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  1. I bow my head ! Awesome. I guess to get the S rank, it's either necessary to involve your team, i.e. let them kill one or two guys OR to blow up an APC on that mission. BTW, the mission outline you gave is exactly the approach I used, except my team stayed at the drop zone and I did not take out a vehicle. Anyway, really nice work! looks like your teammates got injured - I really suppose the ranking has to do with how good a use you make of your team. If they get killed, you'll receive a bad rating, if you go lone wolf, the highest you can get is an A since the game punishes you (GRIN's way of telling you: It's a squad-based shooter, g'dammit). If you let them take part in the action, the S rating is possible. Just an observation....
  2. finally, here are the videos. I apologize for the delay! Sadly, the youtube quality is not what I had hoped for, but see for yourselves: you might also want to check out this one (graw 1): Feel free to comment!
  3. G' morning folks, thanks a lot for your input! Yeah, it DOES need a lot of HD space. Fraps stores the vids in some raw format, and eats gigabytes for breakfast. You need about 4 GB for about 6minutes of gameplay - that's why all my fraps videos go onto an external 250 GB drive. I thought about using a different recording tool, but couldn't find a free one. I'm at work now, but I'll try to convert the vid tonight and upload it - bad thing is youtube won't allow files bigger than 100 MB or longer than 10 min, so I guess I gotta split it up. I've had that problem before, but had a friend of mine help me with that since I'm truly a newbie to video capturing/editing. About all I can do by myself is press record and stop Another bad thing about fraps is that it can't handle files bigger than 3.9 GB or about 5-6 min of recording. Once the file reaches 3.9 GB, Fraps creates a new file and fills that one up. So your 20 min gameplay is broken into 5 or so seperate files. Each time fraps changes files, I noticed a "hiccup" in the recording- a one second glitch or so. I guess that comes from my computer being too busy closing the old file and opening the new one. So if you guys know a better, freely available vid recorder, please let me know!
  4. Yeah, it took some time, but it isn't that hard once you know where your enemies are likely to be. The first part, up to the rebel camp, is rather easy. Then, once you have the drone, just take good note of all the tangos in the camp - you can take them all out from afar without actually getting close enough for them to notice you. Taking out the ADATS without the guys hiding in the caves noticing you is by far trickier - crawl up to them on your belly, turn on night vision and try to make out their silhouettes - if you get any closer, they'll notice you most of the time. This is what it should look like: (you gotta look really close, but you can see the guys upper body, G36 and helmet) Once that is done, the worst part is over. The guys on the other side of the bridge will come in 2 waves - the first one before the chopper arrives and the second one after that. Try to kill at least 3 of the guys that try to cross the bridge before the helo appears and do not let them cross. Then, take your time and take the remaining ones out - one by one, it's really not too hard. I tried this mission with the 416 and ended up with an accuracy of about 80% - the 416 is just not made for long range head shots, so I decided to switch to a bona-fide sniper rifle. I've recorded the mission with FRAPS, but it would take me some time to convert and upload the vid to youtube, so if you guys are interested, let me know and I might to that tomorrow (european time) cheers, Buzz
  5. OK, bragging time: I love the semiautomatic sniper rifle in GRAW 2 and put it to good use in the first mission. Here's what came out of it: I really don't know who spotted me or where - I would have loved to have 100% stealth as well. Anyway, could anyone from GRIN please explain why I didn't get an "S" rating for the perfect mission? thanks a lot! the mission on youtube:
  6. gosh, I thought I was the only poor soul! good from you to keep me company Doesn't anybody have a clue what the problem might be?
  7. Hey folks, quick question: I can't seem to join a server in GRAW 2 multiplayer - the game tries to connect, but nothing happens. I let it sit for 15 minutes, tried all the servers in the list - nil. With the multiplayer demo, I can always connect in 2-10 seconds, just tried it, no problems at all. I checked my firewall, that should be ok.... any suggestions? thank you!
  8. That has changed as seen in the SP Demo for instance. Yeah, a good thing! I don't really like this gun, the 416 feels better. It packs more of a punch, it seems. Can you post the weapon stats you used to define the individual weapons here? Just wanna see if my impression is right...
  9. GR1 came out late 2001. really? It felt like 1998 to me Anyway, I have the collectors edition right here an front of me, and it says 2001...so I guess I'm beaten Gosh, time goes by.... Ok, so there's no editor for GRAW 2 YET. Would it be helpful to start with some GRAW 1 maps (I take it that there is an editor for it), or will the GRAW 2 system be totally different?
  10. They do have some differences as they use different animations. Reload speed as well as recoil in the different stances are built into the animations. But it would be minimal difference for weapons like the Rx4 and M416. It feels like the 416 has a much better stability than the Rx4 - or is that just me? I played the multiplayer demo A LOT and I really really hated the Rx4 due to the tunnel vision and the narrow scope angle, so maybe I'm still kinda biased against this gun The 416 feels a lot better, it just feels "right" the way the SCAR-L did in GRAW 1. Is it true that you guys downgraded the SCAR-L somewhat b/c it was so powerful in GRAW 1 (great stability, long range etc...) Also, could you GRIN guys please post the weapon statistics you have implemented? I loved that in GRAW 1..... BTT: in open environments, I use the MSG a lot - just nothing beats a semiautomatic sniper rifle. The MP5 is ok for the close work, but the way I play, I'll sneak up to the guy and nail him with a silenced pistol, so I very seldom use the MP5 at all. The MP8 - na, I just don't like the look of it In cramped spaces/CQB, it's the HK416 for me (hehe, German engineering!) - it feels more stable than the Beretta and looks way better. Plus I feel that its accuracy for long range shots is slightly superior. If I had to pick one weapon, it would be the 416. Very versatile, perfect for the sniper/assault mix!
  11. Hi folks, I've been playing the GR series since it came out in the 90s. Now, I'd love to try creating my own [GR] maps for GRAW 2. This forum seems like a good place to start, but to be honest, I have NO clue how to begin making GRAW 2 maps....Is there sth like an SDK? Some map editor? Can anyone point me to some basic stuff about GRAW 2 map modding and maybe outline the basic steps? I'm not a complete computer noob, I speak FORTRAN and C, but I feel like this a different kind of animal! Your help is greatly appreciated! Buzz
  12. Well, it works for the drone, so I guess it should be the same for your human comrades as well. With the drone, just click repeatedly on the map to chain the waypoints. Kinda hard to explain for a non-native english speaker, just try it out and let me know if it worked cheers, buzz
  13. nice job! But I don't get it....my stats are slightly better than yours, I got all the special achievements, but only an A (check out my post above)..... How can that be? Maybe because I saved my game with the quick save function twice?.... no clue... i think it is because your team mates did not do any killing ? they went above your head and complained about your over protective nature ? Could be that you are penalized if you go lone wolf..... I wonder what happens if I TK them right at the beginning
  14. nice job! But I don't get it....my stats are slightly better than yours, I got all the special achievements, but only an A (check out my post above)..... How can that be? Maybe because I saved my game with the quick save function twice?.... no clue...
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