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  1. I went back the other day to play Graw 1 just to see how it was; well I have to say I played in campaign mode from start to finish. And to tell you the truth it was a more entertaining time then with graw 2 ubisoft should heed whats on the wind.
  2. Not just coop maps but any maps in general there 's not many out there but eventulaly there will be. Where do I extract them to? I have created a custom levels folder and extracted a map to it with no luck.
  3. Thanks for the help its guys like you who make the game more fun
  4. I have downloaded these mods and installed seperately to the graw2 local/english file but it does not work any advice would be appreciated.Same for maps I created a custem level folder to don load any new maps I only have two so far they dont work help please
  5. Manowar I for one would like to know if your useing multable mods when you say you ars combineingmods if so could you be so kind as to let me know how it is done.I have been tring for a while and can only use one at a time thanks
  6. Would you mind letting me know how you got BrettziesM4 mod to work I've been trying for a month with no luck Tokugawa
  7. The mod is called" Silent warrior 3 "by Swartz and it was made in 2003 so I guess you guys are right its a ghost recon mod and not graw thanks for the help and concern.
  8. Well I down loaded afile from ghostaholic a weapons mod and it created a file inmy program file. named red storm entertainment to a file named ghost recon to a mod file which is where i extracted the said weapons file which does not work.Shoud I move this whole file over to graw or is there something else I could try thanks for the help
  9. I have tried downloading a couple modsfrom redstorm that the read me file says to extract to the mods folder I do that and the mods do not work.Should I move the whole redstorm folder over to the ubisoft folder.If so where does it go then. Thanks for any ideas that might be out there.
  10. Thanks for the help people I tried the mod launcher butcould not get it to work Iwillkeep working at it thanks again
  11. Can anybody tell me where I can find a mod manager and how does it make handling my different mods any easier. Its a drag downloading a mod and it does not appearinthe game I mean some do and some don't I have been trying to track the different mods I have but can't see a pattern
  12. I went to ubi soft's online support line and got some answers .All I need to know now is how can I reenter my CD key code How do I get there with out uninstalling the whole game and dumping all my mods if some body has any ideas Iwould like to hear them thanks much.
  13. No errors or crashs iwill look upubi and let you know what transpires
  14. Does anybody out there have any ideas why a perfectly legitamate CD key is not being accepted. Could it be because I am useing after market skins and mods. Are ghost recon.net Downloads the only mods that can be used online.It seems that [GR] maps will not work either.Should I get rid of all the mods or just certain mods from differant sources; and btw what does [GR] stand for anyway thanks for your aid
  15. Do what now? well firstly I would like to know what the heck I am Doing wrong in regards to extracting weapon mods.Any help would be apreciated.
  16. Thanks Noquater I will give it a shot it looks as if I will have to reinstall we will see.
  17. fooled around with some of the various mod downloads I have screwed up big time.Now when I try to load up the game it crashes at the inventory.The message states I have a crash in application version grpcrl.35 cant set to this value Script stack data\lib\units. If any body knows what this means and can help me it would be great thanks
  18. With a little help from my friends I can now download maps and blood mods red &green aimpoint etc. etc.What I can't do is download and extract weapon mods.I have tried extracting to local\english & custom levels. I figured if maps work why not m4sop mod.Now I have also Seen red storm entertainment folder I may have moved it earlier tring to fix the weapon mod problem if so where shoud it be.And where do I extract weapon Mods. Funny when I first started to tinker with mods etc I must have done somethig right cause I somehow put a m4 mod which worked but as soon as I started screeing around I lost it So thanks in advance for your time and help
  19. No quater thanks for the help I will check it out asap
  20. When downloading mods or maps where do I extract them too.What is thier final destination in order to see them in game play
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