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  1. I now see that DYNACOMP has been dropped. Shame I was looking forward to it 3 years ago. Sorry for digging up an old thread Rocky.
  2. Name: Shay Date of Birth: 15th of April 1986 Location: Somewhere Occupation: Infantryman in the 218th Infantry Brigade SC ARNG Romance Status: Single Image: Favorite Aspect of GR: ease of modding Least Favorite Aspect of GR: IGOR Favorite GR Mod: DTD IDF Favorite Ghost: Myself,lol Favorite Kit: Any sniper or DMS kit Favorite Aspect of GR.net: Everything Least Favorite Aspect of GR.net: Trolls When did you first visit GR.net: I visited GR.net back in the day just to whore all the bandwidth in the DL section But I finally found out you all had a forum. Other computer games played: OFP,GR,Hearts of Iron Clan membership: USVN Hopefully Computer Hardware/Accessories owned: Hell if I know I just use the POS,lol Current/Former/Future Military: US Army NG If yes, what job: Infantry Miscellaneous: Ummmm Chicks dig me?
  3. Max415

    SG1 Beta

    Oh well thanks anyways guys.
  4. Does anyone have the SG1 beta mod that was released?
  5. I just recently got back into GR atfer a couple years of it collecting dust and I got on GR.net and it may just be me but have the DLs for GR1 been downsized to make room for GRAW DLs?
  6. Have there been any missions made with this mod at all?
  7. I'm sorry if the question seems stupid but I just never figured it out really.
  8. I think the G36 would be a fine replacement to the M-16s and M4s
  9. Okay I've heard the Delta gets alot of its members from SF and Rangers,but No one even admits its exsits. So my question is how would somebody go about joining them?
  10. I dont think any harm was inflicted upon them aside from a few black eyes and bruises.
  11. Good to see the UK and/or US didnt go to war over this.
  12. Ok I'm confused. Is RE still alive or not?
  13. Hey there dude. Glad to hear you're still staying safe. So are you in Iraq or Afganistan? I'm hopefully going to join the rest of my unit over there in Afganistan sooner or later. They're apart of TF Phoenix.
  14. Hi my name is Max and I am in the South Carolina National Guard. I just wanted to give a shout out to everyone here and to all the service members who are avid GR players like myself.
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