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  1. Hi everyone. Has anyone played this awesome new game on the PS4 yet ? It is extremely well made and visually beautiful. Its like a cross between Tomb Raider, Far Cry and Elder Scrolls all mixed into one. My daughter plays it and am extremely jealous. Can't wait for it to come out on PC. You play as Aloy, a pretty young girl sent out from her tribe to discover the world. Unfortunately, the main residents are robotic creatures and are hostile. If you haven't checked it out yet, do so.
  2. Hi All. Havent been on this site for well over a year and thought i would see if its still around and am glad to see its still hanging in there and going strong. Havent played GR of any sort for quite a while now, but have played The Division quite a bit, but wasnt too impressed with the PVP part of it. Mainly playing Armored Warfare and Elder Scrolls Online at the moment. Was thinking of reinstalling GRFS and giving it another go through the storyline but cant bring myself to do it at the moment. Anyway, glad you are all still here and hopefully will try to log in more to catch up. Live long and prosper !!!
  3. You are the ROCK, on which we play our maps !! Hmmmm.........The Rock..........Alcatraz..........new idea for map ??? Anyway, I diverse.........Looks good to me. cjo1964
  4. Sounds like it to me. In my past experience, you load missions/maps into correct folder, then start the game up. As long as you have the same version of the mission as the server you are connecting to, there should be no problem. Pretty sure you cannot have the game running, tab out of it, load another mission version into custom levels, then tab back into the game and select it to play.......you have to come out of the game completely for this to work. Also, I have come across in the past that certain maps can interfere with eachother if left in the custom levels folder and prevent you from playing the latest one you installed. Get into a habit of having the latest maps in the custom levels folder only and installing new maps even before you start the game up. If you do this, you shouldnt have any problems. cjo1964
  5. Wow Spike, thats awesome....congrats. Was listening to your comments on the vid and I was going to suggest the alarm thing, but the other way around. Like similar missions in ARMA 3, searchlights are already lit and functioning in enemy compounds at night. What I would suggest is that if the beam of light on any searchlight hits a player, then this sets of the compound alarm. Also, this light when it hits the player, could set off a chain of events, such as activating static floodlights when detected from the searchlight and also calling in extra enemy forces due to alarm going off. Again.....great work. cjo1964
  6. That weather system is awesome.....well done guys. Just curious, but the maps in this game....are they going to be small or large maps as generated in real time, as with ARMA 3 ? Any map too small tends to get boring and "known"...i.e. semi memorised after a while and this is really a minus in any game. Either way, its worth the wait.
  7. I wouldnt. The game is stable with one, but i would expect crashes with 2, thats even if you could load 2 !!!
  8. Oh dear....runny gunny stuff. Wont be playing that i think. Too much like COD.
  9. Just use Hamachi;- http://download.cnet.com/LogMeIn-Hamachi/3000-2651_4-10605260.html Always worked for me when I hosted a game.
  10. To tell you the truth Tom, I havent played GRAW 2 for ages now (shame on me !). Got used to playing ARMA 3, but even that gets tiring. Wanted to go to different area for a while so am currently messing about with Star Trek Online, which, if you havent played it before.....large amounts of fun. Will go back to GRAW 2 though as I found this to be the best CQB game I ever came across, especially when the newer maps were developed by our talented people here. Sometimes i go back to stock weapons to rough it out in GRAW 2 but prefer to use the kits that we can use with the game that have been developed....gives you much more fun in the game. I only tend to play coop games, so probably wont come across you if you are doing the Team Deathmatch types. That must make it 29001 ? Ha ha....maybe see you ingame sometime.....good luck.
  11. No longer a member of the BH group so cannot support the comments in first post anymore. FYI. )
  12. The campaign is quite good, but linear, and the multiplayer is soooo seriously rubbish i uninstalled it after completing campaign and havent reloaded it since.
  13. Just went to get into our group site www.brothersinhonour.com and it led me to some silly dutch flooring site....###### ???? Think maybe site hack ?
  14. Swedish House Mafia - Greyhound.
  15. I correct you there that ARMA 3 can play in first or 3rd person perspective as i play it everyday...not sure about previous ARMA series. 3rd person perspective is for the console fans and def not the keyboard and mouse groups of which i am one, amonst millions i bet ! Every game made should have the option to choose which you you want or at least make it zoomable so as you can play in 1st person perspective as with ARMA 3.
  16. I think I'll pass on this one......was fed up with the hero dying at end of last one, so not going through that again....lol.
  17. We didn't want to rush into ARMA3 since we are doing an MSO-style ongoing mission on Takistan. Most of us already have a copy of ARMA3 though and we're playing it unofficially You playing singleplayer or multiplayer? We play both coop and domination at BH but am experimenting with the new mods with the F18. Mucking around with some air battles etc. Its getting your head around all the scripting is what makes the game good, but getting there. Its serious fun. Nice posts wombat.
  18. If you dont have the maps for the games that are hosted then you simply will not get into that match, especially if they are custom maps, but dont know whether there is a way of making custom maps for this game yet. If they are hosting the stock maps, then no, you dont have to download anything. Have you tried hosting online to prove that your connection works and people can join you ?
  19. Riley, you seriously dont know what you're missing right now. I was just wondering as to whether this site could host the ARMA series maps/mods too or is that going too far ? Would be happy to help out in this respect. The FA-18 Attack plane mod for ARMA 3 is a must have and is one im messing about with at the moment. We also have the Nimitz Aircraft Carrier mod that someone has kindly done for ARMA 3 also, but have to test that one yet. These were syphoned from Armaholic, but just was toying with the idea that it would be nice to combine both these mega series of games on one site. Too much do you think or good idea ?
  20. How many GRAWITES here play this game....ARMA 3 that is ? Its mainly what i play at the moment, but am still a GRAW/GRAW 2 junkie. Seems that last mention here was a while ago.
  21. John, you have more than "served your sentence" here doing the modding thing, so never have to apologise for anything as all members here will probably agree too. I have played that map alongside the others in BH and its bitchingly hard, but good if you like a challenge. Get roley in there Daro and out of that RVSA he plays.......lets get more teamwork going again.
  22. Unfortunate, as it really really needs modding if its to last as long as the others. If they just let the community make their own maps for it to play, that would be a start, but no, they have to be pig headed yet again. Shame i wasted my money buying it. Played the very very Linear campaign to end and then tried multiplayer.....to say i was disappointed was an understatement. Uninstalled and haven't played since.
  23. For the people that need reminding that its worth the wait:- And yes......I know its the old kickstarter vid.....
  24. Wise choice Rocky. When they break, these forums are a real pain in da ass to reanimate. Good idea, but if it "breaks the mould" then best well left alone, I think......for the greater good etc etc.
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