourth player, although he had no problems with the connection and none when playing with only 2 people so far. When he left the connection was also noticable better for others, no enemys that took a sec to die anymore. The server has got an E6600, 2GB, x1950XTX and a DSL 16000 connection and often hosts other games for 4 or more people. No idea what the pingtimes were, is there no way to see them in campaign coop?
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