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  1. Haven't set the server to crouch only yet so the public can rank up a bit but will soon.

    EDIT: It Is now set to crouch but Needs some time to get a mature player base.

    As for game play I do not get much lag but there are servers that at times have problems, this latest patch was to improve Cpu and server browser performance.

  2. 11/19/2010

    Updates for 11/19/2010

    PATCH will be applied TONIGHT 11/19/2010

    A new patch will be released tonight in the coming hours. Because this is a client side patch, all servers will need to be patched as well. We will be applying the patch to all servers globally. During this patch application, your server will be restarted once in order for your server to take the update.

    Black Ops patch looks to be on schedule for tomorrow!

    Browser is still only showing 50% of the results back

  3. Sparta has set up an Ranked server for now it is based in Tampa, FL and running a mode called Team Tactical wich rotates thru all modes

    except I removed Free for all.

    We will set up a non-Ranked server that will give us complete control just like the CoD4 crouch only server we had.

    We need a week or so to sort this out before we begin the crouch only but trust me it is comming! :grin2:

    Ranked Server Name is:

    Legion of SPARTA

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