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  1. I AM however, a bit alarmed at the low spec graphic cards listed on that site. but maybe those specs will work with GRAW2? anyhow if it's posted on the ubisoft site, then it must be legit in my eyes -IamJAFO
  2. I submitted my info for this one. I just got a new computer this week so it will be nice if I get a key. For my gamespy and ubi login it's just my email address, is that all they were looking for in those fields? I think it's a unique username for ubi.com and gamespy both
  3. at a website called "vovici". but hey it's a chance to get in on the action. -IamJAFO
  4. LOL, sorry mate, I own the title for that this year. -IamJAFO
  5. I can calm down now. atleast this seems like a fair chance to get to beta test. Hope it works. -IamJAFO I also caught this:
  6. mine are still the same; AMD64 3700+ 2GB Infineon DDR ram ATI X1800GTO 256 SB audigy4 simple system and maybe low end by todays standards -IamJAFO
  7. http://www.myspace.com/graw as listed on the UBISOFT US website. -IamJAFO P.S. please admins, i messed up. can you move it accordingly to the xbox360 forum? srry and thanks
  8. Don't be that negative...... I know GRIN is doing all it can..... I know they read these forums and pick up hints.... a reminder of that are a lot of suggestions posted ghere being implemented in GRAW2 and the 1.35 patch of GRAW1 But UBI is the company that makes the decisions whether to use our hints or not (GRAW pc and GRAW console may not stray apart too much...., and some suggestions take too much effort to implement) I see Grin has talken a lot of our comments in GRAW2, and I only hope they fix half of what is being reported before release..... that would make GRAW2 a huge hit if you ask me..... And if UBI allowes them I'd love to meet them ingame and on TS to discuss some trouble still in GRAW2...... might be a lot easier to get stuff cleared out.... and to keep all whiners out they may password the TS and keep different rooms for one GRIN employee and one or 2 players..... Naw, don't mis-understand me. I reffered to UBISOFT's reporting tool. I understand this isn't a GRIN issue. Grin is rather caught in between a rock and a hard spot. -IamJAFO
  9. GRiN_DrHanke is online reading this. so, what does he have to say? -IamJAFO
  10. probably won't happen Forrester. If this is all ringing true, then this community is in trouble. Mod support might not be improved at all. If that is also the case, what fun will there be then? I also remember hearing about an issue with the bug reporting tool. if it is not working, then what's the point? fedayn calls it a desert wow what a sad state of affairs then. -IamJAFO
  11. The Gamespy, just checking it out the other day had a nice little banner on it that said the Beta is over or something to that effect. -IamJAFO
  12. it started on a friday and listed as over by monday. ok based on that scenario, is that game that damn good?, or was this another GRAW1 like Beta? GRAW1 had beta tests the same way. one day a beta patch releases, then two days later..BAM final release. I hardly think anyone can fix all those bugs so damn fast. Does anyone else agree/disagree? -IamJAFO
  13. Ok, Grin...make a new game engine worth while. Diesel can't handle to workload it needs to. I would retire Diesel...yes, absolutely. -IamJAFO
  14. JasonFMX, just an off the hip shot on this whole issue I think from the impression I got is, a team vs team match where the Rebel team say you're rebel and I'm a ghost and you can respawn and I can't. But Jason, if that's wrong as you say, it isn't intentional libel. actually it would be a typographical error whereby I blame the editor for not proof-checking the article for completeness. that would be some of the ugliest work I've seen in an magazine piece . -IamJAFO
  15. I think the Advanced Warfighter stuff is an UBISOFT name to use for the game. IF Grin would break free of UBISOFT and have the say over their own title, THEN you might see a game of greater potential. It's hard to show your true abilities when they are controlled by another party. -IamJAFO
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