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  1. Money talks fellas, in the world of finance, sale and trade marketing, the fiscal return is always they aim for, they get measured on that, NOT loyalty. So, you ever wonder what Ubisoft execs is telling each other now ???????? They probably call the modding community a bunch of suckers. Sorry to those who felt betrayed by RSE, welcome to the real world.
  2. I always like Jacks Mod ... Well, I only can say "keep it up man" ... Rocky was dead right about why GR outsell Ravenshield. Without modders, a game is only good until it's finished. By tha way, it's always nice to be the underdog, make your victory seem so much sweeter. YT ============= Wining isn't everything. It's the only thing.
  3. Hi mate, Very good stuffs, especially that sniper, the harder it is, the more fun it is. Just curious though, most of the Indo I know, workmates and all that ... are short fellas, hmm some how your version of TNI and Kopassus seems ... eh bit big. Just a thought, but look like you have your load of replies YT
  4. Oh Doh ! If only GR is abit more like CS by allowing a massive firefight with heaps of ppl on both side fight it out ... But anyway, I have always like your mod man, good stuffs and keep it up, looking forward to BiA ... PS. Is there anyway of smarten those AI up ? My teammates always end up getting themself killed in BoB If it was real-life actions, fighting like the AI will definitely not make it to spec-ops level
  5. Hey guys, Just some thought, so this mod gonna give awesome weps, live-like chrs and drooling-induce maps, but can anyone do something about the dumb AI in the game. It's driving me nut switching between teams just to keep them alive. Sorry if this sound stupid .... and out of place.
  6. Great looking mod, though funny concept and rather difficult ...
  7. hey dude, I think your answer is in another thread, but anyway, here are somes I've got ... http://gunworx.co.uk/guns.htm http://www.law-17.com/subgun.html http://www.specwargear.com/gearhouse.html http://planetrainbowsix.com/modvault/mods/...rces/index.html http://www.milparade.com/kalashnikov/index.shtml http://world.guns.ru/main-e.htm Just a starter
  8. in my options.xml ... there are only 2 sets of colours ... <ReticuleColorR>0</ReticuleColorR> <ReticuleColorG>255</ReticuleColorG> <ReticuleColorB>127</ReticuleColorB> <ReticuleIFFColorR>255</ReticuleIFFColorR> <ReticuleIFFColorG>69</ReticuleIFFColorG> <ReticuleIFFColorB>0</ReticuleIFFColorB> This may be only just my file .. but could you post your version of options.xml ???
  9. This may sound trivial, but does anyone know how to change the reticule when placed on the enemy, just like when you place it on teammates ? I asked b/c human perception are triggered by 3 common colours, red, green and amber. Exactly like traffic lights. If we can get the ret to change from amber when not in use, to green when place on the enemy, or red when place on a team mate, that would facilitate less friendly fires on MP. Some peoples playing MP can be very trigger-happy. Just a thoughts ....
  10. Last time I saw, Iron Tiger is a mod working on by =DRAG=, but that team just either disbanded, or lying real low .... so that is the last of them. If you have play Black Sun, the intro have a little clip about Iron Tiger ... with guy in using MP5s with laser sight ... look pretty real but that's about it ... I am still waiting for that mod ....
  11. OOH too much troubles, some guys reckon the rets were abit big, but I wonder if you can release a set of rets that is even bigger, especially for the snipers. I know about editing the rsbs to make them bigger, but it's your mod so .... BY the way, is there a way of making the ret change colour as we place them on the enemy, just like the way they changed colour when we placed it on team mate ??
  12. sounded like RPGs have a real competitor in the international arms market. By the way, great mod that Swedish Forces one man .... PS. Love the reticules, how did you do it ??
  13. the mp5 is really something really Pommy, especially the SDs series. The SAS always seem to favour that weapons in CQB, in reallife of course it's a fair bit more effective than in the game. Well, I know the zoom and the fire power is abit weak, but try head shots ... one shot in the chest ... knock the air out, then put one slug in the gonards ... voila Overall this mod is very good ... take heaps of time, way too much good time spend on it ... Dats my 2 bobs worth ...
  14. I'm sure that was sarcasm akira, but what I think ruin meant was that they (the companies) could develope their modding apps, with more tech support, abit better so everyone with an idea can realise it .... Anyway, that was my two-cents worth ...
  15. thanx Para, I was wrong, at least someone still care to try helping. Yeah I figured it all out after I post that ... and enjoying making reticules for everything .... Although those reticules by Wolfsong in his swedish mod is by far the best I have seen ... Anyway .. thanx man YT
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