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  1. I have a Sapphire X1600XT ("Ultimate" edition.) The texture quality on a lot of objects sucked; the characters, weapons, etc. were fine, though. But half-assing it doesn't cut it. Also, it seems a lot like they just threw a bunch orange over the screen and called it a day. Screw bloom and all that crap, I want to be able to see things... umm... clearly? If you are referring to the original feeling like you were a deer hunter... I'd just like to comment that I didn't. If I was a soldier (special forces or not) I wouldn't go waltzing out through Mexico city shooting everything in sight; I would probably take it low and slow, while isolating enemies to create the least resistance, and to make my job easier. Just a guess, though. Of course it isn't [GR], but that doesn't mean they have to completely rape the name of Ghost Recon with new games. In fact... I'm not sure if I should even continue my quote on your post... it seems like you are very angry for some reason. I know it won't be OGR4, and I know GRAW wasn't OGR3, but you dont have to get all violent about it mate. Thanks a lot, it sounds like it might be worth it.
  2. I was looking for a game to play last week, and decided to install the [Ghost Recon]; needless to say the fun was still there, even after (6?) years of age. After installing the ACU Gucci Pack, the M4 SOPMOD pack, and the DTD SCAR mod I decided to call up my neighbor to see if he had GRAW. Seeing as I was highly disappointed GR2 did not come to the PC, and I didn't really like the idea of playing as "an advanced warfighter," I never had tried GRAW. Well, lets just say my impression of GRAW was horrible. It was nothing like the Ghost Recon I love. It felt like an entirely new series! Not to mention, even with settings on low, I got horrible frame rates; yes yes, it is a newer game and I should expect it to eat more resources, but what really bugged me about it was that the game did not even look good. I didn't really enjoy the gameplay, and as aforementioned, the graphics were kinda disappointing. My team members (in the campaign) sucked, the enemy AI was great, but losing quick-save really took the fun out of it for me. In fact, I feel quite horrible for not buying GRAW (even now), as I feel like I have betrayed the series by not doing it, but I feel like the series has let me down even worse. Now, that my rant on GRAW is done, is there reason to be worried about how GRAW2 will turn out? I know the beta testers have an NDA, but I would like them to tell me if its like GRAW or not. Regards, Mark P.S. Long live the original!
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