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  1. Nice, I'll try that. But how the hell did you find that out? edit my fault
  2. Hey Nightmare, the software engineers of RSE definetely used the old GR engine, but improved it -- so or in other words said it developer Heather Chandler in an interview with www.gamespot.com Take a look here for the video http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=18353
  3. I made a mistake while posting ( Sorry... Here are the complete links, they need to be copied in the browser and opened... 100k-Version (ADSL) mms://a111.m.akastream.net/7/111/5372/1/gamespot.download.akamai.com/5372/netshow/gslive/100k/ghostrecon2_5904_di1.asf 300k-Version (T1) mms://a111.m.akastream.net/7/111/5372/1/gamespot.download.akamai.com/5372/netshow/gslive/300k/ghostrecon2_5904_di1.asf
  4. Hey guys - u don't need to visit www.gamespot.com!!!! CHECK OUT THESE LINKS: 100k-Version (ADSL) mms:/a111.m.aka...........ghostrecon2_5904_di1.asf 300k-Version (T1) mms:/a111.m.aka...........ghostrecon2_5904_di1.asf
  5. For those, who have not read yet, this old news: http://www.ghostrecon.com/news.php?param=defaultgrjs&id=6895 Seems that they aren't using the unreal-engine, but as you said on MSN - the hands of the chr's.....weird, that!
  6. On http://www.theplatoon.com, I read sth. in the news about this pic, which will be the official GR2 logo:
  7. Hi guys! For those in our rows who haven't seen any screenies from GR, here are some (4) on the UBI-Site... http://www.ubi.com/US/Games/Tom+Clancy’s+G...Recon™+2+PC.htm My first thing as I saw these screens, was: "Man, am I lucky that this will be released not before winter 2004"
  8. hi! Well - check this tutorial by El_Oso out, for tagging on your vehicle: Vehicle Tagging Tutorial
  9. first this one - i tried sth and got this out:
  10. Hi! Well, try clicking on the Button, called 'Min/Max-Toggle' in the lower right corner of 3ds max. That's the way, you should see all 4 perspectives like top-, left-, right- and perspective-view.
  11. Hello everyone! I went through many troubles in preparing my first vehicle, to work fine in game. Since I got it ready - it's a M1068A3 from the M113 family, I wanted to put light on the vehicle, casting a light cone on the ground. Well, check out, what i achieved on this: Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3 InGame-Picture 1 InGame-Picture 2 InGame-Picture 3 At this point, I do not want forget the guys who helped me out, in starting with 3DSM: =MM=Shadow - for his great support and hours of questioning Wytknite - for his support in doing the first steps on 3DSM and understanding the 3DSM interface El_Oso - for his vehicle tagging tutorial El_Oso and Indy - for their job on the base-model, the M113 I hope that I haven't forgotten sb, now.
  12. Well then, I'll try it this way and report to you, if I have success with this!
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