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  1. Glad to see the patch coming . At least say thnx people for it and stop crying
  2. Well the game became freeware (at least for the Fileplanet subscribers) so it's about time for Ubisoft to also release the patch and let the game die as its support kinda sucks (we need maps for crying out loud. But whatever )
  3. Great news Grin-ers . Looking forward to your next games and take your time to polish them and implement all your ideas. We can wait so don't rush anything
  4. GRAW2 is a great title. I really enjoyed it and the netcode is amazing. Even with 110ms you can make a headshot, whereas in other games, like Team Fortress 2, you are lagging like crazy with 110ms. As it was said, the game needs an auto-downloader for the custom made maps and everything else. Also we need more official maps. Apart from those MAJOR features, there are some bugs that need fixing but we can live with them. Add more maps and the auto-downloader and we are good to go
  5. It's sad but it's true. GRAW2 is dying and we can't do anything about it. We have been asking for more content and maps and the only ones we got were from the modders. Nothing Official. I really like GRAW2. I have been playing it since the closed beta and was (and still am) really enjoying it. Its support whoever is mediocre at best. It really never took of to be honest and that might be due to its marketing or due to its limited maps. I will be still playing from times to times (if there are available servers). Too bad, really too bad
  6. I have the same problem too. Can't connect to any server. It was working perfectly two-three nights ago but it simply isn't connecting
  7. At the beginning in the loadout/map screen, or in general? If in general, then that is weird. I have a weaker system than yours and it runs just fine on my system. Hi i'm a PPU user and i was very intrigued by this mod, if it was really possible to run the same PPU effects and not have performance problems i would really like to know, but after seeing the video above i realized that it is not the same, the first thing that i saw was the lack of any wind effects, the palm trees stay static only moving when shoot, with the PPU they all bend and the leafs move with the wind i also did not saw any leafs flying in the wind as with the PPU , the strange behaviour of the palm tree leafs when the tree is cut shows some problem with the physics, the explosions lack the effects of the PPU contra part, like more peace's/shrapnel and they staying on the floor, on the video they did not, even if it seams not much it is in did a big diference. So from the time being the PPU is the clear winner here. If you will be able to make everything work, only time will tell, and i really would like you to do that because in that way AGEIA would start to open it all to everyone even if the performance would not be the same. These effects are working. I've seen the wind,the bending trees and the leafs. Every effect is in there . As Jonelo said, if you restart the mission everything is fine (regarding my 5 fps)
  8. Head over to the MOD section. Wolfie is helping A LOT of the modders. So they are helping and supporting the game. For crying out loud,there are already three patches which means that they are looking for bugs and problems. A map pack would be awesome and there are some servers that have more maps for you to play. Ever wanted to play at dusk? Or maybe to play a TDM in the DAM? Or how about Hacienda? I'd suggest all of you to visit this site, to download the map packs and then to play at Vermin's server... or join BSR Custom Map Server PS: And no,i don't belong to this clan or in any other clan. You want maps? You got maps and a server in which you can play. So go for it PS2: It would be awesome if GRIN could also use these maps to the Official servers. We need a MAP pack for all those dedicated Official servers
  9. Wow. Amazing work. Really looking forward to this
  10. Something is really wrong with the MOD as i'm getting 2-3 fps when using it and as you can see, i have a high-end PC. In addition i don't get those horible framerates when i'm using the PhysX Extreme physics tweak (without the mod)
  11. The game will stay alive as long as gamers are playing it. Plain and simple
  12. Nevermind, apparently it was fixed and I am now able to select my audigy 2. Thanks GRIN. Now the game works perfectly on my rig. Indeed,the Audigy2 issue is fixed. Thnx a lot GRIN for this patch
  13. Nvidia is aware of the shadow problem as i informed them about it some weeks ago and they responded that they're currently trying to re-produce the bug
  14. WOW. That's amazing mate :D
  15. When you load a level,go to the video options and change a graphical option (NOT THE PHYSICS OPTIONS). Then press apply and voila . As i said,i don't see any difference although there are some 3d pieces of dirt flying up when you shoot the ground but the fences aren't being destroyed in real-time (meaning that they need 7-8 bullets and then the woods brake all of them,not every single wood at the place you're shooting at it)
  16. This is really PATHETIC. Luckily i've never had any issue but these kids that are using these hacks are really pathetic
  17. The main problem is that i've seen that the fences are breaking in real time with a AGEIA card,thing you can't have with the above tweak. For instance shoot a fence. You will notice that the fence will break after some ammount of bullets. With the AGEIA cards i've seen that every wood of the fence is breaking in real-time even with one shot. Sure there is some debris now,but i really don't think that this tweak works properly
  18. As it was mentioned,you can't have FSAA even if you force it cause of the deffered lighting. This is a DX9 limitation. The only way to have both FSAA and deffered lighting is by taking advantage of the DX10 protocol. So unless Grin releases a DX10 patch,the game won't have any kind of FSAA (well apart from the edge enhancement which simply blurs the image to hide the jaggies)
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