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  1. R0CKY44 :thumbsup:

    Shouldn't that zero be red?

    As for the game it has ups and downs as far as Multiplayer, I have played with our group and had a wonderful time and we worked well as a squad and other times it has been pure unorganized caos but all in all I have really enjoyed the game.

    It's funny we have had so many Spartans playing that now we have to enter certain servers with no tags or they say we are stacking because our guys are doing so well (not me at times). The other issue is there are times when you are winning and the losing side quits inturn unbalancing the game and the other side starts b1tching about being uneven when it really comes down to their side surrendering (quitting).

  2. There is a Squad mode where it is 3 squads of 4 players against each other and if played in hardcore and using squad tactics is a heck of a lot of fun.

    Also Hardcore does not have cross hairs as stated above or it must be a server option because i played several hours this weekend in hardcore with none.

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